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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 2: Welcome to the New Age

Chapter 2:

Welcome to the New Age

(Night time)
[Canterlot: Throne Room]

“Are absolutely sure about what you saw Starry Skies?” Celestia asked.

“I’m sure about what I saw. The Crystal Empire has returned Princess.”

“Sister. If the Crystal Empire has returned, then the ponies in the Crystal Empire are in danger.” Luna said with a worry look on her face. “What should we do?”

“Find Princess Cadance and Shining Armor. Have them to head over the Crystal Empire to help out anypony that’s in trouble over there.”

“What will you do?”

“I will send a letter to Twilight and her friends to meet up with Cadance and her brother. If King Sombra has returned, then we need the elements of harmony to take him down for good this time.” Luna nodded as she rushed off to find Cadance and Shining Armor. “We may have failed before in the past, but this time we will save the ponies of the Crystal Empire. No matter what.”

[Crystal Empire]

Morning arrived at the Crystal Empire. As everypony were preparing for the new day, a certain ruler of the empire was still in bed resting. Normally she would’ve slept in a little bit longer like she does back home. But a certain orange unicorn with ruby color mane enters her room to wake the empire’s new ruler.

“My lady. It’s time to wake up now.”

Hanako slowly open her eyes as she see’s Amber standing a few inches from her bed. “Morning Amber. What time is it?”

“Nine o’clock am my lady. It’s time for you to address yourself to the Crystal Empire.”

“And when will that begin?”

“At ten my lady. Afterwards, you are to meet with Brimstone, Amethyst, Emerald, and Northstar to talk with them about the plan for the empire.”

“Okay, but afterwards I have a request that I want you to do for me.”

“What would that request be Lady Hanako?”

“King Sombra must have some kind of secret forbidden magics somewhere around this kingdom. I want you to find them and burn them to dust.” Hanako requested as she pulled herself off of the bed she was sleeping in. “Matter of fact burn anything that relates to King Sombra. This is a new age for the Crystal Empire. No longer will this kingdom be linked with that bastard that almost commited genocide. This is the age of freedom for the ponies of this Kingdom, and as such we will burn anything of the past.”

“As you command my lady.” Amber bowed as she begun to trot out the room. That is before Hanako had one more thing to say.

“One more thing. You wouldn’t happen to know where I can get something to eat would you?”

“Down the hallway to your right. Your breakfast is waiting for you there my lady.”

“Sweet!” Hanako said as she rushed off towards the dining hall. “Meet you there when you get the chance!”

“Well she’s better than Sombra at least.” Amber said to herself as she followed Hanako down the hall.

Moments later. Hanako and Amber entered into the dining hall. To the Ronin’s surprise, she was expected to table be covered in food that only ponies would eat. But instead the table was covered with almost everything that you would see on the food pyramid. Hanako’s mouth began to water as she took a seat at the table. “Dear god! I didn’t think you would have this much food.”

“We really didn’t know what your kind eat, so we decided to let you have whatever we had available.”

“Really now?” Hanako grabbed her plate as she walked over to grab a piece of sirloin, an apple, and glass of what looks like juice. “You guys can give the rest to anypony that needs it. I’m sure the ponies from the dungeon need this more than I do.”

“Are you sure my lady?”

“I don’t really eat much seeing how I want to keep my figure. Plus you guys look like you haven’t been given a proper meal in quite some time. So go ahead and give the rest to anypony that needs it in the castle or kingdom.”

“Y-You most too kind my lady.” Amber said as she tried to hold back her tears of joy. “By far much kinder than King Sombra.”

“I know what it’s like to be in your situation kid. And I hate seeing anyone in the same situation you and the rest of the ponies were in.” Hanako said as she began to eat. “Besides, so far you got the diet of humans down so far.”

“Your kind are omnivores?”

“Pretty much yeah. Most of us eat certain plants and meat. Mainly cows, chickens, fish, lambs, and pigs.”

“So your diet is similar to that of a pony’s and griffin’s combine.”

“I don’t know what a griffin is, but yeah let’s go with that.”

“Well that’s good to know. You should finish up quickly my lady. You don’t want to be late for addressing yourself to your new subjects.”

“What time is it?”

“Nine thirty-five am.”

“Damn. In another thirty minutes, I’ll have to say some kind of speech to them.” Hanako said as she quickly finish eating her food. “Not that I don’t mind it, but I was hoping to get a little bit of time to relax after yesterday.”

