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Shadowed Bolts - Shadowmane PX-41

At first, things seemed to return to normal after the end of the Friendship Games. But for Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, and Sunny Flare, there is no doubt in their minds that CPA had gotten much, much worse...

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Chapter 8: Untold Pasts

Sugarcoat, Applejack, Sunset, and Twilight were all laid on their backs in the garden whilst gazing up into the night sky. Each of them was comforted with the serenity of the scene in front of them, yet they were still on edge with the recent events that had transpired at Crystal Prep.

As Sunset looked over at Sugarcoat, she couldn't help but wonder about her. Throughout everything that had happened, she had co-ordinated the team like a true strategist would: making a plan, seeing it through to the very end, and telling the girls what to do when the odds were stacked against them.

"Hey, Sugarcoat?" she eventually sat up and looked over at her. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What is it, Sunset?" the silver-haired girl sat up in response and looked her in the face.

"You know, I have to commend you for leading us yesterday. You spoke like a true leader, even though Twilight was watching us the whole time. But I have to wonder, how are you such a smart girl?"

Sugarcoat was taken aback for a second, but she immediately regained her composure and laid back down. "Where should I begin?" she spoke as casually as she could.

"The beginning would be nice," Twilight chuckled.

Sugarcoat smiled as she began to think back. "I don't exactly remember being born, as most others remember, but I can remember my earliest memory: Learning to read and write at the age of two," she explained. "From there, I developed somewhat of a better understanding of the things around me, until I eventually reached an age of five, where I was able to get a form of education.

"Because of my above average IQ at that time, I received a special invitation to a private kindergarten in the city; therefore, I was able to get what you would call a fast-track on learning," a small smirk crept on to her face as she reminded herself of her past. "When I joined the class, I actually met Twilight and Starlight. We were best friends for a long time since then."

"I remember the day when Sugarcoat first mispronounced tutti-frutti when we were going out to get ice cream together," Twilight sighed in content as she put her hands behind her head. "It took us almost the whole day to teach her how to say it right."

"So, wait a sec. You two were once friends with Starlight Glimmer?" Sunset sat back up and cocked both of her eyebrows at the girls.

"I guess she was pretty sad when Twilight transferred to Canterlot High," Applejack pulled her hat off of her head as she turned to face both Twilight and Sugarcoat. "But I can also guess that she was pretty furious when you decided not to join the Defectors, Sugarcoat."

"You're right on both occasions, Applejack," Sugarcoat nodded. "I actually helped her overcome the slight sorrow she felt the day after the Friendship Games. But when she and Blueblood enforced the Defectors and I turned her down, she snapped at me and we almost had a physical fight," her smile then evaporated and was replaced with a frown. "To think that my closest and best friend would throw a tantrum at me like that, burn bridges between us, and then side with the enemy. It actually makes me sad, girls, and this isn't just me being blunt.

"But anyway, back to my childhood." She shook her head as she noticed that she was getting off-track in her story. "When I was seven years old, I was old enough for elementary school; however, there weren't any schools that accounted for my current level of intellect, so I was simply put into the regular curriculum."

"I'm not sure if it was luck or general coincidence, but me, Sugarcoat, and Starlight all went through all of our classes together," Twilight looked up at the stars and had images of all three of them playing together as children. "We were peas in a pod, inseparable, and scored high marks in almost each and every class," she grinned as she remembered more and more.

"I remember that the three of us would often try to outdo each other if we had to do projects separately," Sugarcoat added. "But enough about that. After we had finished elementary school, we were eligible for senior years at a high-school."

"And I know where this story's going," Sunset spoke lightly. "With you three and your large IQs, you were enrolled in Crystal Prep in a heartbeat, right?"

"Yes. But it wasn't an easy chore getting in, mind you. Crystal Prep is a school with exceptional standards, as per the high level of education it offers. Most of the stuff that's taught there are things that belongs in a university rather than a high-school. And in order to get in, you needed to pass an entrance exam, to prove that you were a cut above the rest."

"It's widely regarded for not only winning the Friendship Games year after year, but for churning out more successful students than any other school in the country," Twilight added. "Some people moved on to being scientists, others became architects, but overall, it allowed you to pursue your dream and ensure that you obtained it by any cost." She reached her hand to the sky then made a grabbing gesture before she pulled it back down. "I originally had plans to head off to Everton to maximise my studies, but after the Friendship Games, well, we all know what happened then, don't we?"

