• Published 20th Nov 2015
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Latex Gilded Cage - GearMane

(Kink/Fetish story, not FoE related) Three ponies of the Equestrian wasteland search for an Ark said to have every thing they need, as well as several things they don't.

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And more stuff! XD

Yay, new chapter! You did not leave us hanging. :twilightsmile:

Again with the swings in character motivation and action, this time for Ticker. I am disappointed in this chapter, especially since Ticker's "decision" to stay was the biggest thing in it. His sudden anti-Wasteland speech feels contrived, as does the idea that whatever the Ark's been doing (and it doesn't seem to be much; there aren't really any hints that conditioning outside of the narrative has taken place) has actually managed to train them to feel unpleasant to outright physical pain when contemplating a return to the Wasteland (especially in this short a time).

It's not even necessary to use this plot device when the technically-inclined one has to stay behind anyway because of how the escape door works.

Speaking of outright physical pain, where did that go? It's just kind of not mentioned again.

And this chapter doesn't get a pass for 'porn logic' due to containing no porn.

Nuuu i wanted them all to escape happily. Damn you!

7013237 He technically did Xd


Yeah, kinda there with you. This came out of left field. Not to mention how they're going to get out of those suits, or how Skye's going to explain wandering around the wasteland with a half a pound of metal pierced through herself.

I feel like this was a draft that needed a few more passes before publishing to firm up the transition from Lilly wondering if she should stay to TInker just shrugging and going full on space madness.

Either that of a case of the 'welp, I got off, better wrap this up quick'. :rainbowlaugh:

This chapter took an interesting turn!

This was a great read, I had heard of this idea a few month ago and had scanned all of the newer Fo:E stories in the hopes that someone wrote this sort but for no a veal. I was lucky to finally find this story so like this and I was definitely not disappointed in reading it. one thing that I was wandering about how do the residences of the ARK wash their bodies one in a while? Also, are their any foals that are sometime bone in this ARK or are they all captured?

I haven't had the muse to work on the next few chapters.... Been trying to build on where I was taking the story but not have an exposition dump

7324002 it's still a great story

7324002 Still, I am curious about basic hygiene and how the Arc perverse it into something kinky.

I REALLY like the "tolits" so kinky!

any hope on more coming up with this story again soon?

No more hope on an update on this?

I miss this story.

I would also love to see this update!

Эта история была просто бесподобная.
К сожалению, я не смоо более найти похожего шедевра.
Как жаль что автор ее бросил, на такой ноте, и таким образом.

This story was simply incomparable.
Unfortunately, I can no longer find a similar masterpiece.
What a pity that the author left it, on such a note, and in this way.

Ну,я уже не надеюсь, что автор ещё напишет подобного шедевра.
Но можно было хотя бы статус на законченный заменить.
Если работу бросили

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