“After this and the meeting the other ponies I mentioned, then you can relax as much as you want my lady. But for now your subjects await.”

“Okay let’s head over to...where was is it being held?”

“I sent word that the audience meeting will be held in front of the castle.”

“Guess I don’t have to wait for them to come to me huh? I have to say you’re doing a fine job when it comes to preparing stuff like this Amber.”

“It is an honor to serve somepony as you.”

“You know you don’t need to be so formal around Amber. You can talk to me like a normal person.”

“Sorry my lady, old habits die hard.”

“Eh nothing to worry about, come on.” Hanako said as she pulled herself up from the table and began to walk out the room. “Let’s go meet the masses, and give them the good news for once in the past 1,500 year or so.”

“Attention ponies of the Crystal Empire!” yelled Amber as everypony within the area of her voice turn their attention to. “As all of you know there have been rumors going around about somepony killing our ruler King Sombra. Well I would like to say that the rumors are true, King Sombra is dead.” Ponies within the crowd started to mumble to each other. “If you’re all wondering who did, well I would like to introduce our savior and the new ruler of our empire.” Amber said as she turned around and motion Hanako to walk up. “Lady Hanako, the Kingslayer!” As Hanako made her way to the platform, trumpets began to play along with confetti being thrown into the air celebrating their new rulers arrival.

“Greetings ponies of the Crystal Empire. My name is Hanako, your new ruler and killer of King Sombrero.” Hanako said as some of the ponies laughed at her misspelling of their old ruler’s name.

“It’s King Sombra lady Hanako.” Amber whispered.

“Does it really matter? The guy’s dead so I don’t see why I should call him by that name.” Hanako whispered back before turn her attention back at her new subject. “Now most of you all are wondering what I am if I’m not mistaken. Well to make a long story short, I am a human from another world that was brought here to save you all. Now that I have taken care of the evil tyrant, I have a few rules to set in motion.”

Upon saying that, the ponies within the crowd had worry expressions on their faces as they say Hanako pull out a piece of paper. “Rule number one, the curfew that Sombra place will be lifted. You all can wonder around at night whenever you want, but there will be guards wandering the city to make sure no one is up to any crimes. Rule number two. Schools are now reopen to all fillies and colts.” Hanako heard a loud groan from the young fillies and colts within the crowd. “Sorry kids, but thems the rules I’m placing. Anyway schools are now reopen, but things are gonna be a little different.”

“Different as in how?” Amber asked.

“All young ponies will be going to school not only to learn the basic knowledge, but they will be learning how to use low to high level magic as they progress through the school years. They also learn basic combat skill if they choose to learn it. It’s up to your parents if they want you to learn how to defend yourself or not, but personally I would recommend you do have your child or children learning magic or basic combat skills.”

“Rule number three, all ponies if they are able to will help with the reconstruction of the Crystal Empire. After fighting some of the guards and looking at the buildings, this place needs an upgrade. I’m talking about improving the walls around the empire, armor, weapons, knowledge, medical supplies, arms, and magic.” Hanako took a few steps forward as she threw her list away. “You all have been through alot over the past 1,500 years. The scars that Sombra left may take some time to recover, but they will heal over time. For I Hanako the Kingslayer, will lead you all into the golden age of the Crystal Empire.”

“But in order for this kingdom to grow, I will need the help from all who are able to help.” Hanako took one step back as she bowed down to the crowd of ponies in front of her. “So I will ask you this request. Will you help me bring this kingdom into the new age of freedom for as long as I live.” There was moment of silence upon Hanako request. The ponies in the along with Amber were stunned at what they saw. No pony in the history of the Crystal Empire besides Princess Amore, bowed down to their subject in a way like that. The moment of silence was broken when a small filly in the crowd clopped her hooves together.

“I’ll help you lady Hanako.” She said as a few more ponies clop their hooves together. Soon the entire crowd began to clop and cheer for their new ruler.

“Thank you.” Hanako said as she pulled herself up from the floor. “I won’t let you all down.”

“Well that went better than I expected.” Ember said as she followed Hanako down the hallway.

“Of course it went better than you expected. I did kill King Sombra, so that would at least make them think I was their savior and hero.”

“Well you did killed five of the kingdom’s top elite soldiers like it was nothing. Then again they weren’t the kindest of ponies, and they kept abusing their powers at guards. Still they were kinda scared when I mentioned you killing them and the king.”

“To be fair it was in self defense. Anyway you said earlier before meeting the masses that I had another meeting with a group of ponies?”

