• Published 1st Dec 2015
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The Ronin Samurai - ElementBrigade

A samurai ends up in Equestria after being given a book by a mysterious child. Will she be able to survive in this world full of talking ponies?

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Chapter 10: Iron and Silk

Author's Note:

Sorry for the long wait on my stores. I finally got a job working at gamestop so I might be a bit slow on writing. Anyway enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 10:
Iron and Silk

(Ironsmith Wing)

“So how are you doing with the kingdom’s armory Brimstone?” Hanako asked as Brimstone lead her to one of the weapons he was working on.

“With the materials that we were able to find with that book you gave us, we were able to increase the durability for the Crystal Knight’s armor. We’re still working on the weapons, but we did make the basic of the weapons. Pretty much swords, daggers, spears, shields, and arrows.”

“Perfect.” The ronin said as she walked over to one of the weapons as she examine it. “I must say, you did a good job with making a board sword. The metal is smooth, the sword isn’t bent out of shape.” She said as the soon lifted the sword and hit it against the floor. “And it’s durability to impacts are good as well. You did a fine job as the empire’s blacksmith.”

“I’m to please, Lady Hanako.”

“While you’re still working on this. I would like to ask you for a request if you have time to do it?”

“You want me to make you a suit of armor right?”

“Not a suit of armor mind you, just something to replace the one I have on.” Hanako said as she showed Brimstone her somewhat dented and battled damage armor. “Never did got the chance to get it upgraded or repaired, so I’m wondering if you and the ponies here could either repair it or upgrade it?”

“Hm…” Brimstone slowly walked around Hanako while eyeing the armor and clothing on her body. A few seconds later he order two unicorn over to him for assistance. “Starshine, Morning Star. I need you two to get me one-hundred fifty mythril stones, fifty iron ores, and thirty copper ores. There should be some in the room next to the scrap metal room.” He ordered as the unicorn and pegasus nodded and began to gather the materials needed. “It’ll take some time for your armor to be done. I’ll give you a call once I’m finish. Until then you might want to get the cloth part of the armor be commissioned by somepony else.”

“Does this place have a seamstress or somepony that is good with making cloth?”

“Well there is one pony that is good with that kind of work. But I don’t know if she’s willing to work on your request given her current condition.”

“Really, who is this pony and where can I find him or her?”

“Well she lives near the entrance of the crystal empire. It’s the building with the sign on the front saying Bubble Luck’s wonder clothes.”

“Perfect, then I’ll go over there and ask for her assistance in making the clothes that I need.”

“I doubt you’ll be able to. When King Sombra was in charge a while back, he ordered Bubble to design an outfit out of the skins of his enemies. Of course the mare refused to do it, and in a way to make a point to not refuse the king’s orders, he pretty much cut off one of her hooves. After that, she pretty much just stop working and just get drunk. I was willing to offer her a fake hoof made of meta as a substitute, but she pretty much refuse it.”

“Hm, then I guess I’ll have to do something about.” Hanako said as she started to make her way out of the Ironwork wing.

“Good luck with that Hanako.” Brimstone said as he went back to work. “You’ll need it.”

(Bubble Luck’s wonder clothes)

Looking up from her map of the Crystal Empire and at the building that Brimstone described. Hanako made it to her destination of Bubble Luck’s clothing store. Putting the map back into her bag, the ronin started walking up to the door of the store and knocked on it. There was a moment of silence for a few second before she hear a raspy voice coming from the other side of the door.

“Didn’t you read the sign out on the door? We’re closed.”

“Is this the clothing store called Bubble Luck’s Clothing Store?”

“What’s it to you? Now go away, we’re closed.”

“And here I thought this would be easy.” Hanako thought as she knocked on the door again. “Look, I’m looking for somepony to design something for me. And from what the ponies around the empire said, you’re the best this place has.”

“Was the best. Did they told you what happen when I refuse King Sombra’s commission for making him his royal garb?”

“Yes and I’m sorry for the lost of your hoof. But could you please open the door so we can talk? I’m getting pretty annoyed that I’m talking through a door then with someone behind it.”

“Read the sign pony. We. Are. Closed.” The mare said as Hanako heard hoof steps from behind the door. “Now leave before I have to use my magic to make you.”

“Guess I’ll have to go with the alternative.” Hanako reaches for her sword as she unsheathed it and slashed at the door with blinding speed as she sheath it. In a matter of seconds, the door split in two as it fell over. “Now let’s see this pony with the missing arm.” She said as she walked inside of the building. Just as she entered, a barrage of pots and pans came heading towards her as she quickly slash at them. While cutting the pots and pans, she quickly rolled out of the way and tosses her katana at the shadowy figure off to the of side of the room.

“Gah! What the buck!”

“Got yeah.” The Ronin said as she walked into the room she threw her katana in. Walking into the room she saw a magenta color mare with red colored ragged mane wearing a robe similar to that of a white mage only it was navy blue colored. “Nice to finally see the pony name Bubble Luck.”

“Who or what in the name of Equestria are you?”

“I’m Hanako, your empire’s new ruler.”

“You, the empire’s new ruler?” Bubble asked as she start to laugh. “You must be joking? There’s no way King Sombra would retire from the throne. If anything, he would kill anypony or anything that want to take the throne.”

“Yeah well after having a very...civilized conversation with him, he decided to retire. Now seeing how you’re here, I would like to ask for a request from-.”

“You expect me to believe a creature like you beat King Sombra?”

“You want to see his dead body?”

