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We are all connected to our roots...

You are the Royal Gardner at Canterlot Castle. The position has been passed down from stallion to colt for generations in your family.

The roses are your pride, because they are what she loves most, and there is one bush in particular that captivates you. When it thrives, she does.

And, try as you might... you cannot help but having fallen in love with her.

Dirt in your hooves and sweat on your muzzle, why would a Princess of Equestria look twice your way?

But hope... hope grows like a weed.

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Love it, darling~ A great piece of work!

Fucking hell

You know just the description of the gardens, of him seeing the lone rose bush, had me tearing up
The ending was worse, and I cant stop the tears

This was devastatingly beautiful

6665241 I'm sorry, Papa! I didn't mean to make you cry. :fluttershysad:

No worries, they are well deserved for such a moving piece of writing

Why is there so much dust in the office right now? :raritycry:

I loved this. the only person to acknowledge the gardener was the princess. very sobering too. keep it up.

'a second chance' covers the struggle of a princess unable to wed a commoner. maybe it would be worth a quick look. perhaps an inkling of an idea for big mac'n luna can come to you.


This is awesome
Something new to add to the playlist

Why do I keep getting continuously bombed by the feels nation!?

Well that was moving and pretty depressing. Still well done. :twilightsmile:

Original Quote: Les larmes versées pour une autre personne ne sont pas un signe de faiblesse. Ils sont le signe d'un cœur pur.

Translation: Tears shed for another person are not a sign of weakness. They are a sign of a pure heart.

Author Interviewer

oooh, you got me ;_;

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