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I'm a fanfiction.net writer and contributor to the Infinite Loops (if not the Saph ones as far as I can tell), who may occasionally jot an idea for here.


Normally a fic like this one-shot goes the followingway.

Equestria appears on Earth.

Earth get's magic poisoned.

Conflict ensues between pro and anti-conversion forces on both sides.

Then Author tracking occurs depending on how much you like humanity as a whole. Yada yada yada.

This fics merely takes two simple facts about the Bureau genre and changes them: first the idea that Celestia herself is leading, or even aware, of the Bureau.

And second, that the earth attacked is a real life esc earth.

No, the rogue Bureau decided to attack Earths belonging to multiple other shows, books, movies, games, etc....and none of them are all that happy about it.

They also don't really do that well at the conquering part.

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So in other words Humans decide Equestria is evil and start murdering people. Well frankly peace is going to happen after the humans start to turn on one another once certain members of their group start to realize THEY are the aggressors. Once guys like Superman and Goku realize what they are doings is wrong they will demand the army stop, and MANY will refuse to stop or even slow down. Theis is inevitable too as many hero can sense who is evil and who is not (of have allies who can). Once morality comes into play the army will fracture ad many characters likely put aside past grievances and characters from worlds with much different moral compasses agreed to work together, the break down won't be pretty.

Put Halo and Star Wars in it.

6648345 To them Equestria was basically an alien enemy who attacked them for no reason and attempted, and in many cases did, cause severe damage to their worlds. It is not unreasonable for them to see them as evil thus and go after them to ensure that it doesn't happen again. And some can be talked down after a while, though not all of them.

Which is of course the point I was making. certain humans will easily accept that it wasn't Equestria proper that attacked them but rouge nobility. As I said good amount of powerful characters have abilities that will let them KNOW Equestria isn't the enemy, a lot of super hero and magic users. others will be hard to convince to stop and some others won't CARE and continue anyway. Conflict will inevitably happen. Also I do have a feeling that the ponies will in some cases take down their attackers or fight them to a standstill, not all of them of course some characters are too strong. Equestria does have heroes that can perform amazing feats but they are severely outnumbered. At lastly lets not forget some people on the human side WILL cross moral lines and attack ordinary Canterlot citizens, meaning the tension is already there.

A lot of my argument is I don't want Equestria to simply get steam rolled by a overwhelming force(it's a depressing and boring concept), but really when you think about it... the Alliance of Human worlds would be really unstable due to methodology and morality differences between members. There are lines one character would happily ignore another wouldn't cross or allow others to.

I like the idea of the CB being run completely without Celestia's knowledge, that it was all the nobility. Points for that.

Needs an Undertale reference, Sans would fit so well here.

Dear Princess Celestia,

Bad Girls like you are going to have a Bad time.




Toriel is mad...You do realize why she's the caretaker of the Underground right?
Hint: el is a common ending in the names of Angels and we all know where Hell is supposed to be right? Now find a copy of the real fucking Bible and read up on the war between heaven and hell. Not that damn New American shit they put in Catholic Churches, a real bible.

6649494 It does seem to be getting some good attention. This is just an idea, but would you guys be interested in an expanded story that looks at what happened in the year+ the invasions occurred?

Of course if I'd did I would need some brainstorming ideas, and some characters to actually fulfill the Pony antagonist role. Other than the Pokemon main bad to be a Pegasus with a Nazi esc name (BlitzStorm?), I've really got nothing there.

Awesome story. Any chance of seeing more chapters? I think it would be shame to leave it just a oneshot.

6649649 I'm not sure. To be honest the Crossover stuff wasn't what brought me here. The idea of Celestia not being coocoo for cocoapuffs was the main draw for me.

Admittedly I'd love to see the CB poke the hornet's nest that is the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40k but with your idea it would see the brutal carnage on a mostly innocent Equestria when the invading nobility was beaten back. Crossover stories aren't usually my cup of tea but you might change my mind.

this is good

6649804 I am certainly not against working on more, though there is a issue.

They would likely be based prior to this chapter, AKA other worlds vs the Bureau stuff merely based on my muse. That also leads to a question I have, do I use this strict setup, or do I use this is a basis, but don't necessarily follow the exact outlines. Perhaps there are a few worlds where the Bureau wins. If I was to use the Bureau setup is it is, it would sort of feel like anything the heroes did in the Prequel Era: Obi-wan and Anakin can free as many worlds from the Seps as possible and Padme can block spending bills, but Palpatine will still end up winning in the end.

