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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 20: Diplomacy

Chapter 20


(Crystal Castle)

“I must say. This is a bit of a surprise.” Celestia said as she examined the ponies doing reconstruction on the castle’s enterier. “Never thought that it would be possible to reinforce the inside of crystals with iron.”

“Crystal is good an all, but you always want to be prepare for anything that might come knocking at your door with an army or something worse.” Hanako said as she admired the crafty work of Emerald’s design. “I give Emerald credit for making this possible. Didn’t think it was possible to make this happen.” She said before feeling her katana being pulled away from herself by Amber. “Hey!”

“Sorry, but I’m not taking any chances with you. Especially with how things have gone with Blueblood.” Amber said, sticking her tongue out at the human as Hanako glared at her. Her attention was soon focus on Twilight, who spoke.

“But wouldn’t doing something like that take too long to do? I mean first you have to keep an eye on the crystal so that it can form properly around the thing you want to cover it in.” Twilight asked as she walked over to the wall and examines it.

“I could tell you how it works, but I can’t seeing how you’re not part of the Empire.”

“I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know herself. That’s why she said she won’t tell you.” Blueblood said as Hanako looked over at the blonde stallion with an annoyed look on her face.

“Why would I tell ponies from a different land about how we do things here? I’m not that much of an idiot to devolve secrets to thoses that aren’t worthy of my trust. Plus after what Cadance did, there’s no way in hell I’ll tell you lot on how the crystallization works.”

“Understandable.” Celestia said as she walked next to Hanako. “I hope you don’t mind me asking about where we are going to have our talk?”

“The throne room would be best. Mostly because it’s the only place where they haven’t done any work in yet, and I don’t want them to get distracted from our conversation.” Hanako said as she pointed to the two giant doors they were heading towards. Once they were at the door, Amber used her magic to push the doors open for them to enter. As they entered, the holy knight quickly closed the door behind them while Hanako moved in front of the group. “Alright, let’s get down to business shall we?”

“Indeed. I would like to apologize for what Cadence did when she came here along with Twilight and her friends.”

“I accept the apology this time. Just make sure she doesn’t do it again. First impressions are everything and what she did didn’t help in your favor.”

“I will accept responsibility for what she did. But before I can do that, I would like to hear the terms of your negotiation on releasing my ponies from your care?” Hanako paused as she placed a hand to her chin to think. While thinking, a certain blonde unicorn spoke out.

“Oh come on. It shouldn’t be that hard to think of something. If you can’t think of anything, then you should release the ponies you’ve foalnapped.” Blueblood said as Hanako glared daggers at him for a moment before a smirk appeared.

“Seeing how the crystal empire uses...bits as currency and your country has an abundant amount of materials from the looks of your guards. I am willing to trade each of the soldiers for one hundred-thousand bits, iron, copper, steel, sliver, gold ore, and food. Mainly meat, vegetables, rice, bread, and other ingredients.”

“Dear Faust, you eat meat!?” Blueblood asked as he flinched from the sight of Hanako showing off her teeth. “Auntie you can’t be serious in give this hairless monkey what she wants? For all we know she could’ve eaten the ponies from the royal guard by now.” He said which caused Celestia to look over at Hanako, who was glaring even more intensely then she was before at him.

“Blueblood, please keep your mouth shut. Didn’t you say that you would hold your comments to yourself earlier?”

“Only because we were outside with those filthy bug creature and commoners. She didn’t say anything about commenting on her in private.” he said before glaring back at Hanako. “A monster like you is unfit to rule a kingdom. I say we throw her out and let a pony from Equestria take her place.”

“I know Blueblood is stupid and entitled, but I didn’t think he would be on the level of Rainbow Dash when it comes to think before you act.” Rarity whispered which got her a jab in the shoulder from Rainbow Dash.

“Hey! At least I know not to mess with somepony like her. Need I remind you on what happened to Shining Armor?”

“I’m right here you know?” Shining Armor said as the two mares gave him a sheepish smile on their faces. While the group watches in both interest and horror, Amber and Luna are whispering to each other as to what will happen.

“Better get those bits ready. Because she’s about to wreck Blueblood sooner~” Luna said with a smirk on her face.

“It’s not over until the fat pony sings moonbutt. It hasn’t been twenty minutes yet, and Hanako is keeping a good level head about this.” Amber said as she looked back at the scene taking place between the human and the ponies.

