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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 21: The legend of Gilgamesh

Chapter 21

The Legend of Gilgamesh

“I am so very sorry for bringing Blueblood along with us. I was hoping he would learn to be well mannered and show respect towards other ponies or creatures in power, but it would seem he needs more time to learn how to do that.” Celestia said as she watched Blueblood being carried away on a stretcher by two white mages.

“It’s fine, it’s not like you had anything to do with the way he was acting.” She said before looking over at Luna and Amber with an annoyed expression. “I am annoyed that these two idiots had a secret bet going on behind my back. I mean really. Who does that?”

“To be fair...it was Amber’s idea for having the secret bet placed on you in secret.” Luna said as she noticed Amber glaring at her.

“Really…..I’ll be sure to remember this you cake eating cow.” The holy knight said as the lunar princess sticks her tongue out at her.

“Is Blueblood going to be okay?” Fluttershy asked as she watched the white mages take the crippled prince away.

“He’ll be fine. But if he does what he did to me again, I will throw him either out of the kingdom or into the dungeon for the remainder of your visit.”

“Understandable. I just hope this doesn’t cause any trouble between us or our countries?”

“So long as you don’t bring ponies with attitudes like that, then we’ll have no problem for the time being.” Hanako said as she sighs in annoyance. “Whoever raised him should be smacked upside their heads for doing a poor job at it.”

“Y-Yes. I will agree with you on that one.” Celestia said as she looked off to the side with a nervous smile on her face. “Lady Hanako, would you be willing to tell us more about your kind?”

“You mean humans, right?” Sh asked as the sun princess nodded. “What is it that you want to know?”

“My lady, are you sure it would be wise to tell the ponies of Equestria that sort of information?” Amber asked as she looked over at the group. “Do keep in mind that I don’t trust them. Especially with what happened the first time they came here. And what Blueblood did to you moments ago.”

“Says the mare that placed a bet on me in secret with Luna.”

“...Fair point. But are you sure they won’t try to take advantage of this sort of information?”

“I’m pretty sure they know what will happen if they try anything that Cadance tried to do. Plus they don’t seem like the type to do something like that. So I don’t see a problem in sharing something with them. I mean what’s the worst that can happen?”

“If you say so, but I will be keeping an eye on them if they try anything stupid.” Amber said before trotting off to the knight’s barracks. “If you’ll excuse me, I will be filling out paperwork and documentation for the empire. Seriously, that mad pony that took over the empire really did a number on us.”

“Geez, that pony needs to get laid.” Rainbow Dash said as Applejack smacked her upside her head. “Ow! What was that for!?”

“Rainbow Dash, you shouldn’t say stuff like that. Especially in the presence of royalty.” Rarity added before Hanako spoke up.

“You don’t need to be formal around me. So long as you don’t act like Blue Balls, then you’ll be fine by me.” Hanako said Rainbow Dash, Shining Armor, and Luna tried not to laugh upon hearing the nickname the human gave the white stallion. “Now then. I believe I have to deal with a happy stabby changeling that has a hard time adjusting to the changes that’s happening with his hive.”

“Happy stabby changeling?” Cadence asked.

“Just some insubordination during the raid from the Diamond Dogs. It’s time for Chrysalis and I to talk about a suitable punishment for what he did during that incident.”

”What did this changeling do that requires you both?”

“That’s for us to know and for you to mind your own business.” The human said as she smirked upon seeing the glare the pink alicorn was giving her. “Shoot me all the glares you want, you know the reason why.”

“What are you planning on doing with this changeling?” Luna asked as the human turned her attention at the lunar princess.

“Might have him stay in prison for a month or two, exile him from the empire, or possibly have him do other mundane jobs around the castle depending on his mindset after I bring him back from the dead.”

“You used necromancy to bring a pony back to life!?” Cadence gasped as the equestrians were taken by surprise by this.

“Not necromancy you idiot.” Hanako reached into her pocket to pull out a phoenix feather. “Just used a phoenix feather to bring him back from the dead.”

“.....You used...a feather from a phoenix to bring somepony back to life?” Twilight asked as the human nodded casually.

