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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.


This year, Applejack will be starting geometry. Never really good at math; she starts to worry. After asking Sunset Shimmer for help, she gets Micro Chip as a tutor to help prepare her. What follows is less about math and more about how Applejack is worried about how her friends all seem to be forming relationships and she's never even been asked out.

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Umm... if you mean to use the OC tag to reference the boy in the picture with a picture of an atom on his button, then you need the tag "Other" not "OC". OC is for purely non cannon characters made by the fandom etc, not just non-cannon twists on cannon background characters. Where as Other is for cannon characters that do not (yet, in some cases) have a proper tag of their own. Or is "Micro Chip" somebody else entirely?

Sounds good so far! Love this idea and hope to hear what happens next soon! Good job so far! :raritywink:

Liked so far:pinkiesmile:

This seems interesting so far.

6658627 That's your opinion, but I will write as I wish. If you don't like, hit the thumb down. Enough said.

I like this story so far! Keep going with it!

I haven't read this, but I will say that shortening Applejack's name to "Apple" is a bit weird when she already has the canon nickname of "AJ". Not saying you shouldn't do whatever, just saying it's an odd decision.

6659110 I prefer Apple to AJ, although I have used that before. In the next chapter I'm going to have her reveal "Applejack" is a nickname. I'm sure that'll ruffle some feathers (especially when I use what I think her name would be) but I also figure if people can call DJ Pon-3 "Vinyl Scratch " I can call Applejack Apple.

Not bad. Interested to see where you go with this.

Another amazing chapter

Chip... I'll send Gehrman, the First Hunter to teach you some tricks on how to deal with love... and how to hunt beasts. Applejack will be falling for you when she sees you wielding this and this. :rainbowlaugh:

interesting, very interesting...

Well thats just sad. But obviously something bad is going to happen with Applejack..

Cool thought i would have said Jackelyn of AJ but Jeniffer sounds good .

Awww, I was kind of hoping for more.

6678880 more stories are coming and this ship will be picked up again. And thank you for your kind words. Best to leave people wanting more than to over stay your welcome.

6678867 that actually is a really good idea. I now kinda wish I would have thought of it.

I like it already. Count me in.

Ten outta ten man I love it

11/5 this was awesome! I need another update

Awesome..I thought I'm the only who have a thought to ship AJ and Chips..(I've been keeping it in my head for months after watching acedeca)

I liked it, looking forward to see more

Sorry, I assumed your plot was square.


7168101 took me a minute to figure out what you were alluding to.:pinkiehappy:

short and sweet!:ajsmug:

Are you going to continue this ship

7574668 yes. I continue it in my final story "Everything Dies". It's not the main focus and both characters are secondary but they are still a couple.

7574788 oh sweet, Micro Chips needs more attention and love

He must be really good at math, in the first movie he laughed at a calculator

I read that einstein was actually pretty good at math, its just that in german the highest points were 1,2,3 and the lowest were 10,9,8 so people in other countries got the thought he had bad grades considering the method for grading in the exact opposite, but then again, i could be wrong

Maybe he can score a date with the Plain Doll.


That says more about you than it does about IamI, you know that right?

Since my post is dated over two years ago, is apparently a reply to something that has been deleted, and that I barely remember reading this story (though I did read it), I must confess I don't understand this post of mine whatsoever. It isn't like me to insult people, though. Was I insulting someone?

I just hope my account hasn't been hacked.

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