• Published 20th Nov 2015
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Shadowed Bolts - Shadowmane PX-41

At first, things seemed to return to normal after the end of the Friendship Games. But for Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet, Lemon Zest, and Sunny Flare, there is no doubt in their minds that CPA had gotten much, much worse...

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Chapter 11: The Evolution of Magic

In the darkness of the night, Defectors were entering Crystal Prep through an emergency exit that had been opened up from the inside by Red Letter. In a perfect line, the uniformed students all marched in, chatting among themselves as they walked through the pool room and into the hallways of the school.

Now that everyone else had gone home, the Defectors had a million ideas running through their minds. The school was their playground, and they could do whatever they wanted without fear of the Changelings or police breathing down their necks. They wanted to smash up the rooms, vandalize the lockers, and generally make Crystal Prep seem like a vandal school to get Chrysalis fired, but the knew that they had been called for a much better purpose.

After a while, the group of students all walked into the hall, which was just as bleak and lifeless as the rest of the school at dusk. The walls and floor felt cold to the touch and even the banners for the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts had been defaced and now bore a single logo of a black 'D' crushing little screaming heads, with a pair of menacing evil eyes poking out of the top of it.

"So glad that you could join us, my fellow Defectors!" Blueblood spoke as a spotlight was turned on, revealing him and Starlight standing by a large object that was concealed by a blanket. "Take a seat wherever you like. The demonstration will begin shortly."

The Defectors followed Blueblood's orders like it was the law and very quickly filled up all of the empty space on the bleachers, acting as if they were in an assembly. Once they were all comfortable with their choice of seating, their voices all withered away into total silence, so that their king and queen could start.

"Time is an irreversible thing, Defectors." Starlight puffed out her chest and threw her arms out to the side. "There is no undoing what those meddlesome Rainbooms have done to our school, but that doesn't mean that we're supposed to give up hope and accept their nonsense philosophies!"

"While we may have lost our almighty Abacus Cinch, you can all rest assured that her legacy is not dead, and it instead lives on through us!" Blueblood held his arms out and basked in the glory as the Defectors all cheered for him. "Together, we will ensure that this little blemish on Crystal Prep's reputation is wiped off!"

When the cheers died down, Starlight took over. "I'm sure that you're all aware that in the past few days, we have extracted the Rainbooms' Magic of Friendship for our own goals," she said. "What happened at the Friendship Games was a disaster, yes, but that was only because we were pressed for time, and had no idea what we were messing with. But now I can say upfront, that we have finally cracked the code, and that magic now plays for us!" She pulled the blanket off, revealing a ball of concentrated white magic gently floating inside a glass dome.

"After many hours of careful scientific experimentation, we have cracked the algebraic formula, and have managed to purify the Magic of Friendship to obey anyone, even if they are not one of the six so-called elements that calls it!" Blueblood pulled the dome off and placed it on the ground. He then reached towards the ball with his right hand, seeing that Starlight was doing the same "Allow us to demonstrate..."

Both Starlight and Blueblood touched the orb and immediately felt a small surge of pain running up their right arms and all through their bodies as the magic wrapped itself around them. They grunted and groaned, but they kept smiling all the while as they found themselves floating off of the floor and enveloped in a white light.

The light exploded, and all of a sudden, Starlight Glimmer and Blueblood grew pony ears as well as elongated hair streaking from their heads and butts. Finally, long horns sprouted from their foreheads. Pink for Starlight, and white for Blueblood. The two of them had performed a successful Pony-Up, and now the Magic of Friendship was imbued inside of them.

Suspended in the air by blue auras, Starlight and Blueblood listened to the room erupting into a cavalcade of more thunderous cheers from the Defectors. At long last, the power that Sunset and the Rainbooms had been using was now seeded deep into the two of them, and they couldn't help but smirk at all of the praise they were receiving.

"Thank you, thank you." Starlight bowed as she flew around the room, gently swooping over her followers. "But please, hold your applause until the end. Because now, you yourselves will be able to use this magic for yourselves, proving once and for all that Crystal Prep cannot be defeated, regardless of who the enemy is!" As she landed back by the orb, Starlight began to sing.