"Yeah," Sunset put her hands behind her head before looking Twilight in the eyes. "I'm glad you decided to stay with us then have the rest of your education alone, Twilight."

"Wait a sec, what about Sugarcoat's time at CPA?" Applejack raised a finger. "I'm interested to know what happened between her and Twilight before the games. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that she was less than friendly to Twilight."

"Because me and Twilight had higher IQs that most of the other students, we were somewhat chastised by them." Sugarcoat readjusted her glasses once more. "They told us that we had to earn their respect before we could become friends, but given our knowledge, they usually called us names like gifted or teacher's pet.

"Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into entire terms, but we still hadn't made any progress with the students at CPA," she looked down at her feet and brushed a small tear away from her eyes. "Eventually, I accepted that there was no way that the students would appreciate what we said and did. As they decided to ignore us for the rest of the term, I lashed out at them verbally, bluntly calling out their interests as being ridiculous, their handwriting as sloppy, and their lack of respect towards us an insult to friendship," her face grew a scowl that was quelled when she turned and saw Sunset, Twilight, and Applejack eyeing her up. "Sorry, but I was being as brutally honest as I could get at that moment.

"It was only after I had calmed down that the students looked at me with their mouths agape, and one of them showed a little respect for what I had said," she went on. "They knew that I was right on all accounts, and they decided that I was just like the rest of them. I didn't see it as much of a praise comment when I slipped into my new personality, but it eventually stuck, and the friendly Sugarcoat was long gone to them."

"Sugarcoat and I were still friends, even when she had adopted her new blunt side, but slowly and surely, we grew more and more distant as time went on," Twilight took over. "We still bonded over our love for learning, but she quickly downgraded from a friend to an acquaintance with how she thought of everything. And by the time the Friendship Games came around, she had almost forgotten about me entirely."

"I didn't mean to discard you like that, Twilight," Sugarcoat looked Twilight in the eyes with regret for what had happened. "It wasn't in my nature to make you feel uncomfortable, bluntness or intimidation to unleash the Magic of Friendship against the world. I was just primed on winning, like everyone else."

"You can blame Cinch for that," Twilight said. "But I can't blame you for it. You were unaware on what was about to happen, and it led you to becoming a merciless player who only cared for CPA's victory. Apology accepted, Sugarcoat."

"Thanks, Twilight," Sugarcoat smiled and wrapped one of her arms around her friend's shoulders. "It really means a lot to know that after all that's been said and done, you'll still be one of my best friends."

"That's what friends do. They forgive each other for their mistakes."

"You know, you and your friends are kind of like us, Sugarcoat," Sunset said as she stood up and walked over to them. "We know Honesty, Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, and Laughter, but you and your friends are almost exactly like that, but on a more radical and outlandish level, if that's not offensive."

"Not at all, Sunset. And your words fit us to a T," Sugarcoat turned to face her.

"Anyway, I wonder what the stories of the other Shadowbolts are?" Sunset got onto her feet and looked up into a lit window in Sugarcoat's house. "You've had an interesting one, I'll admit, but I wish we knew more about you and your friends."

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash and Indigo Zap were busy sitting on separate bean bag chairs whilst playing a fighting game on a console in Sugarcoat's room. Each of them was ferociously pounding buttons, making their characters act accordingly to each combination that was typed in at blinding speeds. As each attack was dealt, the health bars on each side of the screen began to whittle down, until they both got close to the edge.

"You're a good player, Rainbow Dash," Indigo said through breaths as sweat began to trickle down her forehead. "Never had anyone last this long against me, especially since I tend to run the Mane-iac a whole lot."

"Thanks, Indigo," Rainbow responded as she tapped a certain combination that involved both of the triggers on the back of her console as well as most of the buttons and arrow keys. On the screen, it zoomed into her character as it glowed a violent red aura whilst letting out a determined battle cry before zooming out and grasping her opponent. "But now it's time for my favourite of Zap's moves: the Hurricane Cannonball!"

