• Published 1st Dec 2015
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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 18: No Rest For the Victorious

Chapter 18

No Rest For the Victorious

(Three days later, Crystal Empire: Medical Wing)

Celestia’s warm sun began to rise over the Empire. Ponies began to open their shops to start the new day fresh, construction ponies are repairing the damage done by the diamond dogs during the night, the crystal guards are doubling patrol so that there wouldn’t be anyone or anything trying to invade or attack the empire, and the changelings are underneath the castle in their hives repairing the structural damage and tending to their kin from the attack. Yep, everything looks to be okay and normal. A perfect day to start off the morning...well almost perfect. Inside the Medical Wing of the Castle was everypony’s favorite stubborn ruler Hanako as she began to slowly start to wake up from her sleep. Her vision was blurry due to being tired and operated on yesterday as she begins to try and move from the bed she was in.

“Damn, I must have been really tired from last night’s event.” She said before rubbing her eyes. Just as she did that, she felt her right shoulder being stiff. Looking over to her right she could see her shoulder being covered in bandages along with a small tube underneath the bandages hooked up to a aqua green colored plastic bag on a metal pole. “Hi-Potion mixed antidote.Guess giving them that medical book was helpful.”

“Indeed it was~” said a familiar voice. Hanako looked over to her left at Northstar sitting in a chair next to her as she was writing something on her clipboard. “I must say, you are an interesting human my lady. I never would’ve thought that you could take down a Diamond Dog, let alone an alpha one. You're species is quite scary and interesting at the same time.”

“Glad to see you’re finding my race rather interesting….wait, did you do anything to me while I was asleep?”

“Other than fixing you up, and cleaning the wound. That’s pretty much all I can do seeing how Amber kept a close eye on me as I did it. Gotta say, she is really taking a liking to you.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh nothing~.” She said before walking over to the human. “Now, about your arm. I will say that I am a bit taken by surprise at your healing at an alarming rate during the past three days you've been in the hospital. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of the clear just yet.”

“Wait, I've been asleep for the past three day!?” Hanako yelled as she shot up from her bed, but winced due to how sore her arm was.

“Yeah, the surgery took a good twenty-four hours seeing how we had to carefully reattach the flesh back to your arm bit by bit. The other two days was constant observation and replacing the bandages and stitches whenever it came off.” Northstar said as she used her magic to pull the tube from out of her shoulder. “Like I said before you’re wound is patched up, but you’ll need time for your muscles to recover seeing how we had to reattach them along a few of your nerves. So no using that arm for the next two months okay?”

“But what about-" Hanako was cut off mid sentence from seeing Northstar pressing her face against hers.

“I said okay, okay?” She asked with a sickly smile on her face.

“......Dammit, fine. I won’t use that arm until it heals up completely.” Hanako said as she felt Northstar pat her on the head.

“Good girl~”

“I’m not a child you jackass.”

“But you act like one sometimes.” The unicorn said as she uses her horn to pull the covers off from the human. “You're free to go lady Hanako. Amber will be waiting outside for you.”

“How long has she been outside?”

“You mean today or in general? Because she’s been taking her free time off work to come and see how you’re doing every chance she can get.” Northstar said as Hanako stared at her in silence. “You know. Even though she can be a bit of a stick in the mud at times, she does care about you and your well being. Try to take that into consideration when you do stuff like this, could you?”

“I’ll….try to do that.” Hanako said before pulling herself up from the bed she was in and makes her way towards the exit. As she was about the open the door, Amber soon tumbles from behind it and lands in front of the human with her clothes and swords on her back. Hanako blinked at seeing the holy knight on the floor face first before hearing Northstar laughing in the background. “Well….wasn’t expecting to see you here. Well I did but not like this.”

“Nice entry Amber.” The medic pony said as Amber quickly pulled herself up and blushes while glaring at her.

“Nice to see my second in command checking up on me. And having my clothes ready for me to put on I see?” She said before the holy knight quickly pulled herself up with a blush on her face.

“N-Nice to see that you’re awake Lady Hanako.” The mare said before taking notice to the human in her underwear. “I see Northstar was able to heal you back to health?”

