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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 17: Time to Recover

Chapter 17

Time to Recover

(Medical wing)

After saving the citizens of the Crystal Empire and capturing any loose stragglers of Blitz’s forces, Hanako soon found herself in the Northstar’s Medical wing. Mainly the operating room where she, a group of white mages, and Amber who was lecturing Hanako on her recklessness and putting herself in danger after reading the report from her sister Citrine. This went on from the moment white mages came to carry Hanako off to Northstar’s medical wing as she was busy preparing the operating table for operation.

“Of all the most reckless and dangerous things you could’ve done, this pretty much takes the bucking cake!” Amber yelled as she walked back and forth in the operating room in anger. “Do you know what would’ve happened if you had gotten yourself killed!?”

“Possibly gotten replaced by Chrysalis. But if that were to happen, then the Equestrians would assume she killed me and there might be a possible war between the Crystal Empire and Equestria?” Hanako answered as she flinched from seeing Amber quickly glaring at her. “What? You know I’m…..fifty percent right about that.”

“I don’t need to hear your sassiness Hanako. You need to take this seriously.”

“Of course I’m taking this seriously, why do you think I’ll be training more after getting the crap beaten out of me back in the Changeling Hive? Didn’t think diamond dogs were as strong as Arch Demons...Oh god if they learn how to use magic, then I would’ve been royally screwed.” Amber’s left eye twitch as she walks over to Hanako and smacked her injured shoulder. “GAH! SON OF A BITCH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?!”

“Will you stop making light of this situation! What is with you? It’s like you’re not even phased by the fact that you almost died tonight!”

“Hey before I came here, I told you I've been in a war before. Stuff like this is normal for me to face. So sorry if I don’t take facing death not so seriously. God if I wanted to be lectured at I would’ve stayed home with my mom instead of running away to become a samurai.”

“You are by far the most difficult pony I have ever met! And that’s saying something because the only pony that’s more difficult to deal with is Northstar.”

“Hey! I take offense to that!” Northstar said as she began to put on a mask. “Also hit my test sub-I mean patient again and I will have to force you to leave.”

“.....Whatever.” Amber said as she begins to leave the operating room quickly as she slams the door behind herself.

“Geez, talk about being up tight….she really needs to get laid or something.” Hanako said as she relaxed against the operating table.

“She means well. It’s just that you’re pretty much a good ruler of the Crystal Empire. If we lose you, then this kingdom might be screwed. But I think you should apologise to her when you’re able to. You know, just to ease the tension between the two of you before it might cause a problem later on.”

“Can’t I just give her a gift or something?” She asked as Northstar raised an eyebrow at her. “.....Fine, I’ll apologise to her later. For now, mind telling me how you’re going to fix my arm?”

“Normally it would be impossible to fix your arm back to normal. I mean it’s not impossible, but it would take a long time to reattach the missing flesh that was cut off. But with the books that you gave us, we should be able to patch you up back to normal….well normal with a lot of stitches in the area that’s missing.” Northstar said as she walked over to Hanako with a gas tank that was the length of her body and place a mask over her mouth.

“Hey, what’s with this mask over my mouth for?”

“It’s so that the anesthetic gas can get into your lunges quicker.”

“Anesthetic gas...the...hell is that?” The human asked as she felt herself getting tired than usual.

“By the time I explain it, you would be passed out by now. But to make it short and simple, you’re going to be asleep while I operate on you.” Hanako was about to reply to Northstar’s answer, but soon found herself drifting into slumber. “Don’t worry, you’ll be perfectly fine with me~”

“Oh….god….why.” She said before passing out.

“Um...not to sound stupid or anything, but how are we going to reattach the missing flesh when we've never done anything like this in...well ever?” asked a mare as Northstar looked over at her.

“Why do you think I’m doing it...though I’ll have to make a mental note to train somepony in reattaching missing limbs or something.” Northstar said as she used her horn to levitate a tray with medical equipment on it. “Is the piece of flesh that was cut off clean perfectly?”

“Yes ma’am.” said a white mage unicorn as she levitated another tray with Hanako’s flesh on it. “We went over it five times to make sure the dirt and anything else bacteria wise was off of it.”

“Good, now inject this human with science!” Northstar said as she licked her lips. “Sweet, delicious, science!” She said with a cackle laugh as the other ponies deadpan at her laughter.

