• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Your Beautiful Wonky Eyes - PyraBlue Heart

Ditzy Doo has had enough of being treated like an idiot, but no one will take her seriously with her eyes and clumsy nature. That all changes when a peculiar boy arrives at Canterlot High and changes her life forever.

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5) Bath Rhymes

The next day after the incident with the jocks, Shard was getting ready for the day ahead. Ditzy had asked him to meet her and her friends at the local park that morning, so he was making sure he was presentable. Currently he was in the shower, singing one of his favourite songs from the YouTube series 'Dick Figures' yeah it sounds like something you'd come across on an adult website but it was an honest to God good show, granted it was filled with random violence and profanity, it still had one of the greatest songs he had ever heard, although it was riddled with curses.

"~Yeah right, I'm a robot guy, shoot lasers out of my eyes, and Dinkleberry says to me~" Just then he heard his dad knocking on the wall in the opposite room shouting at a neighbor that he had made his sworn enemy.

"SHUT THE F*** UP!!!"

Shard shrugged and continued singing. "~Whoo, turn up my headphones-ones, up my pho-oh-ones, my headphones-ones~, up my pho-oh-ones. I am levelin up, I got bun in my cup, I got that ass in my lap, now make that, ass, clap." He continued singing until he was completely singing.

Stepping out of shower he began to finish the song. "~Fellas, and ladies, on the dance floor, making babies, fellas, and ladies, on the dance floor, making babies!~" He dried himself off and wrapped the towel around his waist, his well built chest shining slightly from the sweat.

Walking across the hall and into his room he sat down at his dresser and began drying his hair with an old hair drier. After that he comes his hair into the style he was always seen in. After that he sprayed some deodorant and threw on his clothes. Sheathing one of his katanas he hid it in the back of his jacket. Making sure the fur on his collar and wrists were poofy enough he smiled and looked himself over in the mirror. "Lookin good Shard, lookin good indeed."

Nodding in confidence that he was ready he walked down the stairs and said good morning to his family (minus his dad) before heading out to his car. As he was about to open the car door he quickly grabbed his sword and sliced the piece of plastic that was thrown at him by his father.

"Really dad? When I'm right by my car?"

The man with dark red hair that was wearing a red suit walked up to him, a sheathed katana at his waist hanging in his belt. "Sorry son, just making sure the reflexes are still sharp."

"Well try doing it when I'm not by something that costs thousands of dollars."

"You won it in a competition as a gift along with thousands of dollars worth or prize money."

"Yeah well it's a pretty high maintenance gift and that prize money has been in my account gathering interest for years now, it's my college fund and my life savings and I'd rather not spend it on a broken window or another paint job." With that Shard got in his car and drove away.

Trying to relax he smirked and linked his iPod touch to the cars radio and hit his favourite song.

Shard's theme

"I'm loaded with tons of cash, have an amazing family, I'm a badass swordsman, made a really cute girl my friend and have this gold to listen to. Feeling pretty freakin great about life right now!" With that he accelerated and shot down the road.

Ditzy, Carrot Top, Lyra, Bon Bon and Dinky were waiting in the local park on a picnic table waiting for Time Turner and Shard to show up.

"Hey Ditzy, tell us about this boy you met yesterday, I heard he showed Hothead and Ascot who's boos when they picked on you." Said Lyra as she sipped away at a box of juice..

Ditzy was about to start explaining when she saw Shard's car pulling into the parking lot. "I don't need to tell you about him, because he's here." Lyra, Carrot and Bon Bon looked in the direction that she was pointing and their eyes widened, with Lyra sucking her juice box dry before spitting it out.

"Now he's cute." Said Carrot.

"Hunk ahoy Ditzy." Commented Bon Bon as she gave Ditzy a pat on the back.

"He's beautiful!" Ditzy just looked at the girls with a raised eyebrow. Dinky looked to all of them and facepalmed.

"Seriously, I will never understand you three and your obsession with boys."

As Shard approached them Ditzy snatched Lyras empty carton. "Watch this girls. Hey Shard, heads up!" She threw the carton in his direction. Within a second he was behind the box with his sword out and the carton hit the ground in two pieces.

"Awesome~" All the girls, including Dinky, said in unison with stars in their eyes.

"Morning Ditzy, good to see you again." Shard said as he twirled his sword before sheathing it again. "So, you just gonna stare or are you gonna introduce me to these lovely ladies?" The girls giggled in delight at his question. 'Works every time.'

"Oh right." Clearing her throat Ditzy got to her feet. "Shard, this is Carrot Top, Lyra Heartstrings and Bon Bon... We don't exactly know her last name. I think it's Sweetiedrops or something but I can't remember." Shard smiled as Ditzt tried her hardest to remember the name and ruffled her hair.

"It's alright Ditzy, I don't need to know."

Ditzy closed her eyes and her mouth became shaped like a cats as she leaned into his touch. Shard just looked at her with a raised brow then to the girls questioningly, only getting shrugs in response. Nonetheless he found it absolutely adorable.

Meanwhile, three other boys had made there way into the park. Looking around they spotted Shard with the girls and gave warm smiles.

"Well boys, looks like we were right afterall, this is the city he scurried off to." A boy with slick cyan hair said to the other two.

"You think he'll be suprised when we show up at Canterlot High with him?" Asked a boy with spiky black hair.

"Maybe we should give him some space for now, let 'im get settled in first." A boy with long purple hair said. The others nodded and looked back to Shard.

Author's Note:

What can I say, I like giving characters themes and this one seemed to fit, plus it is one of my absolute favourites!

And I'm calling it right now. Bon Bon, Lyra and Carrot are going to be paired with the boys at the end so... Just saying

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