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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 6: Spa trip

Chapter 6:

Spa Trip

(Crystal Empire Spa)

“.......I’m not taking my clothes off.”

“Come on, don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little bath?” Amber said in a teasing tone.

“No, it the fact that I prefer not to have my body be looked at.” Hanako said as her face turned red. “I mean seriously, if I knew I had to take a bath here I would’ve just taken one back in the castle.”

“Not that I’m judging the way you look, but why not?”

“Look, let’s just say that I’ve been in a few wars and collected enough scars to fill out a book or two. I prefer not to show others this and have to tell them how I got them, okay?”

“Okay, you don’t have to take a bath at the spa. I guess we can go back to the castle and fill out some paper work. You know, the ones that involves I had some other pony do besides you. The ones that will take you all day to finish, possibly all night as well.” Amber said as a devilish smile appeared on her face.

“.....And here I thought you ponies are suppose to be nice and friendly towards others.”

“We are, but when it comes to having a ruler like you who doesn’t relax once in awhile. We’ll make an exception on that rule.” Amber said as she pointed at the bathtub. “Now get in there and relax.”

“Ugh, alright mom, I’ll get in the damn tub.” Hanako said as she was about to enter, until a hoof stopped her in her tracks.

“Without your clothes on.”

“Dammit, fine, just point to the changing room.” Hanako asked as Amber pointed behind her. “Thanks….bitch.”

“I heard that.”

“Doesn’t make it less true.” The ronin said as she walked into the changing room. Moments later, Hanako exited the room wearing nothing but two strips of cloth and her sword on her side. Everypony in the spa were stunned at the way Hanako’s body looked like, mostly because of the scars she had on her body.

“Dear Celestia.” said one of the spa pony’s.

“This is what I was trying to avoid.” Hanako sighed as she made her way towards the bath. “Look I know my body is hard to look at, but seriously it’s nothing you should worry about.”

“It’s not that. It’s just that…well…..look at yourself! You look like somepony just took on an entire army by herself!”

“That only happen once….granted, I almost gotten myself killed, but whatever.”

“Lady Hanako, those wounds of yours could be infected. At least allow us to look them over and make sure you are well.” Amber insisted.

“Man, you guys really don’t need to worry about it. Besides these are just old scars from a year or two ago. So no need to concern yourselves with it.”

“If you say so, my lady.” Amber nodded her head.

“Now if you don’t mind.” Hanako moved past Amber as she step inside the bathtub. “Ah, much better. I have to say the bath water here is much better than the one back home.”

“The water is purified from the mountains nearby. It’s crystal clear and can only be found here. With a little bit of magic, it can cure most common illnesses.”

“Guess I don’t need to worry about getting sick.” Hanako said as she began to relax a little. “Been a couple of years since I relaxed like this.”

“Just call me if you need my help with anything my lady.” Amber replied as she took a moment to walk out of the room.

“Yeah I’ll let you know Amber.” Hanako said as she laid her head back on the head rest.

“How are the weapons coming up Brimstone?” Amber asked as Brimstone handed her a sword.

“We’re almost done actually. If we keep going at the pace we’re going, we should be done by the end of the week.”

“You seem to be more excited then usual, what’s with the sudden burst of energy?”

“We have a ruler that isn’t a prick and she’s given us material from another world. How can I not be excited about it? Plus I’m able to work on something without somepony threatening to kill me or something.”

“Fair point.”

“So how’s the ruler doing?”

“She’s at the spa, I was finally able to get her to relax a bit.”

“You threaten her with paperwork didn’t you?”

“It was either that or threaten her with Northstar.”

“....Paperwork seems better then Northstar. That mare’s been watching her for past few hours.”

“Can’t really blame her, Hanako is something that you never seen before in Equestria. Then again I have a feeling if we left her alone with her….”

“Let’s keep them away from each other unless it’s for an important matter or medical reasons.”


“How’s it going with the other projects.”

“From what I got from Amethyst, half of the ponies in her sector are able to use high level offensive magic.”

“And the children in school?”

“Despite setting a few things on fire by accident, they’re doing pretty well when it comes to learning low level magic and close range combat.”

“Wait what did they set on fire?”

“A few old books and Amethyst, but don’t worry she’s fine.”

“....Don’t know if I should be worry about that, but at least they’re not abusing the magic they’re given.”

“Indeed.” Amber said as she begun to walk off.

“Where are you heading off to?”

“One of our spy’s been watching the ponies for the past few hours. One of them is going someplace she shouldn’t be going into.”

“Which one would that be?”

“From what they told me it’s some of the soldiers that they brought over here.”

“You’re gonna kill them or what?”

“Our orders are to stun them and put them in the dungeon for negotiation with Celestia.”

