• Published 1st Dec 2015
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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 13: Ponies that Bite Back

Chapter 13

Ponies that bite back

[Streets of The Crystal Empire]

Meanwhile back on the streets of The Crystal Empire, a group of diamond dogs are scattering around the street trying to escape The dark knights or the citizens of the Empire that the dogs tried to kidnapped and failed due to Flora running down the street yelling intruders in the empire.

“Halt in the name of the empire!” Diamond Blight yelled as he ordered a pony wearing a blue and white colored robe to try and stop the group from escaping.The mare Earth pony nodded as she slams her hooves into the ground as the crystals covering the street covered the diamond dog’s feets before slowly covering their bodies so that only their heads were not covered. “Good work Mahogany.”

“Stupid ponies. Release us or else you will suffer our wrath.” The Diamond Dog said as he was struggling trying to escape from his crystalize prison.

“That won’t be an option.” Diamond said as he walks up to the dog with a sword pointed to his throat. “Now you are going to tell me everything you know.”

“O-Or else what?” The Dog said as Diamond motioned Mahogany to slowly have the crystal move up to cover his face. “Alright, alright, I’ll talk!”

“Good, now Flora and I overheard one of you saying you were planning on foalnapping the foals, fillies, and anypony that are worth using as slaves to dig in the mines. Explain what you mean by that.”

“We need ponies for mine. Pony dig gems for us so we won’t do work. Our leader demanded us to do so. Less we suffer the wrath of him.”

“And you thought that invading us was a good idea?”

“It was either we do this or Alpha kill family.” The Diamond dog said as Diamond lowered his sword and looks over at Mahogany.

“Have the guards capture as many of the Diamond Dogs as possible. If they aren’t willing to come quietly, take them down with brute force if needed.”

“And if they refuse or they to kill somepony?” Mahogany asked.

“If they’re willing to use ponies as a hostage, then kill the ones that are doing it on the spot.” Diamond said as Mahogany nodded and began to order the other guards to follow her through town. “You guys take the Diamond Dog to the castle dungeon so Lady Hanako can deal with him.” He ordered as the group of knights started to remove the dog from its crystalized prison before forcing him to move to the castle. “I do hope none of the Diamond Dogs sneaked their way into the castle.”

[Crystal Castle]

“Unhoof me you ruffin!” Rarity yelled as she and Fluttershy were being carried away by two diamond dogs. “This is no way to treat a lady such as myself!”

“Will you shut up you stupid pony!?” The diamond dog said as he shook his head. “I have never heard a pony that whines as much as you.”

“Oh you think that this is whining? This is-.” Before Rarity could finish, the diamond dog that was carrying Fluttershy quickly moved over to the dog carrying Rarity and tied a cloth around her mouth.

“Thanks, I was beginning to think she wouldn’t shut up.”

“I’m starting to think maybe we should’ve grabbed the other ponies besides these two.”

“We couldn’t because of that unicorn being able to use magic, that pink pony jumping around, the orange earth pony kicked one of us through the castle wall, and the blue pegasus chased after us. If we hadn’t slammed the door behind us when she was charging at us, more of us would’ve been captured.”

“Still, I don’t see why of all ponies we had to get these two.”

“It’s better then getting no pony and return to the alpha to face punishment.” The Diamond Dog said as they both shivered at the thought.

“Fair enough, let’s just go before the guards in this place find out where we are.”

“Agreed.” He said as they continued to run down the hallway for a while, until they heard the sounds of hoofsteps coming down the hall they were in. “Darn, someone is coming towards us.”

“It sounds like it’s just one pony. This might be a good chance to capture it to take with us.”

“We already have two ponies, why do we need more when two is just enough for us?”

“More ponies mean more reward and less work for us to do when digging in the mines.” The Diamond Dog said as he placed Fluttershy on the floor against the wall. “Come on, imagine how much we could get if we brought in more?” He said as his partner paused for a moment before smirking and placing Rarity next to Fluttershy.

“You make a valid point there Grover.” He said as he pulled out a club that was on his side. “More ponies mean more reward and less work in the mines.”

“Of course I’m right. I am smartest dog in the group-.” Just as he was about to finish his boasting, a sword sored through the air as it soon embedded itself into Grover’s skull. “After….all?” He said as he soon dropped to the floor like a ton of bricks.

“Grover!” The Diamond Dog yelled as he turned his attention at the new comers approaching him as he glared at them. “I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re going to pay for killing my best friend.”

“Me, pay? If anything you and your group of idiots are going to pay for not only invading our home, but trying to kidnap the citizens, and attacking me during my sleep.” Hanako said as she noticed Amber levitating her sword over to her as she grabs it. “Thanks Amber.” She said as she hops off of the Unicorn. “Now then, unless you want to end up like your friend there I suggest you drop your weapon and tell me everything I need to know. Okay?”

“We don’t take orders from a hairless ape like creature like you monkey.” The Diamond Dog said causing Amber to snort in anger.

