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Phantom Shadow King

Phantom brony


What would happen if the Bat King had became a part of the Main Six and Spike? New discoveries and insane antics will happen. Some elements will be changed a bit. Rights belongs to their owners

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 9 )

I like this can you put some aspects from dream team and make some one like fluttershy befriend him into fighting nightmare moon:heart:
Also put some of the attacks antasma can do please continue it.

Nice thank you and sorry for not writing back:twilightblush: but when are are you going to write another chapter

Nice I can't wait for it if you want I could help just let me get or see the game in a lp of it. Hey think you can help me with a idea I have for a story please. oh and I read both chapters in antasmas theme and it matches perfectly you are a king or queen to making good scene

Well in that case I'll be checking in to see if there are any new chapters

Just beat the game and loved it please make a new chapter I have to see more like what is rainbow going to do?

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