(Canterlot Castle, Throne Room)

The Friendship Express made a slow stop at the train station in Canterlot. Once the train stopped, Twilight along with her friends, Shining Armor, Cadence, and the remaining royal guards quickly made their way to Canterlot Castle. After passing a few of the citizens walking around the city of Canterlot and barging pass a few maids when they entered into the castle, the group quickly burst open the door to the throne room as Celestia and Luna were taken by surprise by the sudden entry of Twilight and the others.

“Twilight? What are you doing back here so soon?” Celestia asked as she placed a scroll off to the side of her seat. “Did you freed the Crystal Empire from King Sombra?”

“Um, about that Princess Celestia.” Twilight said as she had a awkward expression on her face. “We sort of have a problem...well a somewhat big problem.”

“What kind of a big problem?” Celestia asked with a raised eyebrow. Twilight looked at her friends for a moment who nodded as she looked back at Celestia with a gulp. After clearing her throat, Twilight explain what happened at the Crystal Empire. She explained in grave detail about the human Hanako, how she gained the throne of the empire, the changes that were being made to the place, Cadence & Rainbow Dash’s actions, and the attack on the empire from the Diamond Dogs invading the Empire. After finishing her tale of events in the Crystal Empire, there was a moment of silence in the room as the Princesses stare at Twilight and her friends.

“Um….Princess Celestia, Princess Luna...are you two okay?”

“This...creature is named Hanako ...right...what does she look like?” Celestia asked as Twilight’s horn glowed, showing a magical image of what Hanako looks like.

“Sister, just who or what is this creature?” Luna asked as she noticed a stern look on the white alicorn’s face.

“This creature is new to me. And she’s able to speak equine perfectly?” Celestia asked as she looked over at Twilight who nodded.

“This hooman can speak perfect equine and perform magic that we have never seen before in Equestria.”

“Not to mention it took down Shining Armor like a fly!” Rainbow Dash added as Shining Armor looked down at the ground in shame. “It even punched me in the face!”

“Before or after you insulted her second in command?” Luna asked.

“Does it matter? It punched me in the face!”

“Before or after Ms. Dash.” Luna asked, only this time with a stern tone in her voice.


“Hm, normally if it was before I would be surprise. But seeing how it’s after you insulted a pony who may I remind you, was under Sombra’s rule, I’ll have to side with the creature on her actions.” Luna said which caused everyone to be taken by surprised. “If somepony were to insult my sister, or somepony I care about. I would do the same or worse to them depending.”


“I’m only stating my opinion dear sister. Nothing more.”

“Back to the main subject. We will have to talk with this creature Hanako to see if we can undo the mistakes that Cadence and Rainbow Dash have caused.” Celestia said before looking over at Twilight and her friends. “We will leave first thing in the morning. I know you all are tired, but I will need you all to come with us if the diamond dogs have taken over the empire and killed this Hanako creature.”

“Shouldn’t we be going there now? What if the kingdom is taken over by Diamond Dogs?” Shining Armor asked.

“Rushing into battle without a plan would be like going into a dark room without a light, it will not end well for the pony going inside the room.” Luna said as the group gave each other worried looks. “For now you all have had a busy day. Get as much rest as you can. Because tomorrow will be another busy day for us all.”

“Yes Princess Luna.” Shining said as he begins to walk out of the room with the others following him. Once Twilight and the others left the throne room, Luna turned her attention to Celestia.

“Are you sure this creature will be okay in the morning Celestia?” The alicorn asked as Celestia closes her eyes with a sigh.

“I do not. But I have a feeling that the Crystal Empire will be safe. My concern is the ponies that she has in the dungeon and how the negotiation turns out.”

“You mean after what Cadence and Rainbow Dash did?” Luna asked which Celestia nodded in response.

“Depending on what she might say or do. This, Hanako creature might prove to be a good ally to have, or an enemy if somepony does something to provoke her into anger.”

“Should we have the two mares stay behind?”

“No. If the ruler needs our help, then we’ll need them to help us in saving the crystal ponies.” Celestia pulled herself up from the her seat and began to make her way out of the room. “We will talk about this more in the morning on the train ride there. Until then, all night and morning duties will be put on hold until we return.”

“Agreed.” Luna said before following her sister out of the throne room.