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Trixie Lulamoon. Formerly, a famous magician and entertainer who dazzled the crowd with amazing stories of amazing feats. But her fall from grace was swift, and now she has disappeared into the world being regarded as one of the most hated ponies of the generation. But she's not a bad pony. So when Hopscotch, a young dreamer with hopes of becoming a bartender and business owner has his life saved by the unicorn, Trixie shares with him the story of her downfall, and sheds light on the fact that Trixie is a good pony.

This story will just be my interpretation of the events that happened within Trixie's life. She is my favorite character in the show, and I want to set the record straight that Trixie is by no means a villain in the show. She is, indeed, my hero.

Artwork is by John Joseco, and I'll keep using it unless someone decides to be grumpy and tell me that I can't.

Tags will be updated as the chapters progress, not entirely sure what direction to take this story.

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Interesting....they think she is a villian. Is she one in the show?

6664138 I see her as being portrayed as a villain, especially due to the Magic Duel episode. Whether or not the fandom as a whole sees her as a villain, I couldn't be sure.

6664226 I will say this about Trixie. She is my favorite pony. In the first episode, Boast Busters, she did nothing wrong. She was the one interrupted during her show, and Spike was the one that put in Snips and Snails head that 'seeing is believing', not knowing how idiotic those two are. In her return episode, Magic Duel, we have no idea why Trixie sought out that amulet in the first place, but we do know it was corrupting her.

As for this story, I will start reading when you have a better idea of where you want to take the story. I have read too many stories where the author wrote themselves into a corner and give up on it.

6669765 I'm happy I have at least piqued your interest.

I like to remind everyone that telling stories and her magic being exaggerated is her job. Like WWE. Seriously.

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