• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Your Beautiful Wonky Eyes - PyraBlue Heart

Ditzy Doo has had enough of being treated like an idiot, but no one will take her seriously with her eyes and clumsy nature. That all changes when a peculiar boy arrives at Canterlot High and changes her life forever.

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2) Begin the day

Shard awoke to the sound of his alarm clock buzzing on his bedside table. Reaching for it he missed hitting the snooze button several times before be just punched the thing off to table. As he settled back down to get a few more minutes rest his eyes shot open as he realised what the day was. He had received a letter from Canterlot High requesting that he come in to be shown around before he would start attending after the weekend.

Getting up in his black and orange pyjamas, he streched his arms up in the air and yawned. Quickly throwing on his usual wear, black jeans, black polo-shirt, orange sneakers and his black jacket with orange fur at the collar and wrists which he zipped up to cover his shirt underneath. Picking up his phone, wallet and keys he made his way down to the kitchen where Ruby was sitting happily munching away at a bowl of rainbow cereal that was absolutely loaded with sugar. "Morning Ruby."

"Morning Shard, sleep well?" The young girl asked in between bites.

"Yeah, it's so much quieter here than in Manehatten I was able to sleep perfectly. Although I will miss the sound of the subway tunnels running underneath our house." Ruby nodded. "Now I understand why the rent was so cheap there."

"Yeah, I'll miss the cats that would have wandered into our back garden." With that small morning discussion out of the way, Shard walked out of the house and headed towards a black and orange sports car parked in the drive while twirling his keys. Unlocking the doors he sat down in the drivers seat and started the engine. Listening to the sound of the engine purring Shard smiled and backed out of the drive. It was a twenty minute drive to the school due to traffic so he switched on the radio and his favourite song from 'The Black Cats of Music' came on. "God I love this song."

Ditzy walked through the halls of Canterlot High, her friend by her side. "Thanks for walking with me Turner, it means a lot." She said flashing the tall boy beside her a smile. The boy had spiky brown hair and light brown skin. He for some odd reason always wore a trench coat to school along with a blue suit underneath.

"Well it's no problem Ditzy. I know how uncomfortable it can be for you to walk by yourself." Time Turner replied. "So, why do you think Principle Celestia called you in, your not the kind of person to do anything bad. The only thing evil about you is your adorableness, it could kill someone and make a Dalek jealous." Ditzy never understood what he meant by those things, he often spoke of creatures of fiction and stories his father had told him.

"Shut up, I'm not cute." Ditzy gave an adorable pout and huffed.

"Hate to tell ya Ditzy but you are." She playfully punched him in the shoulder. As they reached the Principles office Turner turned to Ditzy. "Well I have to go and basically teach Mr O'neils math class for him, so I'll see you later." He ruffled her messy hair a bit before walking off. Knocking on the door of the office she heard the reply to enter. Slowly opening the door and peeking in, Ditzy saw Celestia patiently waiting.

"Ah, Miss Doo, please have a seat." Closing the door behind her Ditzy did as she was told. "You don't need to worry about anything, I just want to ask something of you." Giving an adorable sigh of relief Ditzy was able to calm herself.

"Well, what do you need me to do?" Celestia reached into a drawer and pulled out a file with the name 'Shard Storm' written at the top.

"I would normally ask Sunset Shimmer to do this but she is otherwise preoccupied as well as Soul Writer. I need you to show a new pupil around the school today." Ditzy just looked at her in shock.

"Seriously, you're asking me to do this?" Celestia nodded.

"Your friend Carrot Top informed me yesterday of the way the other pupils treat you. While I can not do much more than inform the students of your actual name and address the issue of them believing you to be of low intelligence, I can give you the opportunity to make a new friend before he hears any rumours." Celestia slid the file over to the nervous girl. "His name is Shard Storm, he recently moved here from Manehatten due to his father being transferred. He'll be attending this school from Monday onwards, but I called him in today to show him around and get him at least somewhat familiar with the grounds. I can do this myself if you aren't comfortable Miss Doo."

She sat there in thought for a few moments before nodding with determination.

"Thank you so much Ditzy, I will try my best to stop the name calling." Nodding to her Principle Ditzy walked out of the office and towards the main lobby where the boy she was supposed to show around was supposed to be waiting.

Shard looked up at the school with a small smile. "Looks nice enough, hope the people are as well." Taking in a breath of air he began climbing the stair to the front door. As he opened the double doors he looked around at the interior, the place seemed well kept. The smooth marble floor with the emblem of the school reflected the light slightly. Looking over he saw a trophie cabinet with a few awards such as cups, medals and shields. As he was walking he felt something bump into him and hit the ground with a soft thud.

Looking down he saw a girl with grey skin and messy blonde hair sitting on the ground. "Oh, I'm sorry miss, I didn't see where I was going." He bent down to help her up.

"No no, I wasn't looking where I was walking, I should be saying sorry." Shard sensed a small amount of regret in the girls voice.

"Now none of that, I'm sure that you-" He stopped as the girl pushed her hair out of the way to reveal her face with one eye closed. 'Wow...'

She was about to speak when she saw his face. Both stared at each other for awhile before Shard shook himself and held out his hand to help her up. 'Oh my...'

"U-Um, hi. My name's Shard Storm. What's yours?" He asked, still holding her hand, neither pulling away or letting go.

"Um, I'm Ditzy Doo. N-Nice to meet you."

Suddenly the janitor walked into the lobby whistling. Seeing the two looking at each other he did a full 180 degree turn and walked back down the hall.

Author's Note:

Well... That certainly happened

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