Indigo could only watch as the fight became a scene where her fighter was hurled skywards before Rainbow's flew up and created a tornado that absorbed the helpless character. Twelve rapid punches were dealt within the tornado before it spat the Mane-iac back out and sent her tumbling towards the ground. It was then that Zapp dashed down to the ground and delivered a dropkick that lasted until they both hit the ground. A massive crater was made, and in it, both characters stood back up, only for the victim of the attack to fall to their chest whilst it said, "Zapp Wins!" on the screen.

"Yes!" Rainbow threw her arms up into the air before putting the controller down and shaking Indigo's hand. "Thanks. That was a close game."

"You too, Rainbow Dash." Indigo tossed her controller to the side as she stood back up. "I've been waiting for a challenge on Power Princesses: New Millennium ever since the tournament a few months ago."

"I'd heard about that. They had some of the best of the best at that tournament. And you were in it?"

"Yep. Made it all the way to the grand finals," Indigo put her hands behind her head as she laid herself down on Sugarcoat's bed. "It was a close game, but my opponent, Finishing Move, must've spent his whole life playing that game. I couldn't even drop his health down below fifty-percent with how accurately he timed his attacks."

"Well, I'm sorry to hear that you lost at the final match, but it's still very impressive that you made it that far," Rainbow Dash walked over to the bed and knelt down towards Indigo. "Were you upset when he creamed you?"

"Nah. If anything, he inspired me to push myself to the limits and better myself. Weeks and weeks after that, I'd been working harder on my studies, excelling in gym class, and mastering any kind of video game you could send my way."

"I take it you're very competitive, considering how close that fight was."

"You know it! I'm one of those people who likes a good contest. The Friendship Games was no different. Sure, at the time, we thought you were just easy pickings back then, but had I known that the events would have turned out like that, I would have been even more psyched!"

"How did you get the need to win?" Rainbow Dash raised one of her eyebrows. "Not everyone can be excited for a competition, battle, or just a general test to see who's better. Heck, even I didn't even start out as a sporty girl."

"It goes back to when I was a kid," Indigo saw the past being recreated in her mind. "When I was eight years old, I was invited onto my school's soccer team. They were a student down and just about to enter the last game to qualify for a junior tournament," she sighed. "That was my first ever game of soccer, and man, was it amazing. The opponents we fought were playing very well, but the scores were eventually two all at the end. And because it was to get into a tournament, we went into penalties.

"Five students from each team kicked that ball, and as I watched with anticipation on where it would land, I just felt really pumped," Indigo spread her arms out as she basked in her euphoria. "Both our sides got the ball in three times, and our opponents missed their final goal. And as I waited to hear who would be taking the last kick for our team, I was both surprised and nervous to hear my name being called to make the last shot.

"You should have been there, Rainbow. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a butter knife. As I said, I was nervous back then. All eyes were on me, and it was down to me to decide whether or not we would make the cut. I took a deep breath, put on the aviator goggles my dad gave me, made knuckles out of my hands, and charged at that ball." She used her hands for each part of her sentence, moving them in different ways to illustrate her point. "When I got to the ball, my leg came up high, and I took one last breath as I shut my eyes and thrust it straight at the ball. And as the goalie lunged forward to defend it, she barely missed by the skin of her fingernails. It hit the net, and I just leapt up in glee with the fact that I'd won the team the victory they so desperately needed!" She threw herself off of the bed and imitated the cheering crowd. "Fans were delighted for me, arms were up, cheers resounded, and I had made a whole bunch of new friends and teammates."

"You won them the game. You deserved to get all those friends." Rainbow patted Indigo's back. "But I gotta ask. Did you show off after that?"

"Not really. I was more of a teammate encourager. I just pointed them in the right direction and we played really well against our opponents. Game after game, my words got the team going, and our opponents kept dropping like flies. And while I did make most of the goals in that season, I didn't really gloat a whole lot. I'm not like one of those people who ask for a lot of money or something. I'm just in it for the game, nothing else."

"When I made it into Canterlot High, I had to work my way up to being the captain of every sports team. I had to start out as a rookie on the soccer team, then I had to join the baseball, basketball, and football teams as well. And I've gotta say, each and every one of them took me almost a month each before I earned my captain status."


"Yeah. Some guys even tried to get me to read books, but I learn a game better when I'm actually playing it first-hand."

