• Published 24th Nov 2015
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Antasma's new life - Phantom Shadow King

Antasma learns about friendship from a group of friends

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Bringing a dark relic to a magical kingdom

A regular sized humanoid being with dark purple fur was clutching his chest inside of a dark pulsating area. The being had spiked patches of fur on both sides of his neck, a black spirit tail for his lower body, four claw like fingers on his hands. He also has a sharp pointed head, and five sharp teeth three pointing down and two pointing up, he had large pitch black eyes with yellow irises. The being was wearing a dark purple cloak with a red interior, a bat brooch with a red tie, and a V shaped white rimmed eye mask on his face. The being was known as Antasma, the Bat King.

"SKRAA, Those blasted plumbers have done a number on me. Vell if those fools think that my 'blimp explosion' defeat vas enough to kill me then HA! SKREEHEHEK, That idiot Bowser might have the Dreamstone, but vhat he und those other idiots don't know is that I made another vish, isn't that right my Darkstone?" Antasma said before reaching inside his cloak to pull out a blackish purple jagged spiral stone.

Antasma chuckled to himself as he rubbed on the stone with his left claw, and the stone had created a small portal inside the Dreamworld. With a smirk on his face and a flick of his wrist Antasma floated towards the portal to head out to a different dimension.

"Farewell Pi'illo Island und your sickening inhabitants, I'm off to a better universe SKREEP!" Antasma said as he got closer to the rift. However as he was about to get inside a loud shrieking sound that seemed to be coming from a large bird stopped Antasma in his tracks.

"Well, well, well if it isn't the big bat head himself." a laid back, yet fearsome sounding voice said from behind. Antasma turned around to see a large pink feathered bird with three eyes, the third eye was closed and had seven golden feathered plumes on it. Antasma groaned from impulse at the sight of the giant pink feathered bird. The bird was the legendary guardian of Antasma's old time enemies, The Zeekeeper himself.

"SKRROOOAR! Vhat do you vant? Can't you see I'm heading out of this vorld's hair for good? Isn't this yours und those Pi'illos vish after all? To see me gone from your vorld?" Antasma said as he turned back towards the rift.

"You did smash that there stone and trapped those little guys in that nightmare of a prison, but answer me this; where will you go? How will you adapt? Most importantly is this truly what you want Antasma?" the Zeekeeper questioned the Bat King as he flew close to him.

"SKRA, Yes this is vhat I vant, I caused too much trouble and you know that as vell as I do. This is a one vay rift it'll disappear after I cross over. Do me a favor please and pretend vee didn't have this conversation." Antasma said as he grabbed his stone and headed inside the rift and disappearing from the world forever.

Antasma traveled for what seemed like an eternity until he arrived at his new home. Antasma emerged from the rift and found himself in a new world that he never thought could exist. Vast beautiful fields of flowers were spread as far as the eye can see, small animals were scurrying along ignoring the Bat King's presence. The first thing that caught Antasma's attention was tall white bricked castle with some golden domed towers nearby. A statue of a equine with the wings of a Pegasus and the horn of a unicorn was in the center of the area he was in so Antasma knew he had somehow gotten inside the castle gardens.

"SKREEHE, This is really strange. Vhere is the owner of this castle? I suppose I should go in disguise first in case anyone starts going insane at me." Antasma said as he transformed into a fully grown purple furred bat with a V shaped mask, black eyes with yellow irises, and a sharp cranium. The dark bat giggled to himself before flying around looking for some guards.

Antasma soon stopped when he spotted a pony wearing golden roman like armor patrolling an area near him. Antasma raised an eyebrow as he flew closer to the pony but hid himself behind a statue that looked like a hybrid of many animals. The stone creature had a horse's head, two antlers on it's head, the paw of a lion and an eagle talon for hands, a bird wing and a bat wing on it's back, a hoof and crocodiles foot for legs, and a dragon like tail. The statue looked as if it was either roaring, constipated, or singing in an opera.

"SKREE, That's something you don't see everyday. Vhat in the vorld is this guy supposed to be? Oh great now I'm talking to statues." Antasma said before slapping his left wing on his head out of embarrassment at what he was doing. The Bat King search his deep fur for something and after a few moments found the Darkstone and brought it out. The bat forgot about the guard that he unintentionally alerted when he was talking to the statue.

"Who goes there?" The guard shouted as he rushed towards the stunned purple bat. Antasma blinked and gave a sheepish smile when he was caught with the stone, however before he got away a yellowish glow engulfed him and froze him in his tracks. Antasma soon felt himself being forced back into his true form and he was furious about what had happened to him. A tall majestic white mare with the elegant wings of a Pegasus and a horn longer then a unicorns was flying close to him with a yellow glow on her horn. The mare had a green, pink, and purplish mane and tail that seemed to be flowing in the wind, a sun pattern on both sides of her hind legs, and had blue eyes.

"Where do you think your going?" the mare asked in a kind yet authority tone to the irritated King. Antasma growled at the mare and gave her a 'your going to regret that' look.

"SKRAAH!!! VHY YOU BLASTED PONY! YOU THINK YOU CAN MESS VITH THE DARK BAT KING HIMSELF!? YOUR GOING TO REGRET USING YOUR MAGIC ON ME PEGASCORN!!!" Antasma shouted as his yellow irises turned red from rage at the majestic horse. Of course the horse wasn't fazed at the King and shot a beam at Antasma knocking him to the ground. Antasma dropped the stone and it fell down close to the ground, but was caught by the white mare before it was one foot from the ground.

"Now if you would be so kind as to tell me what you were doing in my castle gardens and what this is Mr. Bat King?" The mare asked as she studied the stone at a distance.

Antasma recovered a good amount before hissing at her for knocking him down and robbing his stone.

"That's my Darkstone, give it back or face my wrath." Antasma warned her as his mouth emitted a purplish ember. The mare stood her ground but returned the stone to Antasma.

"I am not a violent Alicorn, Mr. Antasma, but I will not be threatened by a vampire. Behold the light of the sun shall send you to your demise!" the mare said as she did the impossible; she summoned the sun's light to blast Antasma with a beam to destroy him, or so she thought.

"Did you really think that vas wise Ms. Pegascorn?" Antasma fiendish said as he crossed his arms. The sun mare was surprised Antasma survived but he escaped before she could fire another beam at him.

Author's Note:

Antasma might have faked his death in the events of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, he did make a fake version of him so it is possible that was the blimp exploding Antasma. Yes I seriously had Antasma call Celestia a Pegascorn.

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