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I was once seen as a hero by my fellow warriors. Now, I have been seen as an outcast. One who dishonored herself. Like I had a choice in that matter... however, coming across that storybook on a place called The Crystal Empire has lead me to a bunch of things happening to me. Call me whatever you want. A murderer, a monster, hell even an outcast for all I care. But now, I'm something new. My name is Hanako, the slayer of kings.

MLP x Final Fantasy tactics series


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Alright show us what you've got.


I loved FF Tactics, but I don't remember a Hanako. Is she an original character?

6688526 Random name of a character that I was able to convince to join my team in the game. lol

having her introduce the job system opens this up very nicely looking forward to more.

6688876 proper & straight up crossover, dude. Mine was too convoluted. It was torn apart between being a crossover & an pureblood adventure XD

Damn, can't resist FFT. OK, OK. Ill keep an eye on this.

you would think someone would be curious or confused after she said

and the Onion Knights

6705096 The mane six along with Shining Armor and Cadence will be XD

Holy crap this is a good story I want more! :)

6708070 I'll have the next chapter up as soon as possible. :3

6708073 cool I'll be honest when i saw the picture and the info about the story i thought a displace hero adventure but instead i see a cross over hero queen story as AND i love it. It reminds me of two other storys simile the Cristal wolves witch is displaced and the Cristal hierarchy also displace both were some of my favorite storys and I can tell this one will be too :) I can't wait for more masterpieces like this from you.

Ah the Onion Knights such a pain to get, but dear god were they OP as hell.

6711212 I know right, but it was so worth it XD


Awesome chapter mate, looking forward to the next chapter.

not bad, but sombra was defeated to easy. he charged like an idiot and got cut down...

Check your spelling, you've got at least two 'air's that should be heirs.

:rainbowderp: Just.... More. Give....more, please....:rainbowderp:

Lol Cadance sounds like a spoilt little brat that causes trouble but makes her daddy( celestia in this case) take care of it XD.

Though I have a feeling things won't go Cadance's way once celestia learns the true story. Cadance will prolly say that a strange creature attacked Shining or some bullshit like that, at least that's what it seems will happen.

Considering I'm pretty sure I never slotted a Samurai class on any of my characters back in the day this seems slightly over powered :rainbowwild: , also the samurai in most of the Square games have 'throw money away' skill so that doesn't speak volumes for her budgeting ability does it ?

Hanako ain't got nothing on Ashley Riot, too bad his game wasn't my cup of tea (hate the grindy puzzle solving bullshit, the art was nice though).

6811201 :twilightsheepish: To be fair the royal guards are kind weak to some degree.

To be honest I've only played Advanced and Grimoire of Fate.

Why are you portraying Cadence as such a bitch? Rainbow I can understand, but the Pretty Pink Pony Princess of Love?

Let's just say, she supposed to rule the Crystal Empire but Hankook beat her to it and is very pissed because she didn't get to rule the Crystal Empire.

She should teach spike to be a dragoon. Twilight then gets all butthurt because spike is using leap to get everywhere.

6924962 This a wonderful pace you have here. I can't wait for more developments.

I like this, oh and Cadence, Shining Armor, and Celestia can all go step on a lego.

I hope the changelings are accepted, also that would maybe piss off cadence and shining:pinkiecrazy:


Your Are The Evil!!! :pinkiegasp:

6947553 Mwahaha, yes soon I will make everyone step on legos.

No, they deserve much worse. They can step on.... a mega block.
Trust me, they hurt much more.

6948546 My god, your mad. Not even i would subject someone to the pain of a mega block. I like the cut of your jib.

Hooray for the Changelings and Cadence, quit your bitching.

Matter of fact burn anything that relates to King Sombra.

NO! Don't do that! Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

6997316 it's pretty useless information about him and his false ruling and junk

My last condition is that when I die from either old age or something else, you’ll be in charge of Crystal Empire.

:unsuresweetie:Putting a lot of trust into someone you just met...

7000451 the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Plus after what Cadence did she pretty much trust Chrysalis more the her.

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