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REBORN BY FATE - My life is based on a true story; became a writer when I was bitten by a radioactive author.


This story is a sequel to "Wub" Me Like You Do

Meet Gaige, a geeky, vulgar, and weird introverted girl who would rather have a robot as a companion than having relations with other people. After a freak accident caused by her invention, she transfers to Canterlot High in order to start a fresh new life as a teenager.

But little did she know, her whole life drastically changes when she meets a trouble making boy named Flash Sentry, who immediately takes interest in her after helping him out. Slowly, their friendship begins to progress, and she discovers that she sees Flash as more than just a friend. As two previously unsocial beings, together they explore the true nature of their relationship and emotions towards each other and other people.

Cover art done by me

For more info about the PomE Universe, click here!

Chapters (45)
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Comments ( 308 )

Loved the first chapter it's turning out to be good so far nice job Ragga!

Alchemy: great theirs 2 of them.
Realy cause in the other....
I'm just saying you had... What are you doing with that fat man nuke launcher?
Alchemy: making sure that it's in working order I might not have gotten any nuclear payloads but the shells still hurt.
Fine I get it but put that away please.
Alchemy: Sure.
Btw great chapter.

And so it begins.

*A hooded figure in the background swings their scythe so it is propped over their shoulder*

let us hope, we do not being chaos to the world we know and love.

*The figure disappears from sight*

Pretty cool so far, but you should probably fix certain OC's descriptions (Swift and Rivet). :raritywink:

This seems alright so far, keep up the good work!

I already like her.

Artemis: So do i she's seems really nice.

I can't wait to see more of Gaige.


can Gaige join The PoME Reaction Show?
I know she is from Borderlands 2

6666166 Technically she's BASED on Borderlands Gaige.

Gaige: I'll be happy to join!


6666189 great, you can start today
here is the video


Shard calm down, you'll be fine

Shard: Outta this town, outta this town, crazies begone from this town....

Is it bad that I see this happening some time in the future in my story?

The group looked up to see the now rampaging Deathtrap.

Shard: So, what now?

Everyone looks at him expectedly

Shard: What?

Lyra: Go on, go kill it

Shard: What?! I can't fight something like that!

Lyra: You'll be fine, you're a badass swordsman that can cut metal, just go fight it before someone gets hurt

Ditzy: Please Shard?

Shard: Fine, but only because Ditzy wants me to, you guys sooooo owe me for this!

6666532 Nah, Gaige fixed Deathtrap already, don't worry... Unless Blueballs is in the mix and it doesn't go well.

oh this is gon' be good.
Mise: oh yeah, as a sign of my welcome, let me sing you the song of my people

you know mise that not your image as village drunk
mise: I don't give 1 f*ck, 2 f*cks, flying f*cks, sailing f*cks, who the f*ck cares

6691950 I think Flash is gonna get the good treatment this time, there's a reason I put him in the character tags.

I'm on hiatus until my laptop is fixed. Until then, Nathan and Straight will be in the comments, as well as some other people.

Nathan: What's that supposed to mean? *Is hit by a flying trashcan that splits his head open*

Straight: HARDCORE WRESTLING!!!!!!! *Chases after nathan with a baseball bat wrapped in Barbed Wire*

6691998 you're not going to do what I think you're going to do....


Me like the Alex scene. What do you think Alex?


Ok liking her more and more.

Artemis: A Woman of Science and Ass-kickery that's the best line I've heard in my entire life.

Great chapter and I hoper to see more of that robot.

6692052 ...You dont know the history those two have, do you?

6692079 That's good ol' Gaige! Always outdated on whatever the hell is going on!

6692098 Huh... Have you met my new Pet larry? *Sea Lamprey jumps and latches onto your forehead*
Aw, He's hungry.

So that's who your shipping her with well looks like...
Alchemy pulls out his Merv and points it at the writer
Alchemy: Try me writer. Just try.
Gulp... Never mind btw great chapter.

Rapid: Nice chapter btw good job.

Gaige you are awesome.
Artemis: Gaige befriends Flash.....I'm cool with this.
Aria: Surprisingly so am I.
Great chapter Muffin:twilightsmile:

6792993 Gaige: Does this mean I can use Japanese bad words anytime cuz the teachers won't understand?

Good God I feel weird roleplaying as a girl xD

Artemis: Do what you want Gaige, that seems to work for your brother. Lol.


I need to write that update, badly.

6793617 Gaige: When you start wearing a mask like Willow.

Straight:...who the fuck is willow?

great chapter
mise: I like gaige, I think we'll get along great. aslo, *rips off shirt* got to get rid of that thing it's a symbol of the system, live free man
are you drunk again?
mise: mayyybeee.....yes
anyway great job, look forward to more

6793655 Gaige: Jeff Hardy.

*Treble suddenly comes out of nowhere wearing Roman Reign's wrestling gear*

Treble: Where is he?

*Cocks his arm for a superman punch*

Straight: *Spits mist in your eyes*


Umbra: Miss Gaige, would you like to join me and my friends in a prank on the principal of Crystal Prep?

Gaige: If it involves spreading anarchy then I'm in.


6796922 Umbra: does throwing a pie at her face count?


6797191 that is so going to be in my story

I have no idea why I haven't had Gaige and Shard meet yet, they both come from Japan and that could make for a few good scenes

Also, I'm planning a little something for Shard and Gaige, something that will either be extremely funny or just be dumb. Eh what's life without risks?

6976959 I can imagine them cursing in japanese while the others look in confusion.

So yeah, hello there. Last night I got drunk and stumbled across your Story here, so I decided to do a Drunk Reading and post it to YouTube.
If you want me to take it down for any reason I will, but just so you know I'm a bit all over the place when I was as wasted as I was in this video.
I then discovered that later into the night I stumbled around town and broke my leg. Oh joy.
Anyways, here's the reading. Hope you like it :)

7101773 Not sure if I should be cringing, or laughing, or I don't know :rainbowlaugh:

You also pointed out I have bad spelling, one good reason: I'm Filipino.

Treble, Gaige you really picked the wrong moment to visit Soul and Sunset! :rainbowlaugh:

Lone: I didn't knew that Treble had a sister. :rainbowhuh:

Well, now you do Lone!

Alchemy: Ok... Um am I really going to have to deal with this eventually.
Maybe if I need some kind of filler chapter or something.
Alchmey; You know no one likes those right they serve no point in the plot.
They give breathing room and help give some notable characterization with others. Besides Gaige is likely the only one that can really match your current level of intellect
Alchemy: If I shut down it's on you.

It's good to see this story updated after so long, especially considering that Gaige is my favorite Borderlands 2 character. Also, and this is to just make sure, I take it that by the description of Soul's bedroom that this takes place before he moved in with Sunset?

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