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Sorry for this bit of nonsense.

I should just point out that you should feel free to let me know of any grammar or spelling mistakes I may well have made. I think I caught 'em all though.

I'm torn between D'aww, Ogawdwhyisitgood, and Icing Gun. Bravo.


Well written,
Not quite sure why I started but I kept reading due to the fact that (in personal opinion) it was well written - bit fast but that appeared intentional.

I stopped reading at the butt apples. :facehoof:

I dawwed and got grossed out at some points, but anyways great story. :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

So at first we have this disgusting scene with AJ and Derpy, which I didn't really like. :pinkiesick:

But then the rest is really good. :pinkiesmile: :rainbowwild:

But apples? No.:applejackconfused:

Rest of story? Great!:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

I......had been.....eating...ap...ap...apples...when I read this.....now, there is only vomit...on my hand.:applejackunsure::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp:


Ase apples :rainbowhuh:

wow derpy that was sooo....soooo....her....
now the rest of the story was a good clop fic XD

"Rainbow gave another futile push, then realised that Applejack’s barn door swung the other way." I facepalmed so hard I hit the back of my head on the wall. Ow.


I didn't like the DerpyJack thing. Everything else is good.

I almost lost consciousness due to lack of oxygen from laughing so hard.

"There’d be none left for me, and I’m best pony!”
"for me, and I’m best pony!”
"I’m best pony!”
"best pony"

I say you did a pretty good job Mr. Cloud. I liked the DerpyJack thing, a little bit of a surprise and i may not be into the "arse apple" thing but still :pinkiehappy: The ending made me happy so all in all, a good fic. Also "Applejacks barn door swings the other way" *facehoof* :rainbowlaugh:

Butt Apples
Icing Gun
All these things.
I'm totally ok with this

Can say it was kind of good, had lots of different elements, some odd, some a bit gross, and others kinda interesting.
Nice to see you included female ejaculation among other things. Oh, and "face-fucking" (or "female equivalence of deepthroating"), that's rare to see, mostly since not many thing of female endowment in terms of being endowed nor hung. But yeah, overall, it was rather neat, characters seemed a bit off a times, and perhaps a bit to "experenced" possible, and it had some common "semi-stereotype" things for the females, but it was quite good, could be read :P

Damn. That last scene was really sweet and all, but I kept expecting it to descend into Cupcakes-related shenanigans. I think I need help...:pinkiesick:


:rainbowlaugh: you have my apologies good sir.


Oh good, someone got that :pinkiehappy:




Remember that idea we talked about a little while ago? I still think we should do that... :rainbowwild:

@Silver Cloud

Its quite alright, but I just don't believ I have it in me to touch another morsel of fruit again. Did like story tho, on another more serious matter, I'm on the subject of writing my own OC fimfic between Dash and the reincarnate of my character, there's a short cloppy piece that...um:twilightblush:...I could um...:twilightblush:..use some help with...if you catch my drift...you know. If its not too much to ask, oh this is kinda weird:twilightblush:..if you'd be willing to help. Idk. Pm or post a reply if you're any at all interested.:twilightblush::twilightblush::twilightblush:

@Silver Cloud

Buck it I'm just going to be very blunt. Within my story there is a short cloppy piece between my OC and Rainbow Dash and I ve been asking good clopfic writers for any advice. PM or reply whenevr you can.


Ha, well I'm not exactly the best author to ask, this being my only clop. And I also just started my state exams today so I'm fairly busy atm.

That said, I have no problem giving opinions and such :pinkiesmile:

@Silver Cloud

That would be most appreciated! I would love to hear you thoughts as soon as I post Chapter 1. That should be somewhere around two weeks time, due to the fact I keep hitting roadblocks in my story such as character motive. But enough about that, any help would be appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Well that was mostly enjoyable. The Dashpie was excellent and the ending leaves the imagination of how their relationship could take off which is nice. The Derpyjack was an interesting pairing haven't ever pictured them together so this was a first and it... well it was what it was. Well done.

703767 See a doctor for brain surgery and have your Cupcakes memory block forcefully removed

On another note I don't understand the apeal of anal beads (not to mention apples)

By the way this was a great fic and I must know WHAT Rainbow dash smells like :duck:

Your first clop fic, huh? It was very well written, and extremely enjoyable. ;D My only complaint is with the icing gun part. Although I'm sure that would've made Dash taste even more delicious than she already is :rainbowwild:, putting food up there is really unheathy. Especially sugar-- it can lead to bad yeast infections. :derpytongue2: But that's just me looking at it from a realistic point of view. xD
You should deffinitly write more stories like this, it was great. :pinkiehappy:


lol thanks, but I don't really think they cared about infections at the time :rainbowwild:

Glad you liked it though :pinkiesmile:

aww!!!:fluttercry: that's soo sweet!!!