"You're real lucky then." Indigo pulled the goggles off of her head and put them aside. "When I was at Crystal Prep, I had to read books on the mechanics of each and every sport they taught there. Cinch would stop at nothing until we had all read the books, inside and out, to the point where we could recite it by heart." She hung her head and let out a long sigh before sitting back down on the bed. "It kinda took the fun out of it, if you know what I'm saying."

"Yeah. I know what you mean, Indy," Rainbow Dash had a smile that only got bigger. "Do you mind if I call you Indy for short?"

"Not really. I mean, Lemon calls me that, and I think Pinkie does as well, so sure. I don't mind if you call me that as well."

"Great!" Rainbow did a mini fist-pump.

"Anyway, after that one tournament, I just kept winning and winning," Indigo leaned back against the wall and slipped the goggles back onto her forehead. "I was somewhat of a mini-celebrity, making headlines as we just kept on going," She pulled out her phone and Rainbow the pictures. Each headline showed her holding up the trophy with the rest of her team. "Cinch must have taken notice of my winning streak, because I was invited to Crystal Prep after finishing in elementary school."

"How'd it go?"

"Well, aside from all of the lectures, I was actually really glad to be at a school where I was recognized for my talent. I entered all of the sports teams there and, just like you, I had to make a living off of starting at the bottom of the ladder and climbing up to the top. When the games came round again, I was one of the first to apply. As you know, they had a ranking system where only the top twelve would represent the school. They trained us both mentally and physically, filling our minds with knowledge, and pushing our muscles to the limit to ensure that we were ready to defeat the Wondercolts. The rankings eventually came in a few days before the events and – and I don't mean to brag here – I was at the top of the leaderboard with my friends taking up places two through five."

"Why was Twilight in your team, then?"

"She had the brains needed for the mental events, but she had no physical qualities whatsoever." Indigo stopped herself as she then noticed a contradiction to Twilight's place in the Friendship Games. "Actually. That brings up a good question: Why did she even participate for the games in the first place, let alone qualify?"

"Yeah. She's more of a nerd, and an athletic thing like the Friendship Games doesn't seem right for someone like her..." Rainbow was having trouble working it out. "So what particularly motivated her to join the team?"

"Ah well, it's a mystery for another day, Rainbow." Indigo shrugged and threw herself back on one of the beanbag chairs and picked up her controller. "What do you say we make it best two out of three?"

"Oh, it's on, Indy!" Rainbow smiled as she placed herself back down in her chair and picked up her controller as well.

Rarity, Fluttershy, Sunny Flare, and Lemon Zest were all relaxing in the living room, watching a documentary on rare and exotic creatures that lived in the tropical ocean. Shoeless, the girls were all huddled up together as if they were keeping warm from the chill of a winter's evening.

"You know, there is something I've been meaning to ask since we met each other, Sunny," Rarity pulled herself from her motionless comfort and looked her in the eyes. "How did you and your friends make it into Crystal Prep in the first place?"

"Well, Crystal Prep does have a very selective process when it comes to enrolling new students," Sunny began to explain. "For the high standards that the school has, it's quite hard to decide who will be a part of the new term."

"But if we're being totally frank, most of the students at CPA had to buy their way in." Lemon took off her headphones and put them down on the table before turning to face Rarity. "Whoever those guys and gals are, their parents must have been loaded if they could get into Crystal Prep."

"The only other way to get in the school is if you get recognized by your talent and pass the entrance exam," Sunny Flare took over. "Something that me, my friends, and a few other students did get in for."

"So, how did you get in, Sunny?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well, much like Twilight, I'm also a little sister of a CPA alumni," Sunny leaned back in the couch. "His name was Solar Power, and he had earned high marks and a degree in science whilst he was there. And by the time Cinch had molded him, he was given a doctorate within a few weeks.

"I made it into Crystal Prep because I shared connections with someone who had been there in the past," she went on. "They have a secret method of application where if you're the sibling of someone who goes there, or has graduated, then you can get in free of charge."

"Interesting," Rarity scratched at her chin. "And are you the only one who went through that process?"

"I don't know, but I think that there are others who did. I just haven't met them yet."

"What about you, Lemon Zest? How did you get into CPA?" Fluttershy looked over to her.

"My family got me in because they were loaded with cash," Lemon looked over at her headphones. "I'm the daughter of a famous DJ duo called Laser Lights and Dubstep Blast: the most famous DJs on public radio," she fiddled with her finger for a bit. "They worked for a bunch of stations until they earned enough money to start their own, and the success just kept going from there.