“Don’t know if something like that applies here if you have someone that can summon that kind of bird. But that’s how it works where I’m from.”

“.....I would like to know more about your world please?” Twilight asked as Hanako shook her head.

“Only citizens of the Crystal Empire are allowed to know stuff from my world. Do keep in mind that your pink friend with wings over there pretty much made me not trust you all very much.” She said as a disappointed expression appeared on the young unicorn’s face. “Until I know I can trust you all, I’m not allowing anyone outside of this kingdom to know about the knowledge from my world. Mainly the magic and how the items we have here are made. We are willing to share common stuff like cooking, farming, mathematics, and other things.”

“Understandable.” Luna said as she walked over Hanako. “Perhaps we can make some way to gain your trust?”

“Hm. I’m always the type that goes with actions that speak louder than words. Once my arm is fixed the next time we meet, I would like to have a fight with the princesses if possible.” She asked as everyone blinked in surprise.

“You...want to fight the princesses?” Fluttershy asked as the human nodded.

“You do know that my aunts control the sun and moon right?” Cadence said as the human rolled her eyes.

“I already told you my life story. You think flaunting something like that is going to scare me off that easily? Hell we just had a fight with a pack of diamond dogs trying to raid the kingdom. I want to see if this trust between our kingdoms can happen. In order for that to happen, their leaders should be able to put up a fight or two when facing a challenge...better yet. A tournament between our kingdoms would be even better!”

“You can’t be serious?” Cadence asked. “Celestia, you can’t actually be willing to do something like this are you?”

“Celestia might be against it, but I’m not!” Luna said in excitement. “It’s been years since somepony offered us a challenge such as this! We must accept this!”

“Well...it has been years since we did something like this. As long as no pony gets killed, then I suppose it would be okay to do something like this.” Celestia said as the equestrians stared at Celestia and Luna in disbelief. Hanako simply grinned in excitement upon hearing this.

“Perfect. We will hold the event at your castle...um...what’s it called?”

“Canterlot Castle.” Pinkie Pie replied.

“Weird name, but okay. We’ll have the tournament take place in Canterlot Castle within three months.”

“Why three months?” Rainbow Dash asked. “Seems a bit long to have this tournament don’t you think?”

“Still recovering from my injuries from the raid, and this will give you enough time to gather up anyone that is willing to challenge me and my comrades.”

“Don’t you mean anypony?” Twilight asked as Hanako deadpanned. “What?”

“Look, I’m saying it how it’s supposed to be said. I don’t need another pony to tell me how to pronounce certain pony words. Anyway, the three month period will be the prepping period for your elite soldiers to get ready for the tournament. Fair warning, we might have more beings joining in on the tournament as well.”

“What do you mean by other beings?” Shining Armor asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Well I am going to have a bit of a dinner party going on here with the other nations outside of the Equestrian borders. Amber’s sending out the letters or something to have the other nations come here. Mainly for diplomacy reasons, but I personally want to see who I’m dealing with.”

“Seems a bit risky don’t you think?”

“Maybe, but it will let me know who I can count on as allies, friends, business partners...or enemies.” Hanako answered as she turned around and was about to motion for them to follow, only for her to pause upon seeing a two headed dog-like creature rushing over to the group. “What the hell is that thing?”

“Oh! It’s an orthros.” Fluttershy said as the two headed dog walked up to Hanako sniffing her. “I didn’t know you have animals here.”

“We don’t. All the animals in the empire were dead due to Sombra starving them to death.” She said as she pushed the orthros back due to sniffing her too closely. When she pushed the two headed dog away, she noticed some paint on her hand. “Hey are orthros fur colored green?”

“No, they’re brown...why?”

“.....Crap.” Hanako quickly pushed past the dog as she began to scan the area while unsheathing her sword.

“Is something the matter?” Applejack asked as she noticed Pinkie Pie’s tail twitching rapidly.

“S-Something big is coming!” Pinkie said as she looked up at the sky to see something coming their way. “Oh! Who’s that?” Everyone looked up to see a similar humanoid like figure heading towards them, but was much bigger and muscular.

