• Published 1st Dec 2015
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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 22: Meet the Doctor

Chapter 22

Meet the Doctor

[Medical Wing]

“Oh how it is so much fun seeing you here in my medical office, my dear lovely human~” Northstar said as she used her magic to place the human on the operation table. “What is it this time? Arm acting up again? Need another medical check up?” She asked before using her magic to levitate a syringe over and aimed at Hanako with a sedicite grin on her face. “Want to donate some of your blood~?”

“No to all three of them! I’m here because I got poisoned by an invader trying to take my sword away from me!” Hanako said as she batted the syringe away from herself. “Also, now’s not the time for your...craziness. We have visitors.” she said before pointing a thumb over to the side of the doorway. Northstar grins upon seeing the ponies from Equestria, mainly the alicorns as she begins to use her magic to scan Hanako.

“Oh my. So that’s what an alicorn looks like~?” She said while grinning, causing her to shark like teeth to be shown as it caused the ponies of Equestria to flinch back a bit. “Would any of you three be willing to be...examined~?” Upon hearing that, Celestia and Luna’s horns glowed causing a barrier to appear around the group.

“I will personally throw you through a wall if you even think about it Northstar.” Hanako said as the unicorn huffed in disappointment. “Now can you please focus on getting rid of the poison that’s inside my body?”

“Oh fine. You can be a real killjoy sometimes Hanako...still won’t change the fact that I will be looking forward to examining you personally~” Northstar said before levitating an I.V bag filled with a bright yellow liquid and a syringe.

“...Forgive me if I speak out of terms...but are you sure this...pony can be trusted to be your doctor?” Rarity asked as Northstar looked over at her with a deadpan expression.

“I’ll have you know that I’m the only qualified doctor here in this kingdom during that time Sombra was in charge. I did a...moderate job with how I took care of my patients...as long as they had the limb that was cut off by Sombra...and it wasn’t their head that got cut off.”

“....You’re not helping your case Northstar.” Hanako said before yelping from feeling the syringe painfully injected into her arm.

“Whoops, magical grip slipped~” Northstar said as Hanako glared at the unicorn. “I’m going to take a sample of the poison so I can determine what it was that he poisoned you with.” She said before pulling the syringe out of the human’s arm and pulled out another syringe to fill it with the remedy and inject it into her arm. “The remedy that you gave us, should take care of it seeing how you said it heals a pony of any ailments. So for now, just relax and try not to move so much.”

“Courel poison. Poison that they use to paralyse their prey and kill them slowly before eating them.”

“Poison from an unknown species!? Oh I would love to visit your world someday~” Northstar said before walking off towards her workshop. “I’ll be back in a few minutes or so. Until then, feel free to talk among yourselves~!”

“...You sure that mare is a licenced doctor?” Rarity asked as the human shrugs.

“She’s good at her work...despite her sick sense of humor and obsession. She is the only pony that knows how to treat wounds and operate.”

“.....We’ll take your word for it. Back to the matter at hand, do you know who that...thing was that attacked.” Twilight asked as Hanako turned her attention to the purple unicorn.

“His name is Gilgamesh. A legendary swordsman from that travels around Ivalice in search of powerful swords to add to his collection. I fought him multiple times during my travels after the war of the lions.” The human said as she let out a sigh. “Out of all the enemies I’ve faced. Whether with a team or alone. He is the most troublesome person I have ever faced in my entire life.”

“Really? Just swords? Why would somepony just collect swords? What is he an avid collector or something?” Rarity asked as the human shrugs.

“How the hell should I know. All I know is that he’s been after me for a very long time in his attempts to take my weapons away. Which of course I’m not going to give him.”

“But he’ll keep coming after you if you don’t give him what he wants.” Celestia said as she motions to Hanako’s arm. “Wouldn’t be wise to give him whatever weapon he’s after. Especially given injuries that you have?”

“You may do that, but me. That’s not going to happen.” She said before pulling out Chirijiraden and examining it. “To handover a samurai’s blade to a stranger such as him would be an insult not only to me, but for those who I’ve considered comrades that have fallen in the war. Day in and day out I trained my body, mind, and soul to be able to master each sword I’ve come across. I’m not going to throw it all away just because of that idiot swordsman.”