“Yeah, but I can’t do anything that involves physical activity for the next month or two.” She said before glaring at Northstar who dawned on an innocent expression on her face. “Which shouldn’t be an issue depending on how things are going for the past three days. How are things going by the way Amber?”

“While you were unconscious, we were able to capture the remaining Diamond Dogs that refused to surrender peacefully hiding in the changeling hive or in the castle. Throax’s brother is in a isolated prison cell being heavily guarded by a platoon of knights.”

“....Do I need to know why Pharynx is being heavily guarded?”

“He tried to escape for the fifth time.” Amber said as the human blinked in surprised by this. “The fault was mine seeing how I failed to take into account that he is a changeling, and that he is a skilled soldier.”

“I guess that makes sense. Please continue with what’s been going on during the past three days while I was out.”

“We’re still doing some repairs to the underground system seeing how the Diamond Dogs dug through most of the pipes. Thank Faust you gave us that black mage book, otherwise we wouldn’t have another source of making water.”

“So you used blizzard to create ice and fire to melt the ice into water?” Hanako asked as she began to put her clothes on while Amber nodded. “Smart move. That will come in handy until the water pipes are back to normal.”

“With that taken care of, the only thing left is to plant the sensory stones in the changeling hive, underneath the streets of the Crystal Empire, and in the surrounding area.”

“Sensory stones?”

“After what happened three days ago, we came up with an idea on how we can detect oncoming invaders that try to infiltrate our empire. So I along with the other ponies in the main wings came up with the sensory stones. Right now we’re having some of the soldiers plant them around town and outside to see if they work.”

“Do they work?”

“So far we were able to detect some of the soldiers from a hundred mile radius seeing how they’re prototypes. Once we figure out how we can increase the range of the field of detection, we’ll make more that reach the borders of Equestria.”

“Perfect. It’s nice to see you guys can hold your own while I was out of commission.” Hanako said as she finished putting her clothes on, only to notice that she wasn’t wearing the clothes she had on before. She was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, baggy samurai like pants, geta shoes though they felt soft, spongy, and comfortable to walk in, and a scarf that matched the same color of a phoenix feather. “Weird, I don’t remember having these on three days ago.”

“That’s because those are your casual clothes Lady Hanako.” said a familiar voice as both Hanako and Amber looked over at the doorway to see Bubble Luck making her way over to the two. “I must say, working on clothes for a human is very interesting and a fun challenge.”

“Didn’t expect to see you here Bubble Luck. What brings you to the Castle?” Hanako asked as the magenta colored unicorn smirked and examine Hanako’s new clothes.

“As the new leader of the sewing wing, it’s my job to see and make sure that the clothes I make fit the pony….or in this case human.” She said before using her mouth to tug on her pants and shirt a bit before using her hooves to pat her body. “Okay, everything seems to fit perfectly. Was a bit worried that the measurements that I got from Northstar were off. Especially in the butt area.”

“What do you mean by that?” Hanako raised an eyebrow to Bubble Luck’s comment as she tried not to have a smug expression on her face.

“Oh no reason. Like I said, was worried that it wouldn’t fit is all.”

“.....I get the feeling that you ponies are not leading on how innocent and nice you all can be.”

“We can be nice.” Northstar stated before smirking “But when it comes to dealing with you, you’re just too much fun not to mess around with.”

“Oh I am so going to get them back for the smartass remarks.” She thought, before rolling her eyes and looking over at Amber. “Alright, so on today’s agenda I have to talk with the Diamond Dogs to see why they attacked us, deal with the changeling that killed that little pup, and possibly deal with the Equestrians that might be coming here to save the day.” She said as she put air quotes to the last part.

“What makes you say that?” Bubble Luck asked.

“Doesn’t it take a long time to make a army to get here by train?” Hanako asked as everyone looked at Amber. The mare blinked in surprise to everyone looking at her as she blushes a bit.

“J-Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I know a lot of things like this!”

“Well given how it’s been three days, I’m gonna guess they’ll be coming here to try and save us.” Hanako said as she began to make her way down the hallway with Amber and Bubble Luck following her.