“Wait, you killed him?” Bubble Luck asked with spectacle look on her face before turning deadpanned. “Okay now I know you’re lying.” She said, causing Hanako to rolled her eyes as she pulled her katana from out of Bubble’s robe.

“If you want proof, then come with me to castle if you want to see his dead corpse.”

“And why can’t you bring said body here?”

“....You think anypony here would be okay with me carrying a corpse around town?”

“....Good point.” The unicorn said as she pulled herself up from the floor. “Alright, Hanako. Take me to King Sombra’s corpse. If what you’re saying is true, then I might listen to your request that you have for me.”

“Okay then. Fair warning though. We’re going through a bit of an upgrade to the kingdom.”


(Medical Wing)

“Welcome back my Lady.” Northstar said as she bowed down to the human. “I didn’t expect you to return here anytime soon. What brings you back to the medical wing?”

“I’m here to show my special guest here Sombra’s dead body.” Hanako said as she moved out of the way to show the mare named Bubble Luck.

“You were able to get Bubble Luck out of her home?”

“You know her?”

“Not personally per say, but I did hear about what happen to her while Sombra was still ruling the kingdom. She kinda made it clear that she didn’t want to be social with other ponies seeing how she lost her hoof.”

“Shouldn’t she be able to use her magic to make clothes seeing how she lost a hoof?”

“Just because I’m a Unicorn, doesn’t mean I can use magic to make my clothes. It takes time, patients, and a good eye to be detail to make the stitches tight and strong. I didn’t need magic to do that. I did it the old fashion way with my hooves.” Bubble Luck said as she looked over her missing right hoof with a sigh. “Back the to matter at hoof, you said you killed Sombra right? So where is his body?”

“Oh we have his body frozen in ice until we’re done with the construction of the empire.”

“....Why would you keep it until then?”

“It was Lady Hanako’s idea actually. She insists that we burn his body after we finish working on the construction. It’s kinda like an out with the old and in with the new kinda thing really.” Norhtstar said as she motion Bubble Luck to follow her to a door labeled keep out. As they reach the door, Northstar’s horn glowed as the door open up to reveal the remains of Sombra’s body in cased in ice. “You can only look, not go inside.”

“Well I’ll be damned. You really did kill Sombra.” Bubble Luck said as she looked over at Hanako with a bit a worried expression on her face. “So that means you’re...oh dear Celestia.”

“Yep, Lady Hanako is our ruler over the empire until she passes the throne off to somepony else.” The doctor said as the mare lowered her head in both respect and shame. “Hard to believe that this human is running this place.”

“Please forgive my rudeness from before and not believing you.”

“It’s fine, you don’t need to bow your head like that.” Hanako said as Bubble Luck looked up as her. “I really need to do something about the ponies bowing down to me like that. But I’ll worry about that later, right now I would like to ask for your assistance if you wouldn’t mind.”

“As much as I would like to do that.” The mare said as she waves her stub that used to be her hoof. “I’m kinda out of commission due to the lack of hoof. It’s not that I can’t do it, it would be make my job easy if I had and extra set of hooves that can help me.”

“Hm...Northstar, do we have any ponies that are good with sewing fabric?”

“We have a few ponies that can do that. Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m going have Bubble Luck here be part of the empire’s clothing department.” Hanako said which took Northstar and Bubble Luck by surprise.

“Y-You’re joking right?” Bubble Luck asked, as Hanako nodded.

“We have Brimstone working on the armor and weapons, but we need some clothes for our mages and archers. You can’t expect ponies to wear armor that would feel uncomfortable do you?”

“I...can see what you mean by that. But why are doing this for me? I can’t sew clothes as good as I used to do.”

“True, but you can teach ponies how to do it. We are entering into a new age for the Crystal Empire. A age where no pony will have to fear anything, a age where we can stand up to anything that threatens our home. And as the new ruler of your Kingdom, I want to usher in the one thing that this Kingdom lost long ago. Hope.” Hanako kneeled down onto the floor in front of Bubble Luck and extended a hand toward the unicorn. “So here I ask you. A mare who lost the ability to do what she loves. Will you let me lead you to a future to where we can all work together in peace and harmony?” Bubble Luck was a bit hesitant about shaking Hanako’s hand, reluctant at best. The mare looked over at Northstar, who nodded to make sure that the human can be trusted. Sighing with a defeated expression on her face as she shook Hanako’s hand.

“I’m...a bit specticale about trusting you….Hanako. But seeing how the ponies around town and in here aren’t scared of you, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.”

“Perfect! Glad to have you on board friend.” Hanako said as she stood up after shaking her hand. “I’ll have Amber summon the seamstresses to the sewing room next to the ironsmith wing. You don’t mind that do you?”

“No, I don’t mind it. Um...about your request from when you visited my home?”

“Brimstone will inform you about it. Right now I have to check on the other and see how they’re doing. Northstar will lead you to the sewing wing.” Hanako said as she walked off to the other part of the Crystal Empire.

“So...what’s your take on this...human creature?” Bubble Luck asked as she turned her attention at Northstar.

“She’s a very interesting creature to say the least. Scientifically speaking, she is something that this world has never seen before. Not to mention the world she came from is quite interesting to say the least.”

“Can she be trusted in running the empire?”

“I believe so. She killed Sombra and hasn’t done anything evil to use. Not to mention she treat everypony be it Adult, foal, or filly as equals, so she has my vote of approval. Anyway, let’s get you over to the your new sewing wing.” Northstar said as she started leading the mare to the other Ironwork wing.