“Muhahahahaha!” The figure yelled as he soon landed near them...only to miss his mart and bounce off a nearby building and into a pile of burnt up Sombra’s belongings. There was a moment of silence as the Equestrians and orthros looked at the crashed figure before looking at Hanako.

“Friend of yours?” Shining Armor asked as his horn began to glow along with Celestia and Luna’s horns.

“No...he’s not my friend.” She answered while getting into a battle stance. “That man who crashed, his name is Gilgamesh. The battle-hungry sword collecting warrior that I was hoping to never see again.” She said before seeing Gilgamesh leap up from the debris and land in front of the group.

“Now we fight!” He yelled as the orthros rushed over to his side.

“Care to explain who this strange creature is Hanako?” Celestia asked.

“Legend says that traveling swordsmen wanders different lands seeking powerful weapons to add to his arsenal of weapons that he has collected over the years. This man is the legendary swordsman. Gilgamesh, the legendary idiot swordsmen.” Hanako answered with a deadpan expression on her face.

“Is that really his name?” Luna asked as the human shook her head.

“The idiot part I added, but he is a legendary swordsman from the stories I’ve heard over the years in Ivalice and experienced. He may act like a fool, but his swordsmanship is on a level beyond any humans. It’s also how I got most of the scars I have on my body, and how I lost my first sword to him. ” She said before noticing Gilgamesh vanishing from her sight and appearing in front of her as he brought his sword down upon her. The samurai’s eyes widened in surprise by this as she quickly brought her katana up to block the oncoming attack as it caused a small shockwave as the group of ponies were pushed back from the force behind it.

“To think that fate would bring us once again together young warrior of the foregin land.” Gilgamesh said as he began to scan Hanako’s body and noticed the cast over her arm. “Seems like you let your guard down during your adventures, but no matter. Surrender your weapon to me, and I’ll let you live with your head in tacted.”

“I don’t need my other arm to take you down.” Hanako said as she pushed the towering swordsmen away from her and took up a fighting stance. “And I’m not handing over my weapon to you for your stupid collections of swords.”

“How dare you!? Do you know how hard it was to collect these swords? Well not these swords I have in my hands. But my good ones? Blood, sweat, and a lot of tears!” He said before charging at Hanako with a series of vertical slashes and spin attacks. The ronin quickly parried two of the vertical slashes, but was nicked by the spinning attack to her injured arm as she grunted from the pain. “I will not be denied the claim of your weapon!” The swordsmen yelled as he delivered a strong punch to Hanako’s stomach. The human felt the air knocked out of her as she felt her face hit the ground by a karate chop to her back by the towering being. “Now yield to me your weapon, or else.”

“If I didn’t surrender to a bunch of filthy diamond dogs. What makes you think I’ll surrender to you?

“Then prepare to lose your life!” Gilgamesh yelled as he used his foot to knock Hanako into the air and quickly thrust three of his swords at the human’s shoulder, only for a barrier to appear around her. “What the-” Before he could finish, he soon felt a magical beam hit him from the side as he was pushed away from Hanako and crashed into a nearby building. Hanako blinked in surprise as she noticed Celestia and Luna appearing in front of the human with their horns glowing and glaring at Gilgamesh.

“We don’t know who you are, but we will not stand by and watch as you attack an injured pony….or human in this case.” Luna said as she along with Celestia took a step forward.

“We are trying to form a relationship between Equestria and the Crystal Empire. We will not allow you to try and tarnish this by taking the life of our new ally. If you want to get to her, you will have to get through us.” Celestia said as Gilgamesh pulled himself out of the nearby building and glared at the three of them.

“You have some nerve getting in the way of my quest horse. But no matter. Stand aside or else you will suffer the same as that human.” He ordered. The alicorns shook their heads to his order as Gilgamesh snorted in annoyance. “Then prepare to die, foolish horse-” before he could finish his sentence, he was sent staggering forwards from a fire spell. Looking behind him he could see a group of earth ponies with fira, thundara, and blizzara spells at the ready. Hanako smirked upon seeing the group of earth pony citizens making their way outside of the home along with more ponies of the crystal empire.

“Celestia...are you seeing this?” Luna asked upon seeing the group of earth ponies holding magic in their hands.