For all the trials and obstacles we've faced
This new power is our own
Against the clock, the Defectors have raced
And now's the time that our unity is shooooooown.

Blueblood now landed beside her and turned the song into a duet.

Abacus Cinch might be gone
But her followers live on
And now with our own army
Together, we have wooooooooon!

The Defectors themselves then began to stomp on the bleachers, clap, and harmonize to the beat of Starlight and Blueblood's vocals.

Back at the Games, a simple error was made
But now that we've fixed it, we're stronger than any blade
With this magic by our side, there's nothing we cannot do
And now's the time to share it all with yoooooooooou!

Blueblood used his horn to fly upward to the ceiling where he sang once more.

Together, those Changelings, the maggots that they are
To think that they can save this school is a wish that goes too far
Only through power and dominance can our fires truly gow
And everyone who gets in our way will knooooooooow!

All of the Defectors in the room began to chant in perfect unison with each other

It's evolving, it's evolving
The Magic of Friendship is ours
With our king and queen by our side
Those fools will turn into cowards

Allied by hate, united by rage
We all share the same common cause:
To eradicate Canterlot High School
And we'll do it all by force!

"They stole everything from us!" Starlight slammed down on the floors of the hall with her hand tightened into a fist. "Are you really going to just sit back and let those punks continue to joyride with that magic?!

"NO!" Roared the Defectors as they punched the air in perfect sync.

"Then stand up and fight for the honour of Crystal Prep!" Blueblood was so driven to lead the Defectors into war that his veins could be seen pulsating on his neck. "Take the Magic of Friendship and win over the Rainbooms!"

The Defectors fight for CPA's pride

Unbroken, undying, and unstoppable
Together, we'll watch our enemies fall!

The Defectors all stood up and approached the orb of magic, lining up to give themselves Pony-Ups.

It's evolving, it's evolving
The Magic of Friendship is ours
Using this energy, we'll stand tall and proud
Like ominous foreboding towers

Pegasi, Unicorns, Earth Ponies too
There's nothing that we cannot beat
We'll use this new power to stomp out those brats
And turn them all into crying dead meat!

The Defectors laid their hands on the orb one-by-one and went through the exact same process that Starlight and Blueblood had gone through. Sprouting wings, tails, ears, and horns.

And now that it's ours
We'll win for sure this time
Unleashed and in our hands
Losing would be a crime

Let's crush their hopes
Deny their dreams
And turn those cocky smiles
Into the long-lasting song of screams!

Starlight stepped forward once every Defector had transformed and used her horn to create robes for her and Blueblood, furthering their titles as the queen and king.

Bound by hatred
Joined by rage
It's time for the Defectors
To turn the page

Let Canterlot High School know
That we are supreme
And together, with this magic...

"It'll be just like a dream," Blueblood said as the song came to a close.

Both Blueblood and Starlight had a little chuckle which then escalated into an evil and maniacal laugh, with the rest of the Defectors soon doing the same. The corners of their eyes sparkled as the laughing drifted away, and vicious smiles now donned the faces of every uniformed student.

The next day, the Rainbooms and Shadowbolts walked through the park while twiddling their fingers in anticipation for the worst. Ever since the Magic of Friendship had been stolen, the whole of them had lost most of their composure and hope in trying to stop the Defectors and Changelings from fighting. They all knew that if the problem wasn't solved soon, then it would be similar to what happened at the Friendship Games but on a more dangerous scale.

"So, what do you think Starlight and Blueblood gonna do with that magic?" Sunset struggled to get her words out. "I mean, after the Defectors win?"

"For once, I'm not sure myself, Sunset." Sugarcoat stopped walking and looked back at her. "I mean, even with my high IQ and my uncanny talent to predict what'll come from people's choices if they go through with it, I'm not sure what plans Starlight and Blueblood have once they seize control of Crystal Prep."

"Apart from getting back on you guys, I don't know either." Indigo scratched her chin as she used her other hand to pull her phone out of her pocket. "Starlight and the Defectors mostly just want revenge on you and us, and after that, there's nothing left for them to do."

