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Super Speedy Cider Con's Official FanFic Profile for the backstories of our mascots- Warm Welcome, Bramley, and Secret Ingredient our adopted changeling. Thanks for reading, hope to see you at the con


Super Speedy Cider Con presentsā€¦
CiderCon Chronicles

Super Speedy Cider Con is a festival located in Hinnyssee where the folk gather around to celebrate family, love, friendship, and cider!
CiderCon Chronicles is the tale of how two of those folk had an unexpected meeting with a strange visitor, and how that strange visitor became part of the family.
Join us every Monday for CiderCon Chronicles!

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I love all your chapters they are well written and have an awsome story i hope you make a chapter four.

I like this story so far.
Though the overall pacing feels a little fast and jumpy at times, such as Secret's trek from place to place in search of his hive, and then his eventual collapse near Welcome and Bramley's home. I could still get a feel for what was happening, but couldn't get a good sense of detail.

Still, the characters more than make up for it. Each of them has a very unique feel to them, and more than once I found myself creating voices for them as I read their lines. Even the minor character, Plowshare, who Bramley briefly helps in chapter 3 stuck in my memory.

At this point I can see there's still a good amount of story to be told, with a lot of possibilities for what might happen. And I just wanted to say I like what I've seen so far, and hope to see this continued and expanded.

Happy writing. :twilightsmile:

i absolutely love how the story line is going so far and i cannot wait for more stories from you guys!!!

I absolutely loved this, ever since i heard about this at last years cider con in Gatlinburg i was excited to start reading it and as the year went on, this story has been the best fan fiction story i have read yet! I cannot wait till next october and i cannot wait to talk to you all again and tell you in person how amazing this story was!!! Thanks!

This was so sugary sweet I swear it gave me cavities! :heart:

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