• Published 24th Nov 2015
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Little Big Trouble - Ragga Muffin

After a freak accident, Gaige transfers to Canterlot High and meets a boy named Flash Sentry, who drastically changes her life. Slowly, their friendship begins to progress and together they explore the nature of their relationship and emotions.

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Special Chapter - The Ending He Deserves (Part 1)

The Ending He Deserves

Part 1

July, the hottest month of the year in Canterlot. Mostly people would go to the beach or a pool to cool off, aside from a certain boy who would rather be in a library.

There were a few people with him inside the library, but most of them were only there to pretend to read and cool off because of the air conditioning. The boy was there to study and was preparing for the entrance exams for Appaloosa University. A few books were at his table along with his sunglasses that he wore to complement his spiky black hair. The book he was reading was an algebra book, which he had read multiple times already.

Now, a library would be the best place for peace and quiet, but not for the boy. Instead of silence, he endlessly listened to groans and murmur coming beside him. He was very irritated; he had forgotten to bring with him his earphones to suppress the noise. He couldn't take it anymore and decided to slowly turn to where it was coming from.

"Someone... who understands... I need your guidance... my shipping powers are useless against math problems!"

Sitting near the boy was a girl he knew. He recognized her red glasses and brown hair, which was cut shorter that reached her neck. Surprisingly, it was rather fixed than the usual messy style she would normally have. She looked helpless; on the verge of crying, she slammed her head on the table and pulled her hair.

The boy sighed as he slowly leaned to see what the fuzz was about. The piece of paper beside the girl had a math equation, coincidentally the same thing he was reading earlier on. He smirked as he pulled himself closer to the girl and grabbed her pencil.

"You wank, isn't this part wrong?" The boy pointed out the equation.

"What?" The girl responded as she lifted her head.

"The value you substituted is incorrect. The correct one is like this," The boy said as he showed her the proper equation, "Now, can you do it right this time, Drool Queen?"

"Huh, that does make it correct, who would have thought it was that sim- WAIT A SECOND."

The girl got up her seat and looked at the boy in shock. The look of shock soon turned to disgust, which irritated the boy even more.

"I didn't ask you, you ship destroyer!" The girl insulted.

"You wank, there's nobody else in here besides me, some people who decided to cool themselves off inside the library, and you the drool queen; Hazel." The boy smiled.

"Shut up, Neon! You got rejected by Gaige! I didn't ask you to help!" the girl named Hazel arched her brows and crossed her arms, "And why the heck are you in here? Shouldn't you be outside flirting with other girls? Or crying your face out since you got rejected!?"

"Now why would I waste my time doing those? Shouldn't I be asking you why the hell are you here studying a simple math problem that a first grader could do?" Neon raised a brow and smiled, "Besides, I'd rather get a perfect score in the entrance exam rather than get rejected again."

"Jesus, your self confidence annoys me!" Hazel said in disgust, "Hurry up and get out of here and go get rejected or something!"

Hazel took all off her stuff and moved a distance away from Neon. She let out a big "Hmph" and turned her back away from Neon.

"And if you're thinking about flirting with me, I'm rejecting you instantly... just like what Gaige did to you!" Hazel said in annoyance.

Somehow, Neon smiled and let out a laugh. He found Hazel's statement hilarious, as if the concept of him getting rejected was now a joke to him.

Hazel was rather a hindrance for Neon during his quest to win a certain girl's heart. She wasn't much of a threat; just nuisance when she was always around. Neon realized, he had never properly met the girl. He hated her for her annoying shipping addiction and constant cockblocking.

"Wha-What are you laughing about?!" Hazel dropped her jaw.

"Well mate, I always thought you were a crazy girl who stalks every couple but... you're actually pretty cute when you're shy aren't you?" Neon smirked, which made Hazel blush.

"Huh?! What the heck are you talking about! EWW! GROSS!" Hazel exploded, "Creep! Don't get near me! Your perfume smells like what my grandma would use!"

Neon was once more fascinated by Hazel's insult. He couldn't help but smile, which annoyed Hazel even more. The girl finally turned her back on him for good and went on with her business. Neon shrugged his shoulders and went back to studying.

Hazel started to do the math equation again while murmuring "grandma's perfume" over and over. She looked at what Neon wrote on her paper and decided to follow it. However, she had a hard time understanding even if it was correct. She lifted the paper obnoxiously and let out a sigh of defeat. She stood up with her paper on her hand and walked towards Neon.

"Hey uh, about the problem earlier," Hazel asked in embarrassment as her whole face was red, "Could you teach me?"

Neon let out a smirk and gestured for Hazel to sit beside him so he could teach her, which the latter did.

He had known Hazel for a while, but until now he hadn't seen this side of her. He was enjoying her company even if she still has an annoying personality. He also didn't expect for Hazel to study for College since he least expected her to apply for one.

For a couple of hours, Neon tutored Hazel without any problems whatsoever, aside from her constant glaring and letting out phrases of disgust towards him. Eventually the day ended, Hazel silently thanked Neon for helping her and left.

Nonetheless, Neon felt satisfaction.

The day of the entrance exams came. Much to Neon's surprise, Hazel came to the same exam venue for the same school he was applying for. She still acted hostile towards him, but was unfazed by her. He'd rather laugh at her rather than get into an argument with her.

After a few days of taking the test, Neon went back to the venue to look at the results. Much to his surprise, he passed. He also scanned to see if Hazel passed and much to this surprise, she passed by a margin. He was happy for his effort, both in studying and helping the girl out.

Neon headed to Hoofbucks to celebrate. He ordered his usual drink and headed outside. After he went outside and sat on one of the tables, an unexpected person arrived, and had an unexpected conversation.

It was none other than Hazel, who was holding a box of Dunkin Donuts. She walked towards Neon and handed the box over.

"Here ya go," Hazel said as she looked away, "With this, we're even. I don't want to be in debt to a guy who got rejected."

"Thanks." Neon replied as Hazel departed.

For Neon, it was a fresh new experience. It made him want to learn more about Hazel.

After being rejected and got inspired by a certain pigtailed girl, he had learned how to let people inside his world rather than pushing them away. The thoughts of him not wanting to get involved with others were now a thing of the past.

Neon wanted to see more of these unexpected expressions from unexpected people.

Author's Note:

Oh? You thought it was over? THINK AGAIN. PART 2 COMING SOON.

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