"Maybe they're after so much more than just victory in this civil war," said Sunny Flare. "Power corrupts, especially in the wrong hands. Once you get a taste of it, you want more, and more, and more, until you can't control yourself anymore." She brushed her dress. "Just like at the Friendship Games, we were driven by greed in the final event, and it almost led to everyone's destruction. Starlight might want more magic, until it becomes the only thing she cares about; magic and conquest."

"They could go for the police, then the mayor's office, and then even the military..." Sour Sweet grimaced and brought her hands to her teeth. "For once, I can't even bring myself to get angry at those monsters. Instead, I'm worried, and I usually never get worried about anything!"

"Not only can power change people, but the mere acceptance that someone has this power and is using it for evil can send chills down their spines." Sunset Shimmer stepped forward and flicked her wrists. "I myself know what it's like to have power and influence, and all that I did was use it to make others scared, and unable to defend or act for themselves. So it might just be the case that Starlight's doing exactly what I did before the Fall Formal, only she's used her words to amass a small army, ready to finish Chrysalis and the Changelings once and for all."

"But how are we gonna stop her when she's so into it?" Rainbow Dash asked. "I mean, yeah, you were a bit of a jerk back then, but Starlight's focusing her Defectors on this cause, and she's not gonna stop for anything—even if we try to butter her up with our super-awesome rainbow powers."

"Sneaking into Crystal Prep's not gonna happen, since the whole school will be locked inside out and guarded by the Canterlot PD once the Defectors arrive." Lemon Zest took her headphones off and turned off the rock song she had been listening to. "And even if we do get in, we'll just end up being caught in the middle of all those jerks, cops, and Changelings. It'll be a real mess."

"And there's also the issue involving the Magic of Friendship," Rarity added. "If those Defectors have cracked the code and can Pony-Up, then they might be an even bigger threat to our schools than we thought..."

"Defectors that can fly is bad enough, but I shudder to think what they can do if they can use the power of the Elements of Harmony magic against us, and that's not even taking into account the magic that comes out through playing instruments." Sunset looked over towards Canterlot High and gulped. "If they use all that magic, Starlight and Blueblood could very well come to our school again, but this time with a magic-wielding army in tow."

"Not to mention the portal to Equestria!" Pinkie Pie suddenly leapt up over the group. "If the Defectors find the portal and break it, then who knows what could happen? It might turn into a super-big vortex that'd suck us all in, or maybe it'd cut off the Magic of Friendship forever, or maybe even—"

"Shut up, Pinkie Pie!" Sour Sweet violently covered Pinkie's mouth with her right hand. "You're only making the image worse!"

"Sorry." Pinke pulled Sour's hand away from her mouth. "I'm as scared as you girls are right now, but I just want to get the worse-case scenarios out of the way so that I have a clear head on trying to stop those meanie-pants from flattening CHS."

"PINKIE!" The whole group shouted at her this time.

"Sorry..." She quietly scuttled backwards and put her own hands in front of her mouth.

"Let's just change the subject, alright?" Twilight raised both of her hands and shook her head, calming herself down quickly. "We've all got the day off, so what should we do?"

"First of all, we should check the news, then we could go to Sugarcube Corner and grab a drink while we think of a way to stop these Defectors from fighting." Applejack was quick to break the silence.

"Sounds like a good idea." Sunny Flare started to walk again. "And convenient, considering that Sugarcube Corner recently got a TV to keep the customers happy."

"So, what are we waiting for?" Pinkie's smile returned as she ran in front of her friends. "Follow me! I know a shortcut!"

"Does she always do this?" Sugarcoat asked once Pinkie Pie got a good distance away from them.

"She's Pinkie Pie. Best not to question it." Rainbow Dash crossed her arms with a smile of her own before she chased after her.

After a long run through town, along with a few cut corners, crashes into trash cans, and even the occasional stray dog encounter, the group finally arrived at Sugarcube Corner, ragged and out of breath except for Pinkie Pie and Lemon Zest, who were still as spry and eager as they had been since they started their journey.

