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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 12: Night Raiders

Chapter 12
Night Raiders

As night time washed over the kingdom of the crystal empire, the crystal ponies begin their usual night patrol around the streets of the empire. Only this time they’re not threatening the ponies or killing anyone that are out past curfew. Then again the curfew law was taken off as a means to let the ponies have freedom, but either way the dark knights begin their new and usual patrol around town to make sure that there isn’t anypony causing trouble or any unknown being entering into the kingdom.

“It feels weird.” Flora Flower said as she and her partner trotted down the street.

“What feels weird Flora?” Diamond Blight asked as he opened the visor to his helmet.

“Normally we would be taking in prisoners to King Sombra if any pony were outside during curfew. Now we’re just patrolling the streets without the need to arrest anypony...well we still can, but without the threat of getting killed.”

“I know right? It feels weird, but in a good way right?”

“Oh of course in a good way. It’s much better than either killing them on the spot or taking them to prison where they live the rest of their lives to rot in a cell. Thank Faust that Sombra is dead and the new leader is much better than he was.”

“Yeah. Weird as she may be, she is much better. Though I still find it odd that she just appeared out of nowhere. You think somepony might’ve summon her?”

“Who cares? So long as she isn’t another Sombra, she’s okay in my book.”

“Yeah I guess that’s okay-.” Before Flora could finish her sentence, there was a loud banging sound coming from around the corner of the street she and Diamond were on. Both ponies pulled out their swords before looking at each other for a moment as they tiptoed over to the corner’s edge. Peeking over the corner slowly, the two ponies spotted two Diamond Dogs arguing with each other.

“You idiot! Are you trying to wake up the entire town!?” said the tall but bulky looking diamond dog as he smacks the short and average looking dog upside his head.

“Hey, you try digging blindly underground in a place like this. I mean really, you expect us to be able to appear from the ground without hitting anything without a problem?”

“Well you should do a better job at it then. Now come on, we have a mission that we need to complete otherwise the alpha will chew our hides out if we fail or worse.”

“The others should be in position to kidnap the foals, fillies, and anypony that are worth to use as slaves to dig in the mines.” The short diamond dog said as he and the tall dug back into the ground before running off in a different direction.

“Not good, we have to warn Hanako and the others about this.” Flora said as she begins to rush towards the Castle, only to be stopped by Diamond.

“But what about the other two that sneaked off into town? Not to mention the possible other intruders?”

“Set off the signal flare like Captain Amber said to do in case of an emergency. I’ll warn any other ponies I come across with.” Flora said as Diamond nodded before trotting off to a location to set off the signal.

“Let’s just hope we have the strength to fend off the invaders before it’s too late.” Flora said as she trots off towards the castle.

[Crystal Castle]

Off near the side of the castle wall, a group of diamond dogs begin to dig their way through the castle floor. In a matter of seconds, the floor broke open as the dogs quickly jumped from out of the hole and scattered toward the columns of the crystal castle. As soon as they hid behind the columns, a two of the equestrian’s royal guards walked through the halls.

“Hey, why does it feel like we’re trotting on floorboards here?” One of them asked, looking around at the sound of the floor creaking underneath them.

“Don’t look at me, I didn’t design this castle. I just work here-.” The other guard replied before sniffing the air a little. “Uhh… what smells like dirt and trash?” As soon as the guard said that, he along with the pony next to him was hit upside their heads by the diamond dogs hiding behind two of the crystal columns. Upon doing that, the guards were both knocked out unconscious as they were slowly pulled away and shoved into a nearby closet.

“Get going, ruler be in room upstairs!” One of them ordered, while the rest of them nodded their heads. Once they got closer to their destination, the one who was giving orders looked back at two of them and glared them down. “You two, keep watch. Rest of you, follow me.”

Both of them grunted in annoyance as the rest of the diamond dogs piled into the room. Looking to try and find the “leader” they were searching for. Yet, when one entered the bedroom and noticed the bed being empty, it got suspicious and began to examine the room. At one point, it looked to have given up and just turn away.

“Boss! Ruler ain't here!”

“Quiet, you idiot!” The one that was called “Boss” snapped. “Everydog, get upstairs. You, on the other hand stay with other two out front and secure bottom floor.”

“But Boss-.”

“No but’s. That’s final.” Boss told them as all the diamond dogs left. The one who was left behind looked down in disappointment. Upset that he made him mad, but on alert once he heard something bounce towards him.

The heads of the two guards that were originally ordered to be outside. “W-who’s there-?!” He barked, on edge as he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. And just when he thought that he was going to be somewhat safe. He felt something run through his heart and dropped to the floor.

“Damn brutes.” The crystal pony that held the blade that was once in the heart of the invaders she just cut down. “I must press on.The lady of the empire might be in danger.”

(Royal Chamber)

As the rest of the Diamond Dogs raced all the way upstairs, they checked through every single room and spread out, determined to find and take the new leader of the Crystal Empire hostage and hold her up for ransom. Originally, they thought it was some mare who could talk a lot, but not defend herself when it was necessary. However, when they found the right room and several of them stormed in at once what they got was anything but that and instead found themselves what will eternally become their worst nightmare.

“Chirijiraden!” Hanako yelled as she slashed the heads off the first two diamond dogs that came close to her bed as their bodies burned to ashes.

“She killed Rock and Gruff!! GET HER!!!”

