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A strange man sells trinkets that send the unsuspecting to a far-off magical land, their minds and bodies are transformed in the process. These poor souls are lost. Alone. Disoriented. Displaced.

Do they ever come back?

Edited by AlicornPriest
Inspired by Kamikakushi's Rage Review of Gravity of the Situation by DJSkywalker

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*Reads Description*

Oh this won't end well...

so no? mr meeseeks battle orgy?

Sorry, no.

No Meeseeks box, no complicated requests, no bloodbath.

Here's to help you with your violence withdrawal.

Top kek.

6654185 Then explain, how the hell will he return?

6658872 yeah, i understand that fact. But do you even know what a Mr. Meeseeks is? even leaving an open ending with simple box where some unknown creature (pony, griffon, dragon etc.) presses the button and summons Mr. Meeseeks would have been more satisfying than this ending.

6658872 i kinda miss the person even if its fake :raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry::raritydespair:

6654185 why not a meeseeks box? he could not of been made without it also with another topic. I WILL REVIVE YOU DISPLACED! or get a meeseeks box that keeps bringing your soul your specific soul to the body of another meeseeks box (Dont yell this wont be apart of the story BECAUSE I DONT GIVE A SHIT!

6659039 yeah there has to be a mr meeseeks box or he is unsummonable i know that dispalaced and shit like that BUT I WANT A BETTER ENDING (just please dont take this as a hate comment) ( ( please ) )

I know what a Meeseeks is, silly. If I didn't I wouldn't know that he would have disappeared after fulfilling a request.:rainbowwild:

Besides, this is one of those "Displaced" fics that give the human the powers/abilities of who they dress up as. The good and the bad.

lol wut?:applejackconfused:

The tragic ending was kind of the point. Most displaced fics are blatant wish-fulfillment, and I wanted to turn that trend on its head. I was inspired by the review written by Kamikakushi in which he points out that displaced fics have a tendency to have Mary Sues. Therefore, I wanted to do the exact opposite and make a statement about displaced fics.:trixieshiftright:

6668421 instead of winter its storys and other shit

Mr Meeseeks noooooooooooooooooooo

To say Mr. Meeseeks had felt this good before would be a lie. It was orgasmic, as if he had served a purpose, completed something of universal importance, that he had made a difference in the world and in someone’s life.


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