"You run just as well as you can dance, Pinks." Lemon gave Pinkie Pie a few pats on the back before the two of them walked into the store, with the rest of their friends almost collapsing out of exhaustion as they slowly hobbled into the building.

As everyone walked into the building, it was just as busy as it had been on the day that they had met and became friends. But even then, the people were still doing the same thing that they had been doing back then. Eating their pastries, drinking their beverages, and flipping through newspapers or watching the small TV.

"Ahh, Sugarcube Corner." Rarity sniffed the scent of the pastries and drinks. "It almost seems like yesterday when we walked in here and became friends..."

"Yeah. We've come along way since then, huh?" Indigo sighed and put her hands behind her head as she regained her lost breath. Despite being the best athlete at Crystal Prep, she was still winded from the run through the town she had had with Pinkie and Lemon.

"Anyway, we should get something to eat while we're in here as well." Sugarcoat quickly fixed her hair which had been made messy from the jog. "It's respectable to the owners of this place, after all."

Before anyone else could ask, their stomachs all began to rumble in almost perfect harmony with one another. This was followed by a short giggle fit before they all nodded in agreement.

One break later and the girls were now watching the TV's news channel, looking out for any sign of the Defectors' activity at Crystal Prep, or to see whether or not they had been quelled by the Canterlot PD and Changelings. After a few gossip stories, weather reports, and the occasional scandal news, there was finally news on the Defectors.

"Breaking news. In what eyewitnesses would call the worst riot in history, officers from Canterlot PD were unsuccessful in defeating a group of students at Crystal Prep, who made up almost half of the school's total attendence." A newslady with a suave and sophisticated voice read the news as if it was no surprise to her at all. She brushed the paper she had been holding briefly before the picture showed a video feed—most likely taken from a camera—of cops retreating from Crystal Prep with beams of multi-coloured energy catching them, throwing them in the air, and tossing them into the distance.

"What the?!" Sunset was the first to see the image and recoiled violently, to the point where she fell off the chair entirely. She groaned for a few seconds before she took her friends' hands and carefully stood back up.

"Are you alright, Sunset?" Fluttershy asked once she checked to see whether or not the fall had left a bruise.

"Y-yeah. I'm fine..." Sunset almost choked on her words as she recovered from the shock. "What the heck was that? And how did the police of all people fail to surpress the Defectors?"

"I think you answered your own question, Sunset." Sugarcoat pushed her milkshake aside and readjusted her glasses once again. "The Defectors must have access to the Magic of Friendship, and can do what you and your friends call a Pony-Up. It's far-fetched, but given what's happened at the Games and now this, it's the most logical explanation we have."

"We now go live to a report with our new apprentice reporter, Pixel Pizazz," the woman on the news said as the image returned to a shot of her next to another picture of a girl with two pigtails and a black dress. "It's her first time reporting, so don't be surprised if she feels nervous."

"Wait, Pixel? What the heck is she doing there?!" Rainbow Dash was the next to freak out, but she didn't fall off like Sunset had.

"You know her?" Sunny Flare turned towards Rainbow.

"She's a student at Canterlot High, and she's one of Photo Finish's friends," Rainbow Dash said. "And she's sitting right on the doorstep of those monsters!"

"This won't end well..." Sour Sweet, as much as she wanted to get angry, could not help but huddle up next to Rainbow.

"Well, from what's going on here, it looks like things are going to heck in a handbasket," Pixel started her report. "At the time of 10:05 AM Eastern, 7:05 Pacific, a bunch of students referring to themselves as the 'Defectors' were called into Crystal Prep alone. The other students who go to this school were informed not to come in, and were told a lie for their own protection.

"The Defectors were formed recently after the events of the last Friendship Games, and have been constantly fighting against the school's newly appointed principal, Chrysalis," the screen changed to show more pictures. First of stuff that happened at the Games, then to a mugshot of the Defectors, and finally a portrait of Principal Chrysalis. "Led by two students known as Starlight Glimmer and Blueblood, the Defectors mercilessly attack and ostricize anyone who wants to change for the better.

