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Aria is bothered by many things. But, if there was one thing that got under her skin more than anything else, it was the fact that her sisters, Adagio and Sonata, always got the lion's share of admiring looks, both before and after their reformation. In an effort to help her, Adagio decides it might be best for Aria to get herself a little companionship.

So, with the help of her sisters, Sunset, and a former prodigy of Crystal Prep, Aria tries, to her annoyance, to seek out someone for her.

Part of the "Dazzlings/Wondercolts/Shadowbolts" storyline.

Chapters (7)
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Aria, unfortunately, is kinda intimidating. She's probably got that working against her, if anything.

Pretty good summary of the sirens in terms of the general attention they get from the fandom, I think. Aria's primary characteristic seems to be being really abrasive, which doesn't exactly catch a lot of flies unless she happens to be the cute kind of grumpy. Maybe they'll actually try that angle? Kind of a niche audience for that, I think.

Either way, Operation: Aria Gets Some Love is go! :pinkiehappy:

You've got to love Aria being all emo which makes her an interesting character as she always has this proverbial cloud over her head, and anything that comes along to change her perspective is one she doesn't approve of. This story has definitely got potential based on this chapter alone, so it will be interesting to see where it goes from here.

This can only end in tears, laughs, or unexpected naughtiness.

Unless they can find a guy that's into that kind of thing.

6681652 Well, there's a good chance of that. There's someone for everyone, after all.

What a shame, I was hoping that they would try to hook Aria up with Twilight.

I think the trick should be finding someone who can calm her down and help her think things through logically, while simultaneously having that person be someone who might have confidence issues that Aria's confident personality could slowly mend. Either way, nice story!


This is a prime example of what I just said. Twilight is timid, yet smart and analytical. Aria is confident, but is very aggressive and impulsive. If they worked together on each other's problems, they could be a stronger couple than most would think.

6682010 The main reason I was hoping the author would have them help hook Aria up with Twilight is because I don't think Aria would put up with the problems a boy would cause her and second, I tend to like female/female ships.

Something tells me that poor Aria is going to end up hiding at the top of the same tree as poor Flash is! I can already see where this is likely to go but I'm looking forward to the journey. For example, Adagio, Rarity and Sunny trying to teach Aria to 'walk sexy' could end up painful.

I find myself wondering if this will end up as an odd Aria/Sci-Twi team up with Twilight always being the one asking the awkward questions that no-one else wants to think about.

6682761 i imagine that the sexy walk is done heels and to prove how 'easy' it is they get bulk biceps to do it as well :trixieshiftright:

Tsundere Aria, perhaps?

You know Sugarcoat can be Sexy too. Anybody agree?

At least one author is giving Aria some lovely attention. With all the Sonata romance fics out there, and several Adagio fics (some with Sunset), Aria doesn't get enough love in that area. That's why I did one, and decided to add some more chapters to it.

6686075 orig06.deviantart.net/2c2e/f/2015/192/d/6/sugarcoat_by_fromamida-d90tyqt.png

This fic amuses me as I personally find Aria the most attractive of the three.

I'm curious to see where this goes, and I wonder what aria looks for considering how many years she's been alive. Wonder if there will be more meta stuff.

This will be interesting.

It was funny watching the Sirens reminiscence about the past, especially the Renaissance tidbit.

Ten bits says Adagio is the Mona Lisa.

Together, all three Sirens shared a moment to giggle, all while Twilight continued watching them all, with Sunset having moved over closer to join her.

It's probably too early to say what it is, specifically, but that tiny action says something about Sunset, I think. :trixieshiftright:

6698284 That was my immediate thought. But my next thought was "Birth of Venus" by Sandro Botticelli. Adagio strikes me as a "goddess of love" type.

FWIW, my headcanon is that the Sirens are magically modified merponies or something similar. However, given their age, the idea that they may have been bi- or even pan-sexual just simply due to their desire to find something new is quite plausible.

However, there is one point here that Twi seems to have missed: All their previous liaisons seem to have been driven by lust and boredom. The question to ask would have been this:

"Was there any particular type of guy or girl who you kept going back to because you felt more comfortable with them and had to use less power to keep them enthralled?"