"As the years went by, they brought entertainment to people across the country with their many different radio games, songs, top ten lists, and more. They even found a way to make news exciting, even when it sounded boring in reality," Lemon kept going. "Then, Laser Lights announced that she was pregnant with me, so the show kinda went off the airwaves for a bit."

"When I was five years old, and able to understand the concept of music, they revived the show and made it just as successful and popular as it was back then, but with even more exciting things. In fact, it wasn't long before I had to start playing a part in their shows. I just wish I could have seen their reactions to how adorable I sounded as a kid."

"What was the name of your show?" Rarity's brows ascended with interest.

"It was called Music Megalomania, and it combined sound effects with famous songs, news articles, and more," Lemon replied.

"Oh! I've heard of that show!" Rarity finally put it all together and could remember how it sounded. "My parents would always put it on when they drove me to elementary school on a morning. I, or course, do remember a child being on there, but I could never have guessed or believed that it was you all along."

"Your family must've been pretty good with you if they earned that much money for their show." Fluttershy commended Lemon Zest whilst patting on her back.

"Yeah. With all the money we made, getting into CPA was a snap," Lemon sighed in content. "But because I had to go there, it meant I could only do the show with my parents on weekday evenings. And while I am still glad for doing the weekend shows all the way to the end, I just felt like it was better with me doing the show each and every day for as long as possible.

"My parents also knew that I was gonna be away from the show, so on my sixteenth birthday, I was given these babies." She picked her headphones back up and slipped them onto her ears. "Not only do they get me moving on a morning, but they're a constant reminder that I'm the daughter of a famous DJ couple, and that I shouldn't let some high-class school change who I really am."

"Was the school a little bit of a damper on that personality, though?" Rarity asked. "I mean, you were there at the time of Cinch, so there must have been some rules that meant you couldn't truly be yourself."

"Nah. It was fine, Rarity. The only thing that really changed me there was that dress code," Lemon leaned against the arm of the chair. "Despite the fact that she was stricter than any woman I've ever met, I was still allowed to wear the headphones at times where I wasn't part of lessons. Meaning that during the breaks between each period, and at lunch, I was able to truly cut loose and show the school who I really was."

"Well, it's good to hear that you had fun at Crystal Prep, even with the rules trying to drag you down."

"Thanks. I'm sure that you and your friends had fun at Canterlot High as well before all of this."

"Well, not really. Back before the other Twilight came to our world, Canterlot High was divided into multiple groups. This was the work of Sunset Shimmer before Twilight was able to break through to her and make her see the Magic of Friendship."

"Sunset was a jerk?" Sunny Flare looked at Rarity with wide eyes. "I would never believe that now..."

"Believe it or not, it was true, Sunny," Fluttershy timidly added. "She was awful back then, but she's been able to change her tune a whole lot since the Fall Formal incident."

"Yes. And since then, she's been all for reforming people who have done bad things in the past and want to change," Rarity agreed. "Her attitude went from selfish to selfless, and she's constantly been molding Canterlot High into a perfect vision of friendship."

"Well, that's good to know," Sour Sweet walked into the room and leaned against the wall. "I don't think I'd ever be as good as her," she showed her cruel side. "Mainly because I'd fail before I even begin!"

"Oh, hey, Sour!" Lemon came around and stood next to her by the wall. "How are things doing with Pinkie Pie?"

"Oh, it's fine, Lemon Zest. She and I were cooking dinner with Make Easy and Fudge Numbers," she explained. "That little girl sure is cute, but I wish she'd choose something other than mac and cheese. Ugh, so plain."

"Anyway, Sour Sweet. Me and your friends were just discussing on how they made it into Crystal Prep," Rarity walked over. "I was just beginning to wonder how you got in, considering your rather... undecidable behaviour."

Sour Sweet let out a long sigh as she sat down. "To tell you the truth, Rarity, Crystal Prep is the last chance I have of graduating. I've been expelled from every other school I've been a part of because of how angry I can get when provoked."

"Oh my." Fluttershy came over and gently rubbed Sour Sweet's back in an attempt to make her feel better. "Tell us about it."