“Is that...magic they’re performing?” Celestia asked as Hanako gave out a small laugh, causing her along with Twilight and her friends to look at the human.

“Might want to stand back a bit Princesses.” Hanako said as she moved past Celestia and Luna. “Listen up! Citizens of the Crystal Empire! You have an intruder in your home attacking your ruler! What do you plan to do about this!?”

“ELIMINATE THE INTRUDER AND PROTECT OUR RULER!!!” The citizens yelled in union as ponies young and old readied their spells in union as they were all aimed at Gilgamesh.

“You think I’ll be intimidated by this? Only cowards hide behind people or creatures. It’s a sign of weakness.” Gilgamesh said as Luna glared daggers at him.

“And attacking an injured being isn’t a sign of cowardness!? Only a no good varmint would do something like that!” Applejack yelled as she flinched upon meeting Gilgamesh’s gaze, but stood firm and glared back at him.

“I don’t need some creature telling me my morals. If you don’t hand over to me your weapon, then I will unleash my skills upon you and your subjects.” Gilgamesh said as he took a step forwards, only for him to jump backwards to avoid a thundara spell from a nearby pegasus floating in the air. Looking up, he could see a squad of pegasi wearing dragoon armor aiming their weapons charged with electricity at him.

“I would advise you to leave, creature.” Amber said as she casually trotted in between Gilgamesh, Hanako, and the princesses. “This is our home, and we won’t just stand by and let somepony like you cause harm to anyone. Especially if our ruler is an idiot at times for getting into trouble like this.”

“I take offense to that!” Hanako yelled before giving the citizens the order to attack. “Give him hell Colts and Mares!” She yelled as the ponies unleashed a barrage of fire, ice, and lightning upon Gilgamesh. The swordsman's eyes widened upon seeing the oncoming attack as he began to dodge and deflect some of the spells fired upon him as some would graze or hit him directly. In a matter of seconds, the collector of swords was pushed against the side of a nearby house as everypony readied their spells and weapons at him.

“Any last words before we fill you full of magic?” asked a random mare as Gilgamesh tossed one of his swords to the side as he pulled out a smoke bomb and threw it at the ground. Upon hitting the ground, it created a giant cloud of smoke causing the ponies on the ground to cough and cover their eyes. Once the smoke vanished, they noticed Gilgamesh was gone...well sort of gone, as he was tip-toeing off to the side in an attempt to escape. “There it is! Get it!”

“Don’t think this is over human! I will be back for your sword!” he yelled as he quickly made his way over to enkidu and darted down the street with a group of ponies chasing after him and the two headed dog.

“I don’t understand.” Twilight said as she walked over to Hanako. “I know unicorns and alicorns can use magic. But how can pegasi and earth ponies perform magic like this. It should be impossible.”

“Magic from my world can be taught to any...pony. Matters not if you’re an earth pony or pegasi. What surprised me is how fast the citizens were in response to this.” Hanako said before looking at Amber who was walking over to her. “Nice to see that the citizens are quick to act. After what happened with the raid of the diamond dogs, these ponies will do a hell of a good job in keeping the peace when the knights come.”

“Thank you Hanako. It fills my heart with joy knowing that you have faith in us.” Amber said as she looked over at Celestia and Luna. “...As much as I hate to say this. But I must thank you for protecting Hanako from being impaled by that creature’s weapons and willing to defend her. For Equestrian royalty, you’re not as bad as I claimed you both to be.”

“Well we couldn’t just let somepony hurt our new ally.” Luna said with her chest puffed up with pride. “Attacking somepony who is injured is the cowards way of winning a fight. Which is something I detest.”

“Indeed. But don’t think this will buy you my trust, nor forgiveness for what happened to our home.” Amber said, causing the Princesses to flinch a bit from hearing that.

“Hey! Show some respect for the Princesses. They did save your friend’s life, you know?” Rainbow Dash said as she flew in front of Amber.

“Yes, congrats on saving one pony. What about the other they couldn’t save all those years ago?” The unicorn said while glaring at Rainbow Dash. "While you all lived happy lives full of fun and friendship. We had to deal with a mad king that ruled with fear and hatred.” She said before looking up at Celestia and Luna and began to walk over to them, only for Hanako to place an arm in front of her as she stopped and looked over at the human.

