• Published 23rd Nov 2015
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Bad Luck for a Bad Manager - DarkStarWolf53

Svengallop crosses the wrong equine...

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How It All Began

In a small, dingy nightclub in the worst slum in Manehattan, a white earth pony mare with a dark purple and blue mane and tail is singing. Though she has a beautiful voice, most of the audience isn't paying attention. Quite a few of the ponies are drunk, others are bickering and fighting.

In all the chaos, only one pony is listening. He's a white-gray earth pony stallion with a pale orange striped mane and tail, has glasses, and is rather overdressed for the occasion. He's wearing a fancy business suit.

Once the music is over, the patrons leave, though some have to be dragged out. The only ones remaining are the mare on stage and the stallion in the audience.

"What is your name, miss?" asks the stallion.

"Coloratura," replies the mare. "Why do you ask?"

"Because you have such a beautiful singing voice."

"Thank you. But who are you?"

"Svengallop, manager to the stars."

"Oh. You better go find someone worthy of being a star then."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm not star material. I'm just a simple singer..."

"That's where you are wrong, miss. You shouldn't be singing in small, dingy places like this. You deserve to be on a much bigger stage!"

"But how can I do that? Most ponies don't know me- they've never heard of me."

"Perhaps I can be of assistance."

"What do you mean?"

"Let me be your manager. I'll make sure everypony knows your name."

"How? How could you ever do something like that? And why?"

"Oh, trust me, I've made quite a few ponies famous. I was the one who gave both Ruby Shine and Sapphire Shores their start. Unfortunately, Sapphire and I had a... disagreement... and she fired me."

"Ruby Shine... Isn't she the one who vanished?"

"Afraid so. I've been looking for her since that fateful night, but by now I'm almost sure she was murdered."

"Murdered?! But who in Equestria would do such a thing?!"

Who indeed... thinks Svengallop.

Aloud, he replies, "I wish I knew, miss, I wish I knew."

"But why would someone like you show interest in a nobody like me? I still don't get it."

"I know star potential when I see it. Now come on, I'll teach you. And soon, you'll be the star of Canterlot!"

"C-Canterlot?! But only the very best are allowed on the stages there! I'm not good enough!"

"Let me teach you, and you will be. Deal?"

"Yes, definitely!"

Svengallop takes a scroll out of his suit pocket.

"Then sign this contract. No need to read the whole thing."

"No need? But why?"

"It's just the standard form."

"Still, I'd like to clarify..."

"Oh, very well. Let me know if you have any questions."

Coloratura reads through the contract, and looks like she's about to sign, then sees the fine print.

"Um, Mr. Svengallop, what's this about 'Neither the second party (the singer) nor relations and/or allies of the second party (the singer) may seek legal action against the first party (the manager) under any circumstances'?"

"Ah yes, the lawyers had me put that in."

"But why would you need it?"

"In case of unforeseen situations. For instance, a rowdy audience, obsessed fans, bandit raids- things that, while highly unlikely to occur, could end up happening, in which case someone might sue me, even if circumstances are beyond my control."

"Ohh, that makes sense."

I can't believe she fell for it, thinks Svengallop as Coloratura signs the contract.

"Thank you, miss," he says aloud.

"What do I do now?" asks Coloratura.

"We need to figure out your image."

"Huh? What's wrong with my current image?"

"A beautiful voice like yours deserves much more of a spectacle."

"I don't understand."

"*sigh* Come with me and I'll explain things better."

At the hotel, Svengallop resumes his explanation.

"Miss Coloratura, stardom requires grabbing the ponies' attention. Despite your beautiful singing voice, your appearance simply isn't enough to get the attention of the masses. We need your performances to be more elaborate so you get- and keep- attention. Same with your looks. Not that you aren't a lovely mare, but your appearance would be considered 'dull' by the audience. This is not my opinion of you, of course, but most ponies are shallow, and bore easily."

"But I don't want to give up who I am and live a lie..."

"I never said you had to. Rather, I was thinking, what if we got you a fancy stage outfit and name for your performances, but outside of your big performances you're still able to be who you are."

"But wouldn't I be lying to the audience?"

"Yes, but if you show them the truth, they'll ignore you. So you have the choice of either being honest and staying broke/singing in trashy nightclubs or becoming rich and famous through an alter ego of sorts. It's up to you."

"On one hoof, I don't want to lie, but on the other hoof, I do need money... I suppose I'll agree to your deal, at least until I make enough to live comfortably and pay my bills."

Perfect! I couldn't ask for an easier target! thinks Svengallop.

"Very good, miss. Now we need to figure out your outfit and stage name."

"Well, I've always liked the term 'countess'..."

"Hm, then how does Countess Coloratura sound?"

"I like it!"

"Good. I'm glad. Now for a stage outfit. The term "countess" could present an air of mystery, so would you be opposed to wearing a veil to give off an aura of mystery?"

"I don't think I'd mind that."

"Good! We also need to make your mane more flashy to stand out. Perhaps long white and violet, and a matching outfit of bright purples. What do you think?"

"I always did like purple- I like it!"

"Perfect! Let's go!"

Soon enough, Countess has performed in every stage in Manehattan and beyond, as far as Appleoosa even! But as her fame grows, Svengallop takes on a colder tone talking to her, eventually giving her orders not to associate with anyone not in Equestria's elite class.

One night, Countess just can't take it any more.

"Svengallop, I want to quit! I can't take this any longer! I can't see anyone because I'm always so busy, you won't let me visit those I miss any longer, I just want it all to stop!"

You'll get your wish soon enough, Countess. Everything will stop all right, permanently! thinks Svengallop.

"Peace, Countess, calm yourself. We just have one last performance in Canterlot, then you will be free to leave. Perhaps you should go on a nice long vacation, and then if you still want to quit we can discuss it in detail."

"Really? I'll be allowed to leave after my break?"


"And will I be able to keep the money made performing?"

"Of course." Not that it will do you much good with what's going to happen to you...

"Okay. But Canterlot will be it! Then I'm leaving the stage, at least for a while."

"Very well. Now get some rest, Countess. Your final performance is tomorrow."

Author's Note:

Svengallop pretends to be decent to lure in Coloratura and gain her trust, waiting til she's 'trapped' to show his true nature.

Ruby Shine is a pop star pony OC that was murdered.

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