“Brimstone, Amethyst, Emerald, and Northstar. Four of the kingdom’s smartest ponies that I know that can help you with the construction of the Crystal Empire.”

“I take it this Northstar pony is the kingdom’s medical scientist/alchemist?”

“Indeed, though you might want to be careful around her. Seeing how you’re a new species that never been see in the empire, she might want to examine you to see what you’re made of.”

“.....N-Noted.” Hanako turned her attention at the huge door that she and Amber appeared in front of. “I guess this is the meeting room?”

“Indeed it is.” Amber answered as she pushed the double doors open to the meeting. The ponies inside the room turned their attention at Hanako and Amber as they entered the room. “Greetings my friends, I have brought to you our new ruler. Hanako, the Kingslayer.” She said as she pointed a hoof at Hanako; who simply just smiled and waved awkwardly.

“So you’re the creature that took out Sombra.” Brimstone said as he looked at the samurai up and down. “I can see why it was easy for you to kill him, seeing how you’re skilled for someone as young as you.”

“Magic users are easy to take out. Mostly because they use only magic, and I have ways of dealing with them. I take it you must be Brimstone, the blacksmith and forge of the empire?”

“You bet your sweet flank I am little missy.” Brimstone said as he smiled. “Brimstone Ironwork, as your service my lady.”

“Okay, and the mare with the blue fur and black mane is Amethyst right?”

“Yep that’s me. Amethyst Topaz, Head leader of the arcane magic of the Crystal Empire.”

“Perfect, I’m gonna take a wild guess that the cold next to you is...Emerald?”

“That is correct. I’m the guy that knows the layout and buildings of the Crystal Empire.”

“Okay good.” Hanako notice a cream colored pony with a red mane & tail, while wearing a sky blue shirt, a gray lab coat, and glasses staring at her. “I take it you must be Northstar correct?”

“And you must be the creature that Amber Flame talked about. I am Northstar Atlas, Medical doctor and Alchemist of the Crystal Empire.” Northstar said as she run up towards Hanako. “I must say, you are a very interesting creature of unknown origin. Pray tell, what are you if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I’m a human.”

“Human huh? Would you be interested in a medical examination?”

“Stop it.” Amber said as she pushed the unicorn away.

“What? I was just playing around...for the most part that is.”

“......Before I do something that I might regret, can we please get back to the task at hoof please?”

“Right,” Hanako said as she made her way to a seat at the table the ponies were sitting at. “Amber told me that you four are this empire’s smartest, and strong willed ponies. RIght now we need to focus on this kingdom’s basics.”

“Magic, Armory, Construction, and Medical Science, correct?” Northstar asked.

“Pretty much yeah. Seeing how this place been in the dark for the past 1,500 years or so, and we don’t know what’s been going outside the Kingdom. We need to be prepare for anyone-.”

“Anypony.” Amber corrected.


“It’s pronounced anypony here in Equestria Lady Hanako.”

“....O-Okay….anyway we need to be prepare for anypony or anything that might want to take over or attack the Crystal Empire.” Hanako turned her attention at Emerald. “Emerald, you got the book that Amber gave you right?”

“Sure did, I have to say you humans really have some interesting construction ideas.”

“Will be able to build the stuff in the book?”

“Sure, it shouldn’t be that hard, but I’ll need some mechanical parts if you want me to have the boys to improve the outer wall’s defenses.”

“Which is why you need Brimstones help with making the parts.” Hanako said as she now focus her attention towards Brimstone. “Brimstone, I’ll need your top skilled blacksmiths to help out with the makings of those parts needed.”

“Cogwheel, Divine Star, and Crimson can help Emerald on that part. I won’t be able to help seeing how I’m focusing on the new weapons you wanted me to make from that book Amber gave me.”

“You and anypony you have focus on that. No offense to you Brimstone, but the armor you have the guards wearing now it pretty much crap.”

“Blame Sombra on that one Lady. Dumbass used most of the materials for his armor and weapons.”

“Figures as much. Whatever weapons and armor he has now, use for the materials to make the weapons and armor in the book. We need to have our knight’s upgraded and well equipped.” Hanako then turned towards Amber. “Amber, as the new leader of the Crystal Knights. I need you to pick your most skilled, kind hearted, and trustworthy ponies, and give them these five books.” Hanako said as she pulled out five books with the titles ‘Mystic and Ancient magic and combat’ on the covers.

“Should it be only unicorns or?”

