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I'm a banana

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You made me read this stuff Sophie. I should assassin you :rainbowlaugh:

6662036 You have to admit Carrie, it was beautiful no? :ajsmug:

6662055 Don't know how to answer that :trixieshiftright:

6662473 You're a lot of fudge :unsuresweetie:

6662478 The things I read for you, you should be proud to have a friend like meh :moustache:

Funny. I was listening to Focus by Ariana Grande while reading this :twilightblush:


6663120 Odd...I was doing the same thing...

6663235 Well what a coincidence :rainbowlaugh:

6663238 :rainbowlaugh: indeed! I guess great minds think alike!:pinkiehappy:


Funny, I was listening to Levels by Nick Jones while writing this :ajsmug:

Is it wrong to think of going on a Richtofen-styled massacre while reading this?

Yeah, a sequel plz!

Wholey crap. I have them two stuck in my head. So vivid I like it. Well done for a first fic. Keep it up!

Great start! Nice to not see the same language normally used on all fics. Any change you are an aussie?

6667155 In all due of respect, what's an aussie? :rainbowhuh:

Fairly certain it's slang for Australian.

Australian. The heavy use of cunt remembers me of a kangaroo friend of mine

Neat story my favorite asshole!

Rainbow encourages you to continue this lovely story some day :rainbowlaugh:

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