6698524 It could easily be both, Venus certainly acts like Adagio enough to be a perfect comparison. Though I can imagine Sonata being a "Birth of Venus" model as well.


"Was there any particular type of guy or girl who you kept going back to because you felt more comfortable with them and had to use less power to keep them enthralled?"

That's an excellent question. I definitely would like to hear the answer to that.

Indeed. To see Adagio possess legit romantic feelings for someone would be a juicy whopper of a reveal.

6699016 Especially if she chose that person for their personality over their looks.

6699116 i can imagine it now: Adagio and Captain Jack in bed together :rainbowlaugh:

6699212 Oh that's too perfect. Someone should do a fanart of that.

I liked the "no offence" reference that was associated with Sunset throughout Rainbow Rocks, and pretty clever that Sci-Twi would end up receiving it. Aria should be feeling very afraid right now especially when Adagio has an idea forming in her head.

They like big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones, fat ones, skinny ones, hell they'll do anyone.

That none of the sirens have (apparently) ever really known more than longing stares and carnal embraces is kind of a sad thought. That it may stay that way for anywhere from one to all three of them is a bit worse. :fluttershysad:

Still, it looks like Aria at least wants something more now, right? :trixieshiftright:

Good question, I'd like to know too! My best guess? There's some baggage in there somewhere. Over thousands of years of life, you can store up regrets; things that you admit to no-one, not even your sisters. Until Aria can confront that, she's not moving forwards.

I think she's been turn off.

Also do you find it weird that Adagio has a lot of innuendos she's speak a lot?

It seems Aria has some kind of hidden secret that resulted in her encounter not going as everyone else had hoped, or perhaps the boy who courted her accidentally said something wrong?

...what does a tan even look like in that world?

I'm really enjoying this story so far, but damn you (kinda) cliffhanger! We want to know what set Aria off :fluttershbad:

Still secretly rooting for a Twilight/Aria ending, though :raritywink: My shipping goggles are on~!

Hmmm... this is going to be very interesting, and no doubt a rather tricky and deeply set issue to work through. Why do I get the feeling Adagio is going to learn a very important lesson by the end of this?

I don't know if Aria is Best Softie, but she's a darn good one. :rainbowkiss:

I hope she voices her concerns to the other two at some point, if only so we might see how they feel about not being in complete control.

While I'd suspected that her problem might have had to do with the emotional side of the relationship, I didn't expect the control aspect to come into play. It makes a lot of sense though, given their history. This is going to get interesting...

I'm wondering if that kid grew up to be a guy who wrote a poem about a great hero who sailed the seas and encountered three wondrous maidens of the seas whose songs could control the minds of men? I'm sure being immortalised in verse would flatter Adagio's ego to no end! :raritywink:

So, in the end, what Aria is looking for is depth. Someone who won't just be a quick tumble in the sheets or a rut behind the gym but a real, lasting connection with someone.

I've got the feeling that this is going to end up one of those pairings that only make sense when you realise that physical attraction came second.

I have to say that I wasn't expecting this fic to get quite so deep. You definitely exceeded my expectations and have a very interested reader. :twilightsmile:

One of control, huh? So she's into femdom? [cracks whip] :pinkiecrazy:

6698284 I would agree if Adagio had said smile not hair, better link seeing as how DaVinci always was correcting her smile. At least, according to some records.

Wow. So much character growth.

Underneath that emo exterior is a gentle spirit who wants to experience romance in a way that makes her comfortable, and not in the same vein as that of the other two Sirens. Aria has become a truly complex character who keeps her feelings bottled up inside, but I think she is beginning to understand what she can accomplish by being open with her true self. Of course, Adagio is going to become a slight issue on that front what with her way of thinking, but maybe Aria should find her own path.

For some reason, reading this story has caused me to imagine the Sirens watching Creature From the Black Lagoon and treating the Creature like the vampire from Twilight.

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“Um…sure. I mean, I don’t do a whole lot of singing these days because…well…you know.”

Does this mean Sonata was the only one that showed any interest in the prospect of getting her voice back? :rainbowhuh:

Anyway, Aria's definitely come a long way since that day at the farm with Applejack, if only for her ability to fake niceness. Mostly.
...I mean, he bought it, right? :twilightsheepish:

Sci-Twi has never been on a date in her life hasn't she?

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