“Right now is not the time for your anger to take over. I need you to go after Gilgamesh and try to capture him. I would like to ask him a few questions. Mainly on how he got here to this place.” Amber’s facial expression quickly changed as she let out a sigh before teleporting off after the group chasing after Gilgamesh. As she left, Hanako looked over at the equestrians.

“Let me be the first to apologise for Amber’s outburst and sly remark. Maybe when she returns from her hunt, she’ll be in a better mood.”

“Wait, you’re not going to punish her?” Cadence asked as the human shook her head. “Are you kidding me? Such action like that shouldn’t go without some kind of punishment.”

“It would be different if she attacked them. And seeing how she didn’t, there’s no point in punishing her.” Hanako said before motioning them back inside the castle. “We should talk about this while we go to the medical wing.”

“Wait, are you hurt or anything?” Celestia asked as the human showed a cut on her injured arm and her legs shaking a bit.

“A small cut...I think the blades he was wielding were laced with poison. Because I’m having a bit of a problem moving a bit….yelp it’s poison.” She said before feeling her legs give way. “Shit, Courel poison.” Before she could try to catch herself, she felt something stop her from hitting the ground as she noticed Luna’s horn glowing and levitated her onto dark blue alicorn’s back. “Oh...wow. I was not expecting that.”

“It’s the least we can do given how my nephew and niece have acted. By chance, do you know where the medical ponies are?”

“I know where to go...but I’m dreading going to it.”

“Are you afraid of needles?” Fluttershy asked as Hanako shook her head.

“No...it’s Northstar who I’m dreading to see...again.” She said before grimacing as the thought of the manic medical pony.

“You’re afraid of a medical pony? And you’re the Princess of this place?” Rainbow Dash as she yelps from feeling Applejack jab her in the side with her hoof. “What? This medical pony can’t be that bad...right?”

“Prepare to be surprised.”

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Comments ( 10 )

Everyone looked up to see a similar humanoid like figure heading towards them, but was much bigger and muscular.
“Muhahahahaha!” The figure yelled as he soon landed near them...only to miss his mark and bounce off a nearby building and into a pile of burnt up Sombra’s belongings. There was a moment of silence as the Equestrians and orthros looked at the crashed figure before looking at Hanako.

I love that you used the entrance that Gilgamesh did in Final Fantasy XII.

“Don’t think this is over human! I will be back for your sword!” he yelled as he quickly made his way over to enkidu and darted down the street with a group of ponies chasing after him and the two headed dog.

*breath of relief* That was a close one for Hanako. Good thing that both the citizens & the knights of the Empire and the princesses came to hanako's aid. While it does explain the number of scars that she gained during her trip to the spa, but what blade did Hanako lose to Gilgamesh during their encounters back in their world?

"I need you to go after Gilgamesh and try to capture him. I would like to ask him a few questions. Mainly on how he got here to this place.”

I Wonder what questions Hanako will ask Gilgamesh for when they managed to capture him?

“No...it’s Northstar who I’m dreading to see...again.” She said before grimacing as the thought of the manic medical pony.
“You’re afraid of a medical pony? And you’re the Princess of this place?” Rainbow Dash as she yelps from feeling Applejack jab her in the side with her hoof. “What? This medical pony can’t be that bad...right?”
“Prepare to be surprised.”

I can somehow imagine Northstar doing something similar to this when interrogating prisoners who attacked the Empire. One side would be glad that she would get to collect more samples of Hanako's biology and the other half would punish them for nearly killing her only human subject.

“Shit, Courel poison.”

I think you meant Coeurl.

Ah, Coeurls.

Was Phoenix feather or necromancy used to revive this story?

isn't a phoenix feather called a phoenix down or am I just remembering wrong?

10303171 Definitely phoenix downs.

Yay, it's alive! Thanks for the update!

Woot! Glad to see this story again. *Smiles* Honestly can't wait for the tournament. I also would love to see Spike sneak off and join Hanako's army and be a Dragoon Knight. It would be so badass.

Awe and I was hopping for an interesting fight from Gilgamesh but we get this. The story is somewhat good.

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