If I don't use a different setting than this, but with a similar format, I am going to run into that wall. As currently defined there will be a lack of a drama sense: I could have the Ponies ponify Light Yagami, seal off the Shinigami, etc etc, but I'd still have to show how that world manages to win. It would also allow me to take steps the original snippet would render somewhat hard sells, like having Discord show up if I so please.

Fan feedback of direct sequel or inspired sequel welcome.

6650605 Not sure what to tell you myself.

I guess you could try chapters that show how the rogue ponies attempt at conquering the crossovers worlds by conversion went exactly. Than maybe after going through all the crossovers. You could do a chapter that shows what happens next after the end of chapter one.

Oh also maybe do a special chapter about Lyra. It could be about her finding out what her family attempted to do and how she reacts to it. Maybe also have her meet some the humans her family in particular fought or caused pain too.


That's a rather large hornets nest that's been poked there.

Wrongly accused or not, there is basically nothing that can realistically stop all of the attackers. (Unless you can convince some of them to help stop the others...) The Pony counter to super-powered assault is basically 'shove a rainbow down their throats', but... with this many assailants, I think Equestria is going to burn for the sins of a few. And that's sad. :fluttercry:

6650694 And would an Orbital Friendship Beam really work? I mean, maybe it would affect Lelouch or Eren Yaeger, but I cannot see it harming someone like, say, Optimus Prime or Money D. Luffy.

That's another reason I would prefer to expand by going back in time. I can avoid having to answer that question.

Well this different and quite distinct from the usual stories of the tcb genre. But what exactly are the filli terriam that you mentioned above? Are they your original invention or are they from a different show/video game/webcomic/other?

6656679 The Filli Terriam are a group I've seen mentioned in a few fics by various authors, that run sort of like a Pony KKK. As far as I can tell, they are used as fanon characters, or characters that while lacking official versions have generally established and accepted personalities that are used across multiple fanfics and are generally used and accepted for multiple people (For example Harry Potter's Daphne Greengrass the gray Slytherin, Charles Potter as Harry's grandfather, since given a canon as stated by author counterpart character Fleamont Potter, or Pokemon's Red as a serious and virtually unbeatable red-eyed badass, or here with most every background pony)

Of course, now that you ask this question, I now am paranoid and wondering if that is in fact the case. If it isn't, mind someone telling me? Seeing as the fics that did feature them did not have 'X is owned by writer Y' in their authors notes,I figured this was the case, but now I'm a little worried about it.

Eh, you know what.....I'm going to change it just in case.

Whoahohohoho that was intense...


HEHEHEHEHE! Instant fav! :D

But for real, this was pretty damn good, nice job on this man.
Hehehehe... fuck, Equestria is screwed.

Several floating boasts made of metal were attacking as well, and from these heli-boats many odd humans attacked. One of which was really green, and really angry.

I desperately hope this refers to Halo, even if it does mean the sacrifice of Marvel.

7079521 Why do I always find these little errors......

7079550 Probably the hopeless denial of your fans.

7079574 Hopeless denial

(Note I just edited Boasts to Boats)

7079579 Oh! You meant a typo! There's hope for Halo yet! :raritystarry:


Pardon me, but I hardly see how Britannia in the Code Geass-verse could've fallen so easily. Maybe the ponies might have overrun a district or two, but there's no way all of Britannia could fall.

7172404 In my head Schneizel was the first to get into contact with the invaders. He promptly got turned, returned to Pendragon....after that if you aren't a Vi or a Li Britannia your a grazer.

7172519 Schneizel may have been a villain, but I doubt he'd have been so easy to take down. He took on Lelouch in the series finale, remember.

7173742 And how would he know that the flask of potion must not hit him? He's smart, not all knowing.

7173789 I think he'd be suspicious of anything somebody was throwing at him, much less letting a bunch of weird alien creatures get close. Anybody that stupid deserves to get ponified.