“Anypony will do really. I just want them to learn what learn from the books and have them teach it to the others. Each one including yourself will be in charge of the following knight group. The Holy Knight Brigade, The Dragoon Knights, The Black Knights, The Mystic Slayers, and the Onion Knights.”

“As you command my lady.” Amber said as she bowed down to Hanako.

“Amethyst, the books about basic magic 101 and stuff I gave you. I want you to make copies of it and have them sent out to the ponies in your group, along with the schools for the teachers to teach the little fillies and colts.”

“You sure teaching little ones magic is such a wise choice? Not that I’m questioning you method or anything, but won’t they get hurt if they do this kind of level of magic?”

“Which is why they’re learning low level magic. As they progress to the next grade, they will learn more advanced magic. But let’s focus on the main talk of this meeting, I want you to teach your medical ponies white magic. Offense users will learn black magic and summon magic. Supporters will learn Time, Mystic, and Geomancer.”

“Okay, it’s shouldn’t be that hard to do.”

“Northstar, I want you to make as much stuff out of that book on medical potions and remedies.”

“Lucky for you we’re actually half-way done with that request. We would’ve been done yesterday, but we needed to use some of the potions to heal the wounded and sick that have been locked in the dungeon for too long.”

“Understandable, though I am impressed that you were able to get that done very quickly.”

“Well I am the lead leader of the medical science department. It’s my job to help out those who are in need.”

“Fair enough. Okay everyone-.”


“Whatever, you know what I mean. This meeting is over, and you have you assignments. Let’s bring this empire into the new age my friends.”

[Friendship Express]

“How long is this train ride to the Crystal Empire gonna take?” asked Rainbow Dash, tapping her hoof in annoyance. “Didn’t Celestia said that we be there in about in a few hours or something?”

“She said we’ll be there in about a day or two Rainbow Dash.” Applejack said, answering the annoyed pegasus. “I swear RD you’re just as impatient as a little filly on a sugar rush.”

“Well she did say this was important right? These ponies have been locked away from the world for the past 1,500 years with a mad pony as their ruler. You can’t expect me not to be impatient about something like this. Who knows what King Sombra is doing to them now.”

“Be that as it may, you can at least wait before you rush off into something you’re not prepared for.” Twilight said, lifting her head up from her book. “From what Princess Celestia told us, King Sombra is a very powerful unicorn that even she and Luna couldn’t beat.”

“Yeah but we got the elements of harmony, your brother and Princess Cadance to back us up. There’s no way we can possibly lose to this joker.”

“Still we need to be careful when entering the Crystal Empire.” Shining Armor said as he looked out the window. “I’ll have my soldiers enter in first to see how it is. If we’re fighting King Sombra’s soldiers, us that as window to enter into the city with Cadence to find any information about the location of the crystal heart.”

“Oh maybe we can throw the crystal ponies a ‘Welcome from being locked away for 1,500 years’ party!” yelled Pinkie Pie. “I mean they have been locked away with Sombra. And I bet they haven’t had a party in so long.”

“I don’t think now’s the time for a party Pinkie darling. Though I am a bit curious at to how the crystal empire is doing.”

“We’ll find out once we get there. Until then we should prepare ourselves for what to come when we get to the empire.”

[Attention passengers, we’ll be arriving at the Crystal Empire in about ten hours. I repeat, we’ll be arriving at the Crystal Empire in about ten hours.]

“UGH! If I can fly there it wouldn’t take this long.” Rainbow Dash said as she slid out of her seat in a dramatic fashion.

“Well you can’t, so get used to it.” Applejack said, before turning her attention at Fluttershy. “You okay sugarcube?”

“O-Oh, I-I’m fine. J-Just a little scared that’s all.”

“Relax Fluttershy, there’s nothing to be scared of. As long as we stick together, nopony will beat us.”

As Hanako and Amber were walking down the hallway towards the throne room, Hanako stopped for a moment and looked behind herself to see if something was either following her or something else.“Is something wrong Lady Hanako?” Amber asked,as the samurai turned her attention at the unicorn.

“I don’t know why, but something is come to the Crystal Empire.”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know, but have the archers and scouts keep an eye out for anypony that isn’t part of the kingdom.”

“You think somepony knows that the kingdom is back?”

“Possibly yes, and they might want to claim the kingdom for themselves or someone else.” Hanako said as she cracked her neck. “But I wouldn’t worry about it, if they want to be the ruler of the Crystal Empire, they’ll have to kill me in order to do that. Now come on let’s head to the throne room and get all that crap that Sombra left in there and burn it.”