• Published 17th Nov 2015
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Your Beautiful Wonky Eyes - PyraBlue Heart

Ditzy Doo has had enough of being treated like an idiot, but no one will take her seriously with her eyes and clumsy nature. That all changes when a peculiar boy arrives at Canterlot High and changes her life forever.

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1) The Story Begins

The sun shined brightly down on the city of Canterlot, the streets busy as people of various shapes and sizes walked around completing their daily tasks. Shops opened, caf├ęs began brewing their coffee, restaurants began preparing their breakfast meals and buses left people off to walk to their jobs.

A few miles away from the central parts of Canterlot there was the vast fields of houses that were the homes to those that could actually afford to buy more than an appartment. One if which, stood out from the others. A moving van was parked outside, various boxes being layed out on the sidewalk to be brought into the newly bought household of the Storm Family.

A young man with peach skin and short bright orange hair carried a box up to the red front door and set it down. He wiped a bead of sweat off his forehead and squinted his bright orange eyes to see through the sunlight. "Sure is bright today, I guess I should be glad that it isn't raining or this would be a total nightmare." As he walked back to the moving van his black jeans gently brushed against his skin, his black polo-shirt getting a bit damp from his sweating. He stepped into the van, his orange sneakers creating a soft echoed clang as he walked. Over on the small garden bench lay his black jacket with orange fur at the collar and wrists.

"Hey bro, you need any help?" A young girl with blood red hair and black skin ran up to him in a short red dress.

"No thanks Ruby, I got this." He put his hands under a large box and grunted as he lifted it. "Maybe you can carry some of the little boxes if you want."

"Ok Shard." Ruby picked up a few smaller boxes and walked up to the door.

After unloading the last box Shard walked up to the front and signalled for the driver to leave. Watching the van drive away Shard took a breath of the suprisingly clean air. "New start here Shard, let's try to actually make this work."


Ditzy Doo walked towards the school known as Canterlot High. Her long blonde hair blew freely in the soft morning breeze. Her brown jacket that she wore over her white tank top kept her soft smoke grey skin protected from the sun. Her shirt light blue skirt reached just below her thighs and her brown boots gave soft claks as they hit the smooth sidewalk made of cement. One of her sparkling yellow eyes looked up at the school flagpole as another pointed to the ground. "Don't let today be a bad day Ditzy, you can do this. You have two great friends that will help you through today." Giving a small adorable smile, Ditzy walked towards the front doors of the school.

As she walked through the hallways of the school her smile began to falter as she received judgemental stares and glances from the students she passed. As she reached her locker her smile was completely gone. Placing some books in and taking a few others out she closed the locker and stepped back, accidentally walking into someone.

"Oops, sorry Derpy." One of the Eco kids said as he ran off. Ditzy huffed at the nickname that the students had given her. Ignoring anyone else as she walked she reached her first class, math. Oh how she hated math, it was the one topic she had trouble with. For some reason not being good at algebra made you stupid in the eyes of the student body. It wasn't her fault that she couldn't quite understand who to solve the equations, she never had a nack for anything in the subject other than simple division and multiplication, and a bit on Pythagoras Theorem.

"Morning Ditzy." Her smile returned as she looked back to see her best friend, Carrot Top, walking towards her. Her curly orange hair bounced as she walked and her yellow skin shone in the sunlight piercing through the blinds, attracting the attention of a few of the male students.

"Morning Carrot, how're you today?" The two shared a hug and sat down beside each other at the back of the room.

"Oh you know, just glad tomorrow is Friday so I can actually relax for a day to two without having to worry about doing homework or working on the farm. How about you?" Carrot replied with a warm smile.

"Oh, I'm fine." Carrots smile faltered slightly.

"Someone called you that name again didn't they?" Ditzy rubbed her arm nervously and nodded. "Seriously, you'd think that after all these years they'd realise that isn't your real name." It was true, the newer students to the school and most of the older ones thought her name was Derpy. Some still used it as a nickname to tease her, but most just made a mistake. Some corrected themselves, others didn't.

"It's fine Carrot, this one was just an accident." Carrot placed a hand on her shoulder.

"It still doesn't make it right. Please, just let me go to the principle about it." Pleaded the carrot farmer.

"It's fine Carrot, it's just a name." Looking to her friend unsure, Carrot turned to the front of the room as the teacher walked in.

Shard stood in his new room, unpacking his collectables and other items to place around his new chambers. He glanced over to a certain box, one containing a katana in a black sheath. Walking over to it he grabbed its grip and held it up, sliding it out of the sheath and admiring the blade before him. It was made of an orange material with a black guard.

"I wonder if there's anywhere near here where can continue my lessons." Sheathing the blade Shard moved back to unboxing his things. Setting up his TV and hooking up his gaming system he moved onto his art supplies. Hanging various paintings he and his mother had made together upon his walls he smiled in satisfaction.

"Hey Shard, I need a little help." He heard his little sister call him from the room across the hall.

"What do you need Ruby?"

"I got... tangled in the wires again." Chuckling Shard set down his alarm clock and walked into the other room where he found Ruby covered in wires and looking up at him with a nervous smile.

"Come here stupid, let's get your adorable self out of there." He spoke in a warm, playful voice. "Honestly, I thought you learned not to touch the wires without me, mom or dad."

"I did better this time, I actually found the plug." Chuckling as Ruby tried to lift her arm to show the plug in her hand Shard freed her legs.

"What am I gonna do with you Ruby?" After getting her out of the impossible mess she had gotten herself into Ruby hugged her brother in thanks. "Never change Ruby."

Author's Note:

The start of a hopefully great tale.

Just a short chapter to get you introduced to the characters, more to come soon.

That's all for now my loyal readers and followers.

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