“You must be either ballsy or stupid for saying that about me pony. I’m going with stupid due to the fact that you think you have power in this palace.”

“My aunties control the moon and the sun. You think I’m afraid of somepony like you when I have the most powerfulest rulers behind me?” Hanako snorted in amusement before looking over at Celestia

“.....Celestia can you place put this child in a bubble or something until this is over and done with?” Hanako asked as Celestia’s horn glowed, encasing the blonde haired unicorn in a magical bubble. “Thank you. Now then, is there anything you would like to say about what I asked for in return?”

“One-hundred thousand bits for each pony is a bit much don’t you think? I’m willing to part with forty-five thousand bits.”

“Hm, eighty-five thousand.”

“Seventy-five. Final offer.” Celestia said as the human hummed in a amusement to her offer.

“Seventy-five and a book of spells from your kingdom, and we have a deal?” Hanako asked as the white alicorn nodded. “Okay then, we have a deal. When will I have the payment shipped?”

“Within a week once we return to Canterlot.”

“Alrighty then. I’ll be sure to send Poison Cross and his squad to retrieve the bits and items you’re offering us within a week.” The human said as she looked over at Amber. “Bring the soldiers out of the prison cells and have them wait in the mess hall so they can have a feast for their hard work and patience.”

“At once my lady.” Amber said before teleporting off.

“Now with that taken care of.” Hanako looks over at Prince Blueblood who was glaring daggers at the human. “You can let the idiot out of the bubble.” She said as Celestia’s horn glowed as the bubble around the prince vanished. “Alright little boy. The grown-ups are done talking. So you can say your piece.”

“Auntie, how could you agree with this creature’s demands? Don’t you know this will put a huge amount of damage towards Equestria’s finances?”

“Bits can be gained over time, lives on the other hand are not replaceable. Something that you have a hard time remembering Blueblood.”

“And you think this creature can be trusted? For all we know she could’ve brainwash those poor ponies with the help of Chrysalis.”

“Have you any proof of that Blueblood?”

“The changelings are proof enough.” He said before looking over at Hanako. “I demand you give up the throne before you face Equestrian justice.”

The room went silent as everyone in the room stared at the delusional colt out of fear with Twilight and her friends. Celestia and Luna on the other hand were looking at Blueblood as the white alicorn face hoofed herself due to his declaration, while Luna simply smirked and grins in anticipation for what to come for the poor prince.

“You are really pushing your luck Blueballs. And right now you are really not doing so well In trying not to have me toss you out of this place.”

“The name’s Blueblood you hairless ape. And if you think you can fool everypony here with your bittersweet lies, then you’re sadly mistaken.”

“Okay, now you’re pushing your luck. Call me a hairless ape one more time and see what happens.”

“Is that a threat you hai-” Before he could continue, Shining Armor and Twilight quickly covered Blueblood’s mouth with their magic as he was pulled off to the side and next to them while he struggles in their magical hold. Hanako looked over at Celestia with a deadpan expression before speaking.

“This pony is your nephew why?”

“Frankly I honestly can’t remember how, but again I am very sorry for his outburst and anything he might’ve said to offend you.”

“He has one more try. After that, I am not responsible for what happens to him next if he does that again.”

“I’ll have a word with him later. But for now with what we talked about for the arrangement taken care of, I would like to know where you came from and how did you end up here in Equestria?”

“I guess I can share with you some information on that. Not a lot mind you, there are some personal things I prefer to keep to myself.” Hanako said as Celestia nodded. “My original home land is called Doma, but I was forced to leave from there to live in Ivalice at a young age.

“Ivalice? What kind of a town is that?” Twilight asked as she pulls out a map of Equestria. “Is that something new that we've never looked into or seen?”

“It’s not a town, it’s a country that I was there to travel to as and live the life of a hired Sellsword.”

“You were a hired mercenary from another country?” Luna asked as the human nodded. “What were you hired to do?”

“Whatever the person that hired me wanted me to do. I was hired by the House of The Beoulve family to help assist them in a war between two orders. The Order of the Northern Sky which was lead by Duke Larg and The Order of the Southern Sky which was lead by Duke Goltanna. I was part of the Order of the Northern Sky which the Beoulve where on when I was just turning fifteen at the time when I joined and I didn’t mind working for them. They paid me quite well in gil, food, clothes, armor, and weaponry. So long as I did what I was told to do in battle and kill the enemy.”

