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Equestria has entered a new age of technology, from televisions, cell phones, video games, all the way to computers.
But one discovery brings forth something hidden deep in darkness.
And in doing so, a hero was required, a leader, a strong willed hero, a goggle head.

Daisuke Motomiya, alongside his trusted partner V-mon, get transported into the land of magic and friendship, dealing with the darkness trying to take it over. But with certain events before his arrival, will he be able to take the role as he did before?

Takes place a month after BelialVamdemon/Malomyotismon's defeat and before the events of Diablomon strikes back/Revenge of Diaboromon in case your wondering.

Cover art, used with permission, by the very talented izumi07

Romance tag for Daisuke (Davis) x Hikari (Kari) elements that will be involved

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 22 )

I can't wait to see what happens to Davis next, does he end up in Equestria and get turned into a pony and if so can he be a Pegasus?

I have mixed feeling about humans being turned into ponies, I don't hate the idea, but I feel like I will mess that concept up... that question will be answered in the next chapter

6725783 I think it would be good if Davis were to turn into a pony if he ends up on Equestria, maybe he could even find someone else that won't reject him like Kari, and like I said it would be cool if he became a Pegasus if he ends up on Equestria.

We'll see, I still have some things to write, you never know

I like where this is going. Good job.

I disagree, Davis should remain human. Why should one forsake who and what they are in favor of a chance of a pairing? Love and Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Finally! I was waiting for this kind of story to happen for a long time but thought not going to happen. I was thinking the same idea story like this while back but I'm not a great writer, I'm so happy that you wrote it though. I will enjoy this story and can't wait for the rest of it. Please write fast as you can.

I'll try my best to not let you all down!

This chapter is pretty fleshed out. Though there are some grammatical errors here and there they are unnoticeable to the average reader. Though it does get a bit confusing on how you used everyone's Japenese age yet used Hikari's dubbed name of Kari in her descriptions and references.

I guess you really like the word Kari... Deju Vu on my end. Otherwise fantastic start! I recommend more from Twilight and Spike's perspective in the next chapter. Interested on how the Equestrians reacted to the events many years prior.

I plan on using the dubs name to reference them, but, when they speak use their japanese names, which will be 'fixed' in the the next chapter or so
Grammar, I'll fix the obvious ones later today
Either way, second chapter has just started being written right now! I also finished editing a video to show two specific digivolutions, so... that's a plus!

this a good story but I will called them by their American version name instead of japan version

Don't worry, the japanese names won't stay for long

6726651 WHAT?! I was just about to praise you for using the original names, too...

Hehe, yes, while I am a fan of the japanese names, not a lot of people are fans or even know about them, do not worry though, they will not be completely forgotten

Oh boy this not good:fluttercry:

Good...good. Let them fight
I always enjoy these kind of story about daisuke/Davis, torturing him in the beginning making him feel unappreciated and stuff then get him fight with his team or quit the team either way. The team glad he left because he jerk then soon they come to realization they were the true jerks and try to get him back blah blah blah then daisuke went on a journey and make new friends. They going to give him the valuable lesson stuff....yeah I enjoy that story idea sometimes
Anyways story going good and can't wait for daisuke journey to start

Damn.... Go Daisuke!!! Kick his ass!!!!

The thing is I don't think his friends know what to do. They don't view Davis as a jerk or unreliable person. He is their friend. And when one friend starts fighting another they would be twisted on who to support.

A lot of people seem to think this notion though, but it's it like that. They all have strong bonds with one another. The true issue lies in not being a 'jerk' per say, but a conflict of emotions, a battleground of feelings.

In my personal opinion, with all that 02 occurred with. I think the 02 cast would support Davis more than TK. Davis has always been there for them more than TK. He's their goggle head leader. And they know this.

He's going to go rouge like Matt/Yamito!

6735536 I am a fan too and please add more chapters to the story

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