“You think that Cadence mare had something to do with it?”

“I’m pretty sure her and her husband has something to do with it. But for now I’ll have the Black Knights handle them. You just keep doing what Hanako ordered you to do for the armory and stuff.”

“Whatever you say boss mare. Just make sure you're not slacking off with your marefriend.”

Amber’s face turned bright red as she turned her attention back on Brimstone. “I am not dating the ruler of the Crystal Empire!”

“Sure you’re not.” Brimstone said as he returned to his work. Amber huffed as she inturned walked off the knight’s barracks.

“Ow! Is this really necessary?” Hanako asked as she felt the ponies file her nails and pull/grooming her hair. “It’s not like I’m going to a special event or something.”

“Are you kidding me? After seeing the scars on your body and trying to groom your mane, you can expect us not to do something like this. Seriously, how long was it since you kept up with your personal grooming?”

“I was in a war for pete’s sake. Some of us don’t have time to tend to stuff like this.”

“Well you should’ve.” The Spa pony said as she finished filing the ronins nails. “There, we are done grooming and cleaning. Next time keep up to date with your daily grooming and hygiene, because it was a bitch to brush through your main.”

“Ugh, you guys are just as worse than Amber. Only she doesn’t lecture me about stuff like this, or make threats.” Hanako said as she make her way outside of the spa. “Okay, I got about two to three hours to kill….what do I do now?” Hanako thought for a moment on what to do next. That until she notice a certain Rainbow mane pegasus spying on her from above a cloud. “Five gil says that she thinks I’m up to something evil.” She thought as she began to make her way down the street. “Keep watching feather duster, you won’t be getting much out of me.”

“Good evening Hanako.” Amber said as she appeared next to the Ronin, startling her by accident. “I take it you little spa trip went well?”

“Would’ve been fine if you hadn’t threaten me with paperwork.”

“Well you need a break from training. Plus you did kinda smell like swamp water, and some ponies were trying not to cover their noses from the smell.”

“.....Okay you have a point there. So anything you have to report to me?”

“Our spies have been following some of the ponies from Equestria, and some of them are trying to sneak around in some of the places that they’re not allowed in. I believe that Princess Cadence and her husband has something to do with this.”

“What about the others?”

“Twilight tried to send information from the books you gave us, but Poison Cross was able to burn her notes and any copies she may have hidden from us.”

“Excellent work, tell Poison Cross that he gets a raise for doing that. Anything else involving her friends?”

“Rainbow Dash been spying on you for the past few hours, Applejack is busy talking with some of the farmers for advice on farming, Fluttershy is with Rarity and the two of them are just shopping around, and Pinkie Pie…well…she keeps finding out where our spies are hiding.”

“Should I be worry about that?”

“She thinks it’s some kind of game of hide and seek.”

“....Never mind, have the black knights be prepare to capture the royal guards that are trying to dig up some dirt on me or the kingdom. Place them in the dungeon until we can negotiate with their rulers.”

“You sure you want to do that? Not that I’m questioning you or anything, but we still haven’t gotten the bones and blood of the dead ponies from off the walls, ceiling, and floors of the dungeon.”

“Then get the Equestrians to do that then. Seeing how they want to follow a greenhorn of a princess, then they can learn when to think before they act on orders. Now then, mind telling me where the nearest butcher shop is? I’m hungry for some fried and/or cooked meat.”

“Your diet is very odd.”

“Well some humans can go on eating nothing but vegetables, but for me I need to eat both.”

“Well we do still have the butcher shop down honeyflower street. We used to have griffins and dragons come here before the Crystal Empire disappeared.”

“Perfect, onward to the butcher shop.” Hanako said as she and Amber headed down the street towards the butcher shop.

(Outside the Crystal Empire)

“Is this the Crystal Empire you’ve reported?” asked Chrysalis.

“From what we collected from the Canterlot Library, this place was once ruled by Cadence’s ancestor.” The Changeling soldier replied. “Apparently from what some of the scouts overheard, there’s a strange creature that rules over the empire now.”

“What happen to King Sombra?”

“The strange creature was the one that killed him.”

“Interesting.” Chrysalis said as she devilish smile appeared on her face. “Seeing how this creature isn’t a pony, we might be able to make a deal with this new ruler of the Crystal Empire.”

“You’re not planning on trying to use them to try to take over Equestria are you?”

“That time is was a mistake. Not only that but the last time we asked for help from Celestia, she refuse to offer us a place for both species to coexist with each other. Five bits says it had something to do with the nobles in Canterlot.”

“You think this place will accept us even after what we did in Canterlot?”

“I don’t know, but it could hurt but to try. Rally the soldiers, we’re moving to the Crystal Empire to negotiate with the their ruler tonight.”