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I am an aspiring young writer with a deep love for the classical arts. I enjoy opera, drawing, literature and my ultimate goal to become a full fledged author.


We've all heard the saying right? "What happens in Las Pegasus stays in Las Pegasus"? Well, perhaps their are some things that don't...

When Eris and the guys head off to the famous Sin City for some much needed vacation time and friendly bonding, they may just learn that lesson first hoof. Cause after their first night of indulgence and parting, they wake up the next day to find a few little surprises, with two of them waking up to find way more then they bargained for...

...such as gold bands...

This is a genderbend of What Happens in Las Pegasus, written by my good friend Attomicpuffin. I asked her if she would be okay with this and she said go for it.

But I highly recommend you go read the original story and check some of her other works. She's a really amazing author. ^^

Chapters (4)
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"W-What are those?"


Wohoo! It finally got approved and published for all to see and lovin it so far!:D Can't wait for chapter 3 is all that I can sayXD

So far so good but:

Her eyes were closed and she was too lost in her own sinning to notice the young Pegasus that was staring at her.

I personally didn't think the song was that bad. :rainbowlaugh:

wait for next update

Yay I finally get to read this chapter! :yay: OMG why does my busy schedule kept preventing me to enjoy my MLP nice things?!:raritydespair:
Anyway, sweet chapter Quill:) So can't wait for the next one and to see what Eris will do next in order to impress her future coltfriend Butterscotch:pinkiehappy:

“Their one of our signature drinks, a Granny Smith on the Rocks.” The waiter replied with a smile.
“... not really sure how I feel about that name.” Applejack replied.

Haha lol don't blame ya AJ:rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

Eris had meanwhile lounged back into the book seat now also feeling the effects of the alcohol kick in, and had now taken up conducting a little light show circus of prancing pink elephants over the table, while a perpetually giggling Butterscotch laid across her stomach as if she was an living bed.
“He hehe hehe… hehhehe, hic! Hey-yey.. Er-hic-s.” Butterscotch managed through his heated giggled and uncontrollable hiccuping.
Eris, who was very well hammered, looked down at the little Pegasus in her lap with half lidded grin of delight. “Yesss my dearest~” She cooed in a somewhat slurred fashion.
Butterscotch giggled, nuzzling his snout into her warm breast, “I justs-s hic! I just wanted to-hic-thank youu~ for suggesting this… we all really neededd it… your ss-so s-sweet.”
Eris couldn’t help but giggle like a school filly as she felt her face heat up and her heart pound heavily in her chest as her mind was beginning to shut down, allowing the thick fog of the drinks to creep in.
“Hey-y Butters…” She cooed into his ear.
“I have a s-secret I want to tell you~”
Butterscotch giggled, “Oh a secret? Tell me?”
Eris felt so warm inside, feeling his body on hers. So warm, so soft… “Wellll~”
However she was cut off as Bubble Berry ran over to the group carrying another tray of Granny Smith on the Rocks. “Okay everypony! Who’s ready for more!?”
Eris shook her head and reached over to grab another glass, as did everyone else.

Oh my gosh the suspense! I can't take it!XD I'm just waiting for that faithful moment in the next chapter, you know what I'm talking about:raritywink:
OOOooo, this is a nice twist, Lady Blue Bell owns the club along with some other establishments:coolphoto: Miss Bell has a bit of a naughty side to her huh:raritywink:


Oh my gosh the suspense! I can't take it!XD I'm just waiting for that faithful moment in the next chapter, you know what I'm talking about:raritywink:

Hehehehehe oh yes I do. :trollestia::moustache::raritywink:

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