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hey guys! im new here and waiting for my first ever story to be excepted so keep a look out for it. its called "keep on keeping on"


thorax was the eldest of the three changing princesses. with her long purple mane she thinks she is the prettiest. miasma is the middle child. she definitely doesn't take after mom. she's always jumpy. then there is me. unlike my sisters i have short blue mane. not long, short. my name is paradox and my life has only just begun. i mean really, whats the worst that could possibly happen?

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I don't know how to feel about this I like the idea of the story but it is very fast paced and needs more detail. The chapters are short but I feel like they could be longer but all in all there are a lot of flaws to this but I can see potential

6665883 thank you? this is my first story so no need to criticize it that much. im aware that the chapters are short. and i don't have a proof reader so there are going to be flaws. sorry i guess for it not being perfect

6665883 im sure your a nice person but this is kinda harsh. i don't even think i have been on this site for a week! have a nice day though and thanks for trying to read my story.

6665892 it's fine that it's not perfect I was just saying you should probably try to space out the story a little more I wasn't trying to sound to judgy

No offense, but naming a changeling "Thorax" is like naming a human "Chest Cavity".

6666737 very sorry my names are not to your liking but thorax was supposed to be chrysalis's mothers's name so she decided to name her daughter after her mother

6668014 I'm really really sorry if I offended you because that totally wasn't the intent, I promise :twilightblush: I'll still follow your story
Gotta admit Miasma's a pretty good name

6668068 no its fine thorax would seem like a weird name if you don't know why i named her that! thanks for following the story :3 and thank you i was trying to come up with a good name and i didn't know if it sounded good

6668014 You have predicted the future! Thoughts on the canon Thorax?

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