"Most of the time, I had been a good little girl at my other schools. I always behaved how the teachers wanted me to, I always showed up on time, and I spoke up the most when they wanted to hear an answer to a question," Sour Sweet began to explain. "But when I was out on the playgrounds with some jerk named Drill Bit and his friends, he just pushed and pushed me to the breaking point until I finally lashed out and held him down in a wrestling posture.

"Everyone was shocked to see this, and I was called up to the principal's office for it," she continued. "It was a blemish on my record, and it just kept going and going the more that that punk kept rearing his ugly head towards me!" as she recalled her past, her rage kept growing. "That kid made my time out on the playground a living nightmare, and it ultimately got me expelled when I knocked him out cold one day!"

"That's dreadful!" Rarity exclaimed. "He had no reason to attack you!"

"And yet he had made me attack him straight back," Sour grunted as she resumed her story. "I had to move to another state to try a new school. And just like before, good grades, bully at the playgrounds," her rage endured as she went through each and every school after that. "I went through this cycle repeatedly until I was able to get into high school. And by that time, my parents were sick and tired of me having tantrums, so they put me in Crystal Prep in the hopes that it would educate me on not to hurt others."

"But believe me when I say that even then, she was still a little rough around the edges," Sunny Flare took over. "Since most of the students there were too focused on victory and other stuff, they were completely caught off-guard by Sour Sweet's threats, to the point where some of them were actually afraid of her at some points."

"Despite the fact that I still suffer from my condition, I have been able to control it a little better after Cinch taught me." Sour Sweet stood back up and made her hand into a fist. "With her methods, I found it easier to decide who I should be nice to, and who I should hate with a burning passion."

"What were her methods, exactly?" Rarity asked.

"She said that students who stepped out of line weren't to be trusted, whilst students who knew and obeyed the rules could be judged on how they acted towards the rest of the students," Sour explained. "With those ones, what they did determined whether they could be likeable or hateable. Twist, Sugar Belle, and Suri Polomare were the nice ones, giving some students a leg-up when they were beginning to fall behind on their studies. And then there's the jerks like Blueblood, Neon Lights, and Red Letter, who have contempt for the ones that begin to struggle. Huh. Doesn't surprise me that they would be Defectors now, considering how they acted in the past."

"So, you've been kept in line with her teachings, right?"

"Yeah. You could say that. But after she got fired, I'm beginning to see things in a whole other light. I know that I can control myself better now, and that I don't always have to be cruel, but I've still got some things to learn about being able to be one or the other without having to flip."

All of a sudden, Make Easy showed up and said, "Dinner's ready, you girls!"

"Coming!" Lemon Zest smiled. "Come on, girls! It's time to eat!"

With smiles on their faces, the girls all came into the dining room where Sugarcoat, Applejack, Twilight, and Sunset were already sitting down waiting. As Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, Rarity, Sunny Flare, and Fluttershy sat down, Pinkie Pie came down with Indigo Zap and Rainbow Dash.

Make Easy, Fudge Numbers, Pinkie Pie, and Beat Bush all set the food on plates and gave the whole group their meals. As everyone sat down, they all tucked in, comfortable with the fact that they were starting to understand each other better now that their stories had been told.

Each of the Shadowbolts and Rainbooms looked at each other with smiles on their faces as they took bites of the macaroni and cheese. After hearing the tales that they had shared, they were beginning to feel more like friends instead of acquaintances. With their bonds beginning to grow, they felt like they could conquer any obstacle that came their way.

Author's Note:

Hello, everyone. I hope that you all enjoyed this chapter and the characterization of the Shadowbolts. Much like all of the other ideas I have, this one came to me out of the blue after seeing how they acted during Friendship Games.

I think that my favourite character to write in this story is either Sugarcoat or Indigo Zap, since I have so much to work with when I'm typing up dialogue for the two of them. Sugar's bluntness made me think that she was intelligent, whereas Indigo's drive to win gave me her competitive headcanon.

The RainDigo scene was one of my favourites to write in this particular chapter because I could truly express how Indy felt simply by dialogue alone. I'm always one for trying out new things, and I think that there's no shame in letting the dialogue explain it for you if you really don't want to make a flashback scene in your stories.

Oh, and on the topic of RainDigo, I'm the founder of a new RainDigo group that's currently trending right now on the top twenty list over on Groups.

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