7174022 A magical pastel horse isn't exactly scary. That might make him drop his guard, he hardly would expect Euphemia's childhood toys to kill him after all.

7174176 But after that initial attack, I think humans would put together "talking horse plus evil potion = bad" before the whole country was destroyed.

7175330 Didn't I say Schneizel had first contact with them, meaning he was the one going up to them and asking what they planned to do?

7175347 Alright, so he's taken out, how does taking out the ruler mean you now run the entire country?


Minion: My Lord, Schneizel has returned.

Charles: And....

Minion: He appears to have....um......been turned into a Unicorn.

Charles: What nonsense is this you speak!

Minion: My Lord, please listen to me, I would not say something like that if it was not true.

Charles: Yes.....yes you wouldn't tell me that if it wasn't true. Very well, bring whatever Schneizel is here. I demand an answer from the horses mouth.....

As minion leaves a pink haired girl pops out from behind him, giving him a 'really' look through her glowing red eyes.

Charles: ......That was not intentional.


Oh, and with the Britannian royal family virtually gone the country goes into chaos.

7175558 Except for the generals who manage to mount a defense, I would think, before a country that covers literally a third of the world was overrun. There would be stands, and with the Kightmare frames on their sides, it would not be a simple affair.

7177711 The absolute loyalty thing is tricky. There would be generals who, if magical horse Charles told them to turn into magical horses, would do it. Bismark probably would at least.

7177734 Well, Bismarck was a pussy. Other generals would see just another enemy to fight that has obviously corrupted the minds of the others, and btw, how would the ponies get them to believe that the nice cuddly pony even was Schneizel? By super-promising it was him? Don't underestimate Britannia's belief in it's own racial superiority.

Where is the Protoss and the Zerg?

These are goofy wish fulfilment fics, but I like 'em

No Warhammer 40k? No Zelda? Meh. Good job on this though. Liked it better than most of the CB stories I've read

I saw what looked to be Medabots and the Masked Medafighter, thanks to said Medafighter's hammy motions.:rainbowlaugh: Hope Digimon also appears. I can imagine all the Digidestined and/or their partners being hell-bent on wiping the Equines out if they lose any of their number/partner.:fluttercry:

I mean, if Takato from Tamers went Berserk at Leomon's Death, imagine what would happen if he witnessed his family and friends being 'Converted' into smiling freaks that don't care he's their son/friend?:pinkiegasp: He'd be Unstoppable in his Fury!:pinkiecrazy: They would all be.

I can understand why the Autobots are hell-bent on destroying Equestria as well. The Barrier used by the Nobles would have wounded or Offlined many of their number, and the Potion-Bombings would have cost them their friends and allies. Wonder if some of the Humans found a way to become Transformers as well? Would Sonic the Hedgehog and his fellow rebels appear as well?

When I saw the Metal throwing Knives among the Devil Fruit Powers, I was hoping that Warframe would also be in there.:rainbowdetermined2: Wonder if Titanfall would also appear? Fallout would fit in here as well, maybe the Brotherhood of Steel and the Minutemen/Railroad being one of the many fighting forces appearing.:rainbowkiss:

Still, if Borderlands also appears, I suspect that the New-U stations and the crazy weapons and Shields would give the Vault Hunters a huge advantage. Also, there's the Eridian artifacts as well with their mysterious powers... And Claptrap being himself.:rainbowlaugh:

...And this is why we cannot have nice things. Because the Nobility happens to consist of idiots.

Where is the resistance coming from?

...Every other Earth but ours.

This is awesome! Why the hell hasn't something like this appeared before?!

I was hoping for one of the universes to be warhammer, it would have been an attack on holy terra (I think), they would have taken it as an attack on the god-emperor. Or Dr Who, during that episode doomsday, billions upon millions of daleks coming through a portal. Jeez

Or the enclave remnants

I demand you make this a full story XD You can use any damned universe to do this,so much potential! I recommend you need to make this a full story, like 2 ,3,or even 5 chapters,that would be awesome

i demand that this includes the robots from Fallout: Tactics

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