“You think they might ask for the kingdom back?” Amber asked as Bubble Luck snorted in amusement.

“Like hell we’re going to let them. After what happened all those years ago when those royal bitches failed at saving us, you think we'll let them ask for the empire back?

“Save your anger for when they bring it up Bubble Luck. First things first, we need to have everything ready for their arrival.” Hanako turned her attention at Amber. “Who's in charge of cooking?”

“That'd be Chef Truffle Oil. The same colt that's been preparing your meals and the dinner we had with the equestrians.”

“Perfect. Have him and his staff prepare a meal that can feed an entire army of ponies.”

“Is that wise Hanako? If he does this, he might not have to time to make your meal given how you do love the way he makes meat just the way you like it.” Amber said as she notice the human licking her lips.

“Yeah, he does know how I like my meat~”

“Yeah I bet he does.” Bubble Luck whispered to Amber as the two of them laughed silently, only for them to act innocent while whistling upon seeing Hanako glaring at them.

“Anyway, that’s fine by me. I’ll just snag some leftovers or something to eat for when they come…..Which I kinda wish I know which time they’ll be here.” Just as she said that, a familiar cream colored earth pony with a purple eyepatch over one eye quickly drats by the trio for a moment before crashing into a nearby table. The trio blinking in surprise at this as they looked over to where the crash happened and walked over to see who crashed.

“Poison Cross, what did I tell you about running through the hall with mud on your hooves? Do you know how long it will take the maids to clean this mess up and replace the table you broke?” Amber asked as she uses her magic to lift the earth pony up and place him onto his hooves.

“Sorry captain, but this was an emergency that I couldn’t wait!”

“Crap, are we being invaded again by more Diamond Dogs or something?” Hanako asked as she readies her sword. “You think those idiots would’ve learn not to mess with you guys by now.”

“No, it’s worse! Far worse than you can’t imagine!” He said as the three of them raised an eyebrow at this. “The mean pink pony with wings and horn is back. And she brought two other ponies like her!” Poison said as Amber and Bubble Luck stared at him with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

“Well, speak of the devil. Wasn’t expected them to get here that quickly.” Hanako said as she walked over to Poison Cross and kneel down to him. “Are they outside of the front doors of the Empire?”

“Yes, and the pink winged unicorn and rainbow mane pegasus are getting into a fight with Brimstone….It’s oddly interesting and funny at the same time.” He said as Hanako and the other blinked at this before looking at each other. “I’m gonna be blunt about this, but why the hell is Brimstone at the front gate?”

“Oh….Um...I had him working replacing some of the gears inside the front gate that Emerald Splash was doing the other day.” Amber said with a blush of embarrassment on her face.

“Care to explain why they’re gears in the front doors of the Crystal Empire?”

“Emerald thought it would be a good idea to have automatic doors. Seeing how they’re big and would required a lot of strong ponies to push them open or close. We figured we'd set up a system so that all you have to do is hit a leaver and the doors will open and close.”

“Huh...that’s actually a good idea. I’ll be sure to give praise to Emerald Splash when I see him. But for now, you need to stop Brimstone from killing anypony and bringing the Equestrians to the castle so I can meet them.”

“Wouldn’t it be more effective to go to them to get the whole meet and greet over with?” Bubble Luck asked.

“I would do that. But then again I am kinda recovering from my injuries. And the doctor said I shouldn’t strain myself, so you’ll have to deal with them while I go and deal with other stuff that-” Before Hanako could walk away, she felt herself being picked up in a magical aura. She turns herself around to see Amber’s horn glow as she deadpans at her. “You know one of these days I am going to get you for doing crap like this.”

“I know. But until that day comes, I’ll be making sure you are kept in check.” She said before walking down the hallway with the human floating behind her. “Bubble Luck, inform the chef and staff about the meals, and Poison Cross, please inform the maids about the strains so they can clean the place up a bit if you could please?” They both nodded before quickly darting off in the opposite direction.

“I hate you sometimes, you know that?” Hanako said as she folded her arms in both anger and annoyance. Amber chuckled as she continued down the hallway towards the exit of the castle.

“Yet you still haven’t fired me yet~?”