"The police force from Canterlot PD had a secret operation that had been authorized by the chief called Operation: Silence. Usually frowned on by law itself but allowed for this one time, since the Defectors' behaviour had been so bad and disrputive that it classified them as rioters," the images continued to change, even showing some CCTV footage. "Once the Defectors were all inside the walls of CPA, it would be locked down from the inside. Then the police, as well as the school's disciplinarian team, would attack the Defectors right back in the hopes that it would stop them from hurting other students.

"However, the plan ultimately ended in failure, and the Defectors overpowered the police for unknown reasons, but at this time, we have no idea on what caused them to win," the shot finally changed back to Pixel holding the microphone. "We will have more on this story as i—" Before she could finish, she was blasted away by a magical bolt, dropping her microphone into Starlight's hands.

"This world is blighted, ladies and gentlemen." Starlight took over as the cameraman was shot down by Blueblood, who took the camera and held it up for Starlight to broadcast her speech. "Abacus Cinch was the cornerstone of Crystal Prep Academy, and those irksome Rainbooms from Canterlot High are what caused this whole problem.

"With how quickly otherworldly forces get involved with events, it's easy to see that things are not always expected to be fair." She paced left and right, the camera always focusing on her. "Asteroids, natural disasters, magic—all of which factor into an event being unbalanced, and therefore invalid."

"But no more." Blueblood handed the camera to another Defector before walking next to Starlight and wrapping his arm around hers. "We Defectors are sick and tired of having our school treated like dirt, and if this so-called magic is to blame for Miss Cinch's dismissal, then I say we stand up and fight against those who have robbed us of a good woman, regardless of her methods of motivting students!"

"Which is why we have one request." Red Letter had a pair of wings, but when he landed, he glowed briefly before his wings turned into a horn that poked out of his forehead. "The Rainbooms of Canterlot High. Sunset Shimmer, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity. Bring all six of those girls to us dead or alive, and we will stop our little warpath and leave you all alone."

"Oh, and while you're at it, be sure to look out for six particular students from Crystal Prep who also deserve our justice." Starlight stepped forward and took over for Red Letter. "Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Lemon Zest, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and Twilight Sparkle. Bring them all to us as well, and we won't hurt any CPA student ever again." She chuckled and secretly crossed her fingers behind her back. "I promise."

"Make no mistake, Rainbooms and Shadowbolts. We are here to solve the world's problems." Blueblood's horn started to glow vigourously. "And after the Friendship Games, and the imprisonment of our beloved Abacus Cinch, we've come to an agreement that the world's problems begin. With. YOU!" He roared, lowered his head, and fired his magic straight at the camera, causing the shot to go to a techincal difficulties screen before it went back to the woman in the newsroom.

"We'd better get out of here. And fast! Before anyone notices we're here!" Pinkie Pie started to run towards the door. "Hurry!"

"We might as well. If the Defectors know we're here, things might just end up being impossible to fix." Sugarcoat quickly stood up and walked towards the door almost as if she was jogging.

"Impossible doesn't even describe it, Sugarcoat!" Sour Sweet stumbled to get to her feet and charged out.

Sunset and the rest of the group followed Pinkie and Sugarcoat out of the building, running as fast as their legs could carry them. She didn't want to stay behind and find out whether or not the Defectors had influenced the people inside to try and capture them. She wasn't taking any chances, knowing full well that they had just declared war on public television, and that she and her friends were their prime target.

"We need to get somewhere safe, girls!" Sunset said rapidly as she and the group cut a corner and ran the exact same way that they had come to get to Sugarcube Corner in the first place. "If the Defectors swayed the people of the city, then we're in even deeper trouble than we could have ever imagined!"

"Starlight and Blueblood just hijacked a whole news feed just to get to us. It's safe to say that they can't be saved, even if they're just human." Twilight started to drift deep in thought, despite the fact that she was still keeping up with her friends. "What are they doing with that magic? And more importantly, are they truly safe from it? Will it turn them into demons just like I was? Only time will tell..."

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