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There comes a point in everyone's life when you just can't put up with somethings. For Ditzy Doo that something is the way she is treated by everyone else at Canterlot High that isn't her sister or her only four friends. She's smart, it's just that no one believes that. No one will take her seriously with her wonky eyes and clumsy personality.

However, that all changes when a boy named Shard Storm enters her life. Finding her eyes 'beautiful' and her clumsy nature 'adorable.'

How will things play out for these two? I think we all know the answer by now.

Oh, and there's something about some company trying to get Shard or something.

Part of the PoME universe

Any OCs used that are not created by me are owned by there respective owners

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"Now start here Shard


hallways of the school he smile began to falter as she received judgemental stares


Pleased the carrot farmer

and that's it its all good, as far as I can tell

Pretty good as far as i could tell
Rapid: I look forward to meeting you all!.:pinkiesmile:

its a great start so far and as well if you join the family i say huh?*tiberious whispering in his ear* alright you can say it

Tiberious: we both hope everyone in the PoME library including us would like to welcome you to the family and as well i would like to call you a friend

well said tiberious oh as well great job for the first chapter and cant wait to see how this will go

Why can't her name be Derby and everyone nicknames her Ditzy? Jw cause I really like Derby Hooves and I hope Doctor Whooves is the other friend. HINT HINT WINK WINK :derpyderp1::derpyderp2::derpytongue2::heart:


I believe in EQG calling a girl with twin lazy eyes 'derpy' is a tad mean, more-so then in Equestria where there is no equivalent 'derp' meme.

I'd go with Ditzy as her real name, Derpy as something people call her when being assholes and muffins as a nickname.

This looks great I can't wait for more.:twilightsmile: Welcome to the Group!:pinkiehappy:

Artemis: It's about time someone call Ditzy by her real name.

....eh, sure, why not. I'll give it a try.

This seems pretty promising so far, I can't wait to see what you have in store. :twilightsmile:

Okay well that happened....

Scrubby: Scrubby knows where this is going...... Hmhmm.

XD Good chapter, man. Keep up the good work.

6643987 Treble: Treble thinks he also knows where this is going... I think.

Can we have a spin-off with Scrubby as the main character? XD

Aww Ditzy is adorable as always and also Scrubby made a comeback.

great chapter
scruby: scruby's not cleaning up that mess. they can do that elsewhere
hint hint nudge nudge

*Trying to find more Ditzy stories*

Yes this looks likes it will be a great read I will follow it. Keep being cool.:moustache:


Treble, why are you even here?

Nothing, just being crazy.*Tongue shoots out of mouth like a chameleon at slice of pizza*

6650229 *slowly backs away* well I gotta go... Uh... Get milk! Yes, gotta get some more milk, that's it. *runs very fast, very far*

6650243 *Shruggs and retracts tongue. Begins eating pizza* mmm, so good.

6650243 Shard you are Awesome.
Artemis: Agreed you treat Ditzy so well.:twilightsmile:

Alchemy: Whats he talking about I'm not with anyone.
Mesiagamer whistles innocently
Alchemy: Writer what are you planing.

great chapter as usual
mise: dinky's right you will get together eventually

This story made me chuckle. Nice work. Have a favorite :twilightsmile:

If you ask me, I think you should ask for permission. and If you want, you can use my OC , Zero Gravity. and if you need some info on the other OC's, here's a character info sheet http://www.fimfiction.net/group/208931/pome-library/thread/216292/pome-characters-description-work-in-progress :twilightsmile:

This chapter was really good- scratch that Great. Can't wait for more.:twilightsmile:

great chapter, I loved the part with sword, very clever. and you have permission to use Mise.

That was kind of funny and I think I can OK you using Alchemy depending on the time frame.
Alchemy: ya me appearing before the friendship games would be a bit confusing in this universe.

Thou may use thy Mighty Treble in thy story, I'll enjoy his presence in it.

Violin and Piano music plays in back ground at the scene.

6654095 the PoME group is the universe that this story is set in, it started from a story called Pie Of My Eye and many others made stories that were set in the same universe such as The Sun Of My Heart, Aftermath Bliss and Kiss The Chef. It's basically a collection of stories where the authors create OCs to shop with characters on Equestria Girls

You can use my character, Solar Eclipse, if you want.

Treble: I can't wait to call them the backstreet boys!

Treble just because-

Treble: SILENCIO! Now go make that forest chapter already.

great chapter, I love the character development here.
Mise: im going to get along great with shard, I can't wait for our siege on crystal prep, I want him to come along

6659217 that can be the case, I made Shard because the group needed a fighter, and what better way to do that than with a badass swordsman with orange hair

6659253 im all for it, now as far as the siege on cp the way Im doing it, im going to have the renforcements on standy by when the launch the planes because is going to attack with this 25 ton behemoth

Ok, last chapter got me nervous about the blade... this chapter, I have one response to that blade if I was the plastic:

Janitor is just like "Nope" anyways amazing story

So this dude just walks around with a sword every day and no one says anything? I'm calling bullshit even for a fanfic

Alchemy: Um writer do you think we should tell him?
I think he would figure it out from another fic.
Alchemy: You mean the one with the Fluttershy/OC ship.
Alchemy: Then again its his story.

You can use Soul if you want.

6660377 what's wrong? Is one of the characters already taken?

This was a great chapter. Yes someone there for Ditzy to be a bodyguard for her, I like it.:derpytongue2: Time for Ditzy to have someone stand up and keep the bullys away.

Badass with a sword cool. Love the theme song it goes with him great. Love to read more when it comes.

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