“Wasn’t there another way to reason with each other then to resort to violence?” Fluttershy asked as the human shrugs.

“Maybe, I didn’t really care so much about it. All I needed was the gil and the stuff they promised me. Yet during that time when I was with a former family member of the Beoulve, Ramza Beoulve. There was a second party playing the strings and the cause of the war of lions. The Church of Glabados.”

“The Church of Glabados? What kind of lame named group is that?” Rainbow Dash asked in a snarky tone as Hanako looked at the pegasus with a stern look on her face.

“This church was behind the strings of how the war started, The War was engineered by the Church of Glabados so that it may take center stage after both sides are weakened to exhaustion. The High Confessor Marcel Funebris, wishing for the Church to gain power over the land, supported both sides secretly and assisted in their plots for the throne. The Church planned to destroy the two Lions from the inside and use the auracites to strengthen the Church's military power. In reality, the manipulating Church was being manipulated by the Knights Templar under Folmarv Tengille, leader of the corrupted church, who attempted to collect every auracite to help the Lucavi who granted them immense strength and power. The Lucavi's motive was the resurrection of their leader, Ultima, the High Seraph, who wishes to destroy Ivalice. The bloodshed needed for Ultima's coming was the reason behind the War of the Lions.”

“How long has the war been going on?” asked Luna. “Surely somepony could have investigated this war before it could spiral out of control?”

“Not as long as the church was still behind the whole thing. Anyone who tried to do that would either label as a criminal or worse killed by an assassin.” She said before leaning back in her throne.

“You seem to know a lot of this stuff for a mare that’s been a mercenary for the past ten years of her life?” Cadence said with a raised eyebrow.

“I was with Ramza at the time. Due to us being labeled as wanted people, we pretty much started looking into this ourselves so we can learn the truth behind The Zodiac Stones and the church. On the fifteenth of...whatever month it was, was when we finally decided to take down the corrupted church and save Ramza’s sister from Folmarv Tengille. Ramza ordered me and a few others to keep watch so that no reinforcements would come into the building that the church was in. During the fight with the remaining members of the corrupted church, a pillar of light erupted from the center of the place as I along with the others headed inside to see where Ramza and the others were. When we got inside, everyone was gone minus the dead bodies on the ground.”

“What happened to them if you don’t mind me asking?” Celestia asked as Hanako shrugs.

“Don’t know. Maybe they were able to stop the church from summoning Ultima, or something to that effect. We waited for him and the others for a good three days until we decided that he died, and decided to leave after having a funeral session to honor the only decent man in the Beoulve Family to be true to his family name. He may have been label as a criminal, but he will alway be a hero to me after the things I’ve seen him do and did.”

“What happened afterwards?” Applejack asked. “I mean was the war still going on, or did it stop?”

“It did come to an end, but not in the way I was expecting. With the two sides crippled, the War comes to an end. With the two dukes killed, Queen Louveria imprisoned in Fort Besselat, the former leader of the Church of Glabados High Confessor Funebris murdered, Dycedarg slain, and Orlandeau missing and believed dead, Delita Heiral, Ramza’s friend exploits the situation by claiming he rescued Princess Ovelia, marrying her to become King of all Ivalice. Which brings me to how I ended up here. Ten years later after the war, I was pretty much a traveling sellsword once again but with a bit of a twist.”

“And what would that twist be?” Pinkie Pie asked as she appeared in front of her. “Oh! Did you become a treasure hunter/monster that would fight and look for treasure and monsters if somepony gave you the money to do it?” She said as the human simply patted her on the head before taking her back over to her friends.

“In a way, yes. Wasn’t a good job given how I wasn’t from Ivalice and most of the towns were places that were still recovering from the scars of the fifty year war. When I came back from a treasure hunt for a rare weapon, a boy that I befriended gave me this strange looking book about the crystal heart. At first when I was reading it, it was just a normal child’s book, but then it started to glow and teleported me here to the crystal empire. That is where I met Amber for the first time when she saved my but from getting killed by King Sombra’s soldiers.”

“Indeed, which I am sure you would’ve been fine by yourself in handling them.” Everyone looked over at the door to the throne room as Amber walked over to Hanako’s side. Once she was there, she looked over at Celestia with a bow. “Your soldiers are waiting in the mess hall if you want to join them for lunch Princess Celestia.”

“I would like that very much. It would be interesting to see how well the ponies of Equestria and ponies of the Crystal Empire do with interacting with each other.”