“But you’ll get hurt more than how you are now? Aren’t you worried about what will happen to the Crystal Empire if you die?” Cadence asked as the human shrugs again.

“I laid down the works for how the kingdom should be run, and who to leave in charge if I pass away due to aging or something else.”

“But you left Chrysalis in charge.” Rainbow Dash said, chiming in on the conversation. “You can’t trust somepony like her. She’s evil! Especially after what she did at Cadence’s wedding in Canterlot.”

“She already proved herself during the diamond dog raid, and from my spies informed me she’s not up or willing to try and do anything evil. If anything I have more trust in her then I do with you after what happened when you first came here.” She said which caused Cadence and Rainbow Dash to grimace at what she said. “Besides, aren’t you ponies all about friendship and forgiveness. Or is that just for only ponies?”

“O-Of course not.” Cadence said as Hanako raised an eyebrow at her before an idea appeared in her head.

“Then prove it.”

“What do you mean?” Applejack asked as the human looked over at the group.

“Prove to me that you ponies are as you say. Starting with Chrysalis.” She said which caused the room to go silent safe from Northstar busting out laughing in the distance.

“....You can’t be serious? You want us to forgive Chrysalis for what she did?” Twilight asked as Hanako nodded.

“Think of it as a means to gain my trust, and to understand a former ruler’s actions for invading.”

“Former ruler? What do you mean by that?” Cadence asked.

“One of the conditions on letting her subject join the Empire, she would have to throw away her title as Queen and serve as a general for the ninjas. Now as I was saying, if you want to prove that your philosophy isn’t false and reserve it to just your kind, then I’m willing to believe it and willing to trust you a lot as allies. If not, then you’ll have difficulty in finding help from me.”

“So all we have to do is be friends with Chrysalis, and you’ll be willing to form an alliance with us?” Celestia asked as Hanako shook her head.

“We’re not at alliance level yet. The ponies of the Crystal Empire don’t trust you guys. Especially given the fact that you failed their ancestor all those years ago. And some of the generations that were around during that time passed their story on to the current generations. So expect some angry looks coming your way.”

“....Alright, then we accept this challenge.” Celestia said as she felt Twilight tap her on her side.

“Are you sure about this Princess Celestia? What if Chrysalis’s just using Hanako for her own need?” She whispered as Celestia gave her a motherly smile.

“This is a test to see if we’re worthy of Hanako’s trust, Twilight. We already failed the ponies of the empire before. We will not fail them again. You along with your friends are the Elements of Harmony. It’s time to show her what we are made of.”

“Good to hear that.” Northstar said as everyone turned their attention onto the unicorn. “Because I can tell you this much. It’s going to take years and years for some of the ponies here to trust you guys.” She said before walking over to Hanako with a sadistic grin on her face. “Now then, my little human. It’s time for your shot~”

“...Wait, I thought the remedy was the shot.”

“Oh no, that’s just something to cure you of the poison.” Her horn glows as a giant syringe that was the size of her appeared. “This is the shot I’m going to give you so you’ll be immune to any types of poison. Be it Equestrian or foregin.”

“....You pretty much planned this didn’t you?”

“Well for the most part. I was planning on having Amber hold you down with her magic and I inject you with this. But given your weakened state, I’m pretty sure you can’t run away from this.” She said before using her magic to make a dome around everyone.

“Um...why did you have a magical barrier around us?” Applejack asked as Northstar looked over at farm pony and the others.

“Oh, you guys are getting the shot as well. Don’t want you all dying from anything poisonous due to that Gilgamesh person out and about.” She said which caused everyone to stare at her in shock and horror. “Hey now, don’t be like that. It’s not going to hurt.” Her horn begins to glow as the multiple syringes that were the same size as the one she had for Hanako appeared behind her in circular formation. “It’s gonna hurt real badly. Now all of you bend over, it’s time to take your medicine~!” She said with a cackling laugh as it caused Rarity and Fluttershy to faint.

“...Hanako. Would it be okay if we run from her?” Luna asked as Hanako shook her head.

“Know how excited she is...I doubt we can escape from her...but you're free to try if you can break the barrier she has around us?”

“...Mother of me. Give me strength.”