It could be said that I enjoyed this.
That seems a bit weak though.

Much better...

That was....wrong, twisted, unusual, perverted and hilariously amazing. The raunchiness of this fic surpassed my expectations, but I enjoyed it. Kinda hot in some parts, over all pretty damn funny. Don't know if should favorite....*favorites*. :twilightblush:

You did good, kid! :raritywink: Now I get the meaning behind Mr. Brony's picture :rainbowlaugh:

The only "typo" I noticed was the pop-culture reference, so it doesn't count. Unless it wasn't a pop-culture reference. If that's the case, then :pinkiegasp:
I may go back and scrutinize this, but you've already did beautiful with it. Plus my Lorazepam is beginning to kick in, so the onlafd;fl adkgh;aoe4ha;rpoi..............


Well thank you :pinkiesmile:

I can only assume that by "pop-culture reference", you mean the title :rainbowwild:

And I'll admit, I'm a little curious as to why you're taking something like that...

This was pretty good actually. I think you should keep writing clop :twilightsmile:


No, silly! I meant the "I'm best pony!" mention! Gawd! :rainbowlaugh:

I have chronic panic attacks and severe anxiety :pinkiecrazy: My body built a tolerance to my medication (20mg Citalopram), so the panic attacks started happening more frequently lately and had ultimately made me unable to sleep at night. I'm taking 40mg of the Cita. now and the doctor prescribed me 1mg of Lorazepam to help me relax when I'm about to go to bed and (if needed) to counter a severe panic attack if it occurs mid-day. It's only to tide me over until the higher dosage of Citalopram takes effect. :pinkiehappy:

Or were you expecting an answer like "I LUV PILLZ IS Y!!! EYE GET HIGH SON!!" :rainbowlaugh:


You should really be more explicit in your references to my references.

And no, I would have expected you to spell it all correctly.

That's gotta suck though... *hug for you*


You should be really more references with my explicit! :flutterrage:

B-but! Our grammatical prowess and understanding of syntax is what makes intentional misspellings and incorrect word usage so funny! :applecry:

Yeaaaaaa, but I've come a long way :pinkiehappy: Cognitive Restructuring and counseling and medication have helped me tremendously :rainbowkiss: Hard part's over. Now I can enjoy the rest of my life happily and stable! :rainbowdetermined2:

Ow, just ow:raritycry::raritydespair::fluttershbad:. My brain hurts. I'll never look at apples or icing guns the same again:pinkiecrazy:

You know, I would say that the anal apples were bucking weird, but...
I'm voluntarily reading a piece of erotic literature about multichromatic cartoon ponies having lesbian sex.

So I really am in no position to call something out for being weird.

Great fic, Pinkiedash is best pairing. Also, Dash finding out that AJs barn door swung the other way... Possibly the greatest double entendre ever. Of all time.

I like it, anal apple beads=weird=in a good way :rainbowhuh:
Idk, it was good, but weird, but weird is good so you have my liking!:duck:

im confused, everyone is talking about how rainbow forgot the barn door swung the other way was the funnest part... what happened to derpy's super powers:facehoof:

“But you’re going out with Applejack!”

“That doesn’t make me a fillyfooler and you know it Pinkie.”

I don't... understand.

Anyway, I thought this fic was hilarious! And you actually did a pinkie fourth wall joke that was legitimately funny :pinkiegasp: (This has to be, what, the second time I've seen someone pull that off? And I read a lot of fanfics)

ok, so this is basically pinkie being obsessed with rainbow smell + the funniest barn door joke ever + anal apples (idk whats wierder, this or me not egtting grossed out by it) + more cupcake references than i could count, i was totally expecting rainbow dash to fall asleep from eating a muffin + a 4th wall joke that is actually funny + clop with icing gun = awesomeness? i can like this

Heh... icing gun killed me :rainbowlaugh:

Going through the comments there are a lot of unique ones and all say what I'm about to great fic if this wasn't great to you I want to see what is. Loved every last bit of this kind of hurt when you put dearly and AJ together but that was solely because it was implied that rainbow and apple where an item if it was a separate fic that would be a whole other story. :pinkiehappy:

OH god yes - rainbowpie AND tickling :pinkiegasp: :rainbowwild:
have a like and a moustache good brony :moustache:

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