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Delectable Pumpkin Pie

I'm just not myself without a dollop of whipped cream. I want to write about food! SUPER-HAPPY!!!! By the way, did I say I LOVE whipped cream?!


Rarity would love to be a ballerina, more than any outfit she'd ever made. She bribes Twilight Sparkle with cake to make a magical pair of ballet slippers that could make Rarity the greatest ballerina in Equestria. When she puts them on, Rarity is transported into a fairytale where she can't take the shoes off. What's worse is that Rarity is the main character of the fairytale ballet, and the main character dies at the end! With the help of a clumsy wizard, a bossy fairy, and a swan named Princess, can Rarity take the shoes off in time?:raritydespair:

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Ooooh, I like the sounds of this. The whole 'magic shoes' plot point is something I find very interesting, and I'd very much like to see where this one is going. Nice work! :D

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