“How dare you insult Lady Hanako you mindless beast. She’s offering you a way to get out of this alive and in return you insult her?”

“Quiet mule. We don’t take orders from a monkey, nor do we take orders from stupid pony that’s only good for digging gems for us.” He said as he pulls out a dagger from behind himself. “Now you will come with me quietly, or else I’ll have to bring you in by force.”

“Why you little-” Before Amber could finish, Hanako places a hand in front of the unicorn motioning her to stop for the time being.

“Last chance to take my offer. Drop your weapon now and you’ll live. If not, then you’ll be meeting your friend in the afterlife.” Hanako said as she slowly made her way towards the Diamond Dog.

“The only one who’s going to the afterlife is you!” The Diamond Dog said as he charges at Hanako and prepares to stab her in the chest. Only for the Ronin to parry his attack, quickly slashing at him, and appearing behind him as she slowly sheathed her sword.

“Should’ve taken my offer dog.” With a click from her sword going into her sheath, the diamond dog’s body was cut in two as both half’s fell to the ground as blood spewed out onto her. “Man, this is going to be a pain for the maids to clean up afterwards.”

“This wouldn’t be the first time they have had to clean something like this up. Although at least it’s not pony blood this time.” Amber said as she soon noticed Rarity and Fluttershy staring at the scene that just took place a second ago. “I think our relationship with the princesses of Equestria is going to be a difficult one.” She said as she walks over to the two mares and begins to untie them.

“I’m pretty sure our relationship with Equestria was already difficult the moment that pink alicorn pony started snooping around the place, me beating that Shining Armor pony, and punching that blue pegasus in the face.”

“Fair point.” The Holy Knight said as she finishes freeing Fluttershy and Rarity. “You two okay?”

“Y-Yes, we are.” Rarity said as she pulls herself up from the floor. “Though I think I’ll be mentally scarred after seeing two ruffians being killed in front of me….never the less I...have to thank you for saving us….though you could’ve done it without the need to kill them.”

“Then they shouldn’t have attacked me in the first place. They might’ve had a chance at living if they were to just surrender. But seeing how they didn’t and attacked our home….all bets are off.”

“Y-You….k-killed them….” Fluttershy said, shaking like a leaf as she stares at the dead bodies of the diamond dogs. “Why didn’t you let them go?”

“As I said before, all bets are off seeing how they attacked me and the citizens of the Crystal Empire. For now though, I’ll have to ask for you ponies to leave the Empire until this matter is taken care of.”

“What the buck!?” Yelled a familiar voice as Hanako turned around to see Rainbow Dash and her friends making their way down the hall where she and the others were standing.

“Land sakes! What in the name of Celestia happened here!?” Applejack asked in shock and awe as she tried not to vomit at the sight of the dead diamond dogs.

“To answer your question Applejack, we had a bit of a run in with these two diamond dogs trying to fillynap your friends Fluttershy and Rarity, so-.”

“I pretty much threw my sword into one’s head while I split the other one in two.” Hanako said bluntly as she interrupted Amber’s explanation.

“......You have no tact when it comes to subtlety do you Hanako?”

“So sue me if spending time in a long ass war before coming here made me blunt and not caring for subtlety. Anyways as I was saying before, I’ll have to ask you all to leave the empire until this matter is taken care of.”

“Are you kidding me!?” Cadence said as she walked past Twilight and her friends. “You can’t expect us to leave! Especially now that we've seen your true colors when dealing with your enemies.”

“Your point? Need I remind you that when I said I killed Sombra I literally ment I killed him. So that would have given you a hint at how I run thing around here. If anyone-.”

“Anypony.” Amber corrected as Hanako glared at her in annoyance.

“Whatever! Anypony that attacks our home like this, all bets are off and they will be killed or captured and imprisoned until further notice. Now then, Amber I would like for you to gather the ponies of Equestria and have them be escorted to the train station.”

“You can’t expect us to just leave you when you’re under attack!” Shining Armor said. “We’re not leaving while this place is under attack. You can’t fight them on your own.” The unicorn said as Hanako stopped what she was doing and looked back at Shining Armor with a death glare.

“Don’t forget that you’re a guest in our kingdom. Not only that, but do you expect me to trust you Equestrians after what your idiot of a wife did?” Hanako said as it caused Shining Armor to glare back at her.

“Stop calling my wife an idiot.”

“I’ll keep calling her that until given a reason not to. I only trust those that I know I can trust. And after what your wife did and that meeting from before, do you really think I would trust a group of ponies that can’t follow orders or behave themselves?” Shining Armor was about to reply to her question, only for Twilight to shoot him a harsh gaze at him as to tell him to not push it. “That’s what I thought. Amber, gather the ponies from Equestria and have them meet up at the train station outside.”

“What if some of them were taken as prisoners of the Diamond Dogs?”

“Then we’ll find them, treat them for injuries, and send them back to equestria.” She said as she began to walk down the hallway.

“Where are you going my lady?”

“To find where these dogs are coming from and put an end to this as quickly as possible.”