• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Your Beautiful Wonky Eyes - PyraBlue Heart

Ditzy Doo has had enough of being treated like an idiot, but no one will take her seriously with her eyes and clumsy nature. That all changes when a peculiar boy arrives at Canterlot High and changes her life forever.

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3) The start of something beautiful

After a few more moments of staring at each other they both pulled back a little with soft blushes. As Ditzy stepped back her foot landed on a fallen pencil and she began to fall. Acting fast Shard shot forward and stopped her fall by grabbing her hand and pulling her up. However he put a little too much force into the pull and she stumbled onto him, knocking both of them over. Ditzy and Shard both blushed furiously as their faces were just centimetres apart as Ditzy lay on top of the boy who had cushioned her fall, one eye being covered by her hair.

"Sorry, I guess I pulled a bit to hard." Shard said, breaking the more than comfortable silence. Ditzy placed her hand on his chest to push herself up but froze as she felt his well built abdominals as she missed her target. The heat in her face intensified greatly, Shards face becoming a little red as well.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry." Ditzy exclaimed before jumping off him and helping him up.

"No it's quite alright." After dusting himself off he looked to the girl with a soft smile. "Anyway, Ditzy was it?"

'He said my real name.' Thought Ditzy as she cleared her throat. "Um, yes. That's my name." She answered with a goofy smile.

"Well then. Ditzy, are you the one that is supposed to be showing me around the school?"

'You have a chance to make a cute boy your friend Ditzy, don't mess this up.' She smiled and nodded. "Yep, Principle Celestia asked me to show you around the place. Usually a girl named Sunset Shimmer would show new students around but she's away doing something, I don't know what though."

"Well then I'm glad she is away, otherwise I wouldn't have met you so soon." Ditzy internally squealed in delight. "Oh hey, your hair is in your eye, lemme get that for you." He reached forward and pushed her hair out of the way. Instinctively she shut the eye before it was revealed. "Something get in your eye?" He asked a bit concerned.

"Uh, yes! Something got in my eye and it really hurts." Ditzy was glad to have an excuse to not open the eye.

"If it hurts then why don't you let my take a look at it, see if it's anything serious?" He asked with a caring smile. Ditzy frantically looked around, trying to find anything to delay the inevitable. Unfortunately there was nothing in sight. Sighing she slowly opened the crooked eye. Expecting Shard to ask what was wrong with her or laugh she closed her eyes and bit her lip. Hearing nothing she opened one eye and saw Shard looking at her in concern. "Are you ok Ditzy, I didn't do anything to offend you did I?"

"N-No, that's the thing. You aren't making fun of my eyes." She looked at him confused. "Why?"

"Wait wait wait. Do people make fun of you because of your eyes?" He asked with anger present in his voice.

"Y-Yeah, everyone thinks just because I'm a bit clumsy and have these eyes that I'm some sort of idiot." Shard clenched his fist.

"Are you serious? That's what they pick on you for? That's just idiotic." Ditzy looked at him in shock. "Ditzy, exactly how many people tease you about this?"

She closed her eyes and rubbed her arm nervously. "Almost everyone."

Shard struggled not to scream in anger, this sweet, innocent girl was being bullied for something that she couldn't control and that just made him feel like a kettle that was left boiling too long. "Ditzy, show me your eyes again."

Shyly she opened her eyes one at a time before looking him in his bright orange eyes.

"Ditzy, your eyes aren't something to be ashamed of. It's what makes you unique, and quite frankly..." His anger subsided a bit and be looked away slightly, "... they're kind of adorable." A huge blush plastered itself on Ditzy's grey skin.

"W-What? You think my eyes are... adorable?" Shard just nodded.

"I know it's really weird for me to say that to someone I just met but I do find you and your eyes adorable, I hope it didn't make you uncomfor-" His sentence was cut short as Ditzy brought him into a tight hug.

"Thank you." Ditzy whispered. Shard gulped nervously and patted her back.

"Um, no problem Ditzy, just speaking the truth." They separated and looked away from each other and took in breaths of air. 'Well this has been an eventful few minutes. Never expected to meet such a beautiful girl so quickly.'

'Oh my gosh I can't stop blushing, I can't believe this is actually happening.' Ditzy gently slapped herself and puffed out her cheeks in determination. 'Now listen here missy, you are gonna make him your friend and invite him to hang out with you over the weekend with Turner and Carrot.'

"SCRUBBY SAYS JUST KISS ALREADY!!!" The janitor yelled from down the hallway causing the two to jump. "Scrubby swears these freakin kids and their love stories." They heard the door to the janitors closet close and both looked to each other from the corner of their eyes.

"What do you think he meant by that?" Shard asked.

"There have been a lot of new pupils recently, and every single one of them end up in a relationship." They heard a young feminine voice say. Looking down they saw a young girl, probably about thirteen, with light purple skin and the same hairstyle as Ditzy.

"Dinky? What are you doing out here?" Shard just looked down the hallway and to Ditzy multiple times.

'What have you gotten yourself into Shard?' Clearing his throat he looked to Ditzy. "Hey Ditzy, who is this?" He asked.

"Oh, this is my little sister, Dinky Doo." The two hugged and Dinky walked over to Shard and motioned him to lean down. He knelt down and she whispered in his ear.

"You two are basically guaranteed to get together at some point. Treat her well." With that she skipped off. Shard just slowly turned his head to Ditzy who just smiled at him adorably.

'Whatever I just got into... doesn't seem like it's gonna be a bad thing.' Shard shook himself and walked over to her. "So, should we get on with the tour?" Nodding, Ditzy began walking down the hallway. As they passed the janitors closet Sahrd saw Scrubby looking at him and shaking his head.

Author's Note:

Yeah I kinda called myself out in this one, as well as everyone else in the PoME group. Heheheeeeeeee please don't kill me

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