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One day while Fluttershy as walking in the woods, she found a strange creature. This creature says that her name is Miia (from Everyday life with monster girls). How will Miia get along in a place like Equestria, a land that is always in a positive mood, is like a living musical, and most of all, filled with herbivores. How will the ponies get along with Miia and how she is very different from them. This is a story of her time there.
Teen for language/swearing, and sexual comments.

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this was pretty good. Will you be making more stories based around the rest MonSu gang

Besides some grammar and spelling mistakes it's pretty good. If you want I can help you with that

More please there are no other monster musume stories on fim fic

This looks like a great premise, and it's cool that this is the first Monster Musume crossover on this site. :pinkiehappy: There are a few tiny typos, but other than that the story's great. :twilightsmile:

This story looks great so far, I hope you can continue it soon!


She will mention darling right?

Most likely (Creed M). He is the center of the universe to her so I am going to throw that in at some point; but that doesn't mean that Kimihito will be in the story.

When are you gonna do an update?

I love monster musume!

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