“You idiots picked the wrong day to invade my home.” Hanako says as she turns the switch next to her on as it revealed the invading diamond dogs. In doing so it would reveal to the diamond dogs who this creature was or looks like. It would have made them coward in fear if it wasn’t for the fact that she was wearing a nightgown, fuzzy slippers with bunny ears on them, and her hair tied up in the back.

“Ruler seriously wears that to bed?” One of the dogs asked shortly before losing his head a few moments later as blood spewed out from his body and onto Hanako.

“Damn, and I was so hoping that I wouldn’t have to spill any blood on myself or in this room. I’ll have to pay the maids extra after this.” Hanako said as she slashes at the air to get the blood off her sword before looking at the other dogs. “So who’s next?”

Almost all of them came barreling at her, some with weapons of their own. But nothing compared to Hanako’s blade. As the diamond dogs came close to hitting her, the ronin began to parry two of the closet diamond dogs attacks and counters with a vertical slash to one of their chests opening his rib cage like he was being operated on. She then turned her attention to the other one as she quickly jabbed her sword into his chest quickly before pulling back to avoid an oncoming club from a diamond dog next to her. As the dog missed, Hanako quickly cut off his arms before cutting his head off with ease.

“Let’s see how many are left.” Hanako said as she counted how many were left standing. “Oh look, it’s just you and me now!” Out of all the diamond dogs that did enter the room, she had killed mostly all of them. There was one in the back that tried to run as Hanako chased after him shortly before hearing something that made her stop.

Seconds after hearing the sound of metal cutting through flesh, the last diamond dog had split apart into four seperate pieces. Shortly after both of it’s arms fell to the floor as Hanako now saw a crystal pony who wore a set of garbs that reminded her of a particular class back in her home world. But before she could say anything, the mare in question actually bowed before her and then spoke. “Are you alright, lady of the empire?”

“Well despite being woken up by a bunch of weird two legged dogs, being covered in blood which got my nightgown ruined, and feeling pissed for fighting a bunch of dogs with no combat skill...I say I’m okay, but I’m sadly disappointed.” Hanako said as she sheath her sword. “Who might you be if you don’t mind me asking.”

“My name is Citrine… and I wish to only serve you, my lady,” She replied, looking back at her. “My family was once part of a line of bodyguards for Princess Amore before Sombra had taken over the Empire for himself. With him gone, I wish to serve under you since you freed the empire from his tyranny.”

“Well then Citrine, mind telling me what the hell did I just kill in my room? Because I’m not from this world and I didn’t have time to brush up on the world’s inhabitants.”

“They were Diamond Dogs. Brutes that don’t have a lot of intelligence, but make up for it in strength. The ones that came tonight seem to want to kidnap you and hold you for ransom… but did not expect for you to retaliate or fight back at all.”

“Hm, something tells me there are more scattered around the kingdom. Inform the other ponies of what’s going on and hunt every last one of them down like the muts they are. Leave some alive if possible.”

“I was going to advise that you capture some to see why they came here in the first place, but-.” Shortly before Citrine could continue, she heard the sound of hooves behind her before cursing under her breath as they saw Amber race in with a few other guards.

“Hey Amber, you’re late for the party… well most of it.” Hanako said as she smiles at Amber like nothing happened. However, Amber was more focused on Citrine instead.

"C-citrine?! What are you-?” All the pony could do was sigh as she looked back at the confused Crystal pony. Then, there was something that was said that caught Hanako off guard.

“Evening to you as well… sister.”

“Wait a minute.” Hanako quickly looked at Amber then back at Citrine as she pointed a finger at them both. “You two are sisters!?”

“Yes… I’m surprised that she had not told you,” Citrine said, looking back at her. “She’s my younger sister by a year.”

“I didn’t tell her because I did not know where you were!” Amber growled. “You had been gone for so long that I almost forgot about you.”

“Because I did not want to serve a coward like Sombra was. Anypony in our line that knows what our parents passed down becomes the guardian for the ruler of the empire. However, I left by choice since I did not want to serve Sombra. When I heard of his defeat, I came here as quickly as possible… now we have a different problem.”

“You mean the dogs that are trying to raid our home?”

“Yes… it would be lead to believe that they invaded for a specific reason,” Citrine spoke as she looked back at Amber and Hanako. “Now we need to find out why.”

“Well I already told you what to do Citrine. Inform the others about what’s going on and try to capture some of them.” Hanako said as she walks over to Amber. “Amber and I will go check on the Equestrians and escort them out of the city if possible.”

“At once, my lady.” She replied, before looking back at the guards and barked at them. “Well, don’t just stand there! Get off your goddess damned flanks and move it already!!!”

“Huh, I’m starting to see the difference in you and your sister Amber.”

“My sister’s… well, really serious when it comes to her duty,” Amber sighed in response. “She’s not afraid to chew out anyone for their laziness.”

“Really now? I’m actually tempted to see if I could be lazy around her and see what happens.” Hanako said as she chuckles in amusement. “But that will have to wait. Let’s go see if the Equestrian’s are okay.”

“Is it really necessary to check on the Equestrians? Shouldn’t we be taking care of the Diamond Dogs before anything else?”

“Normally that would be an option, but knowing them they might’ve gotten kidnapped by the intruders or stuck in a closet someplace in here. That and if their rulers find out that they got killed, then they’ll soon be quick to assume that I killed them and all hell will break loose.” Hanako said as she begins to run down the hallway. “Now come on, we have invaders that we need to take care of.”

“As you command Hanako.” Amber said as she trotted off after the human while unsheathing her sword.

Author's Note:

Special thanks to FrostTheWolf for helping me write this chapter and GameAssassin for editing it. You guys are awesome