“Then lunch will be ready at noon.” She said before looking over at Blueblood. “Why is his mouth covered?”

“We had to make sure he didn’t provoke Lady Hanako into anger.” Shining Armor said as he felt Blueblood teleport out of his and Twilight’s magical grasp before appearing next to Celestia.

“How dare you listen to that creature’s long boring tale from a backwater land out of Equestria! Do you all now see how dangerous this creature is!?”

“Please, do tell Blueblood.” Luna said as Amber stared at her with an annoyed expression on her face. The blue alicorn simply sticks her tongue out at the unicorn before looking over at Blueblood who began his little tirade.

“Not only does she lie about this war she has been in, but she’s also a mercenary. I bet she’s only doing the whole ruler thing, just so she can rob everypony of their bits and take over Equestria by forming an alliance with our enemies.”

“Okay seriously, what is your problem with me you stuck up punk. I've never even done anything to you and yet you keep bad mouthing me like I’m a monster that just ate your pet puppy or something? I mean at least get to know me first before you go off judging someone-”

“Pony Lady Hanako~” Amber said cutting into the conversation as Hanako glared at her.

“Amber I swear to God I will ram your head into the nearest crystal wall in this castle if you keep doing that.”

“See! She’s even willing to hurt her own knight. Why can’t none of you ponies see that!?” Blueblood said as Hanako sighed and walked over to the colt and place a hand on his shoulder. The human takes a deep breath before putting on a motherly smile.

“Look, I don’t know who or what hurt you during your childhood-”

“Colthood.” Amber said as she looked over at the amber unicorn with a deadpan expression before looking back at Blueblood.

“Colthood, but I can assure you that I am not a monster that you keep thinking I am. Maybe if we were to talk in private, then maybe we might be able to come to some agreemen-” Before she could finish, Blueblood smacked her hand away from his shoulder as he glared at her in malice.

“Get your filthy things off me! Like I would talk to a hairless ape. You need to be thrown into a dungeon and left to rot.”

“Okay, that's it.” Hanako grabbed Blueblood by the collar and lifted him up to her face. “You are really driving my patience thin and your attitude is making me want to shove my foot right up your-” Before she could finish her sentence, she felt Blueblood smack her in the face with a hand in the form of magic.

“A creature like you must be taught a lesson in showing respect to royalty. I challenge you to a duel!” Everyone aside from Celestia, Luna, and Amber gasped in shock at what Blueblood just did as the room went silent. Luna walked over to Amber as they began to whisper to each other.

“You’re about to lose the bet dear Amber~”

“Come on Hanako. Don’t buck this up for me, I got a lot of bits riding on this!” Amber said as she noticed a devilish grin appeared on her face as the amber unicorn sighed in disappointment. "Dammit.”

“Oh you want to challenge me to a fight huh?” Hanako began to look around the room for a moment before seeing a window in point view of her. “Okay then, challenge accepted!” She said before lifting the unicorn up above her head. Blueblood looked over at the direction of the closed window as he began to flail around in her grasp.

“W-Wait, wait! Maybe I was a bit vulger in what I said. U-Uh, m-maybe we can talk this out in private!?”

“I was willing to, but you slapped me in the face and challenged me.” She said before throwing him through the closed window with her uninjured arm. “Now get the hell out of my castle!” She yelled as Blueblood soared through the air and right through the closed window. As he was falling through the air, the high pitch sound of the blonde maned unicorn like a little filly could be heard from the throne room for a bit before a loud thud could be heard follow by groans of pain and gurgling noises.

“It would appears that I’ve won. Nineteen minutes~” Luna said as Amber cursed underneath her breath and secretly handed over a sack of bit over to the lunar princess. “Better luck next time my little pony~”

“I hate you right now.”

Outside of the Crystal Empire near the top of a nearby mountain, stood a man covered in a red cloth looking down over at the Crystal Empire from a distance. Next to him was a orthros painted green as he rubbed its heads against him as he patted his head.

“You have done well Enkidu. Looks like your weapon hunting nose that I trained you in finally paid off. As I hoped it would.” He said before taking the cloth off his body as it was carried off into the wind.

“The sword of legend is here in this kingdom of crystal and snow. Whoever has the weapon I seek shall face me! Gilgamesh!” He yelled before jumping into the air and flies towards the Crystal Empire with Enkidu following after him by jumping from mountain top from mountain top while howling.