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Celestia and Luna need a way to wind down after a hard day. They find it in the form of the latest soccer game.

Well, whilst having actually played FIFA wouldn't hurt, the answer is no. This fic will make sense to you either way (I hope), so enjoy!

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This was really well written. The story was very engaging, although I was a little bit confused to discover that Celestia and Luna were in human form while the cover art was them as ponies. It's a minor detail though.

Obviously you are a major fan of FIFA. It is apparent that you spent a lot of time and effort writing this one-shot. This is exceptional.

A billion bits to you,
Matthew DePointe


6647879 A minor detail, but you're right, yeah. xD I just felt the cover art was appropriate. ^w^

I am indeed a huge football/soccer, and FIFA fan! :pinkiehappy: And thank you very much Matthew! :D I'm very pleased that you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Oh God, this brought back memories. I sank so much time into FIFA with my friends, I can't even tell you. 2002 was our game, and we could never bring ourselves to get a new version and abandon all the teams we had already created. Seriously, we hooked it up a couple years ago the night before one of my friend's wedding, over a decade after it was released.

Sometimes the game just trolls you.

OMFG, I feel her pain. Defenders that teleport an inch or two across the screen, opponents with tractor beams on their feet to suck a loose ball in, and that biased referee. And the post. Damn the goal posts.


6647977 Hehe, I'm in the same boat as you, I remember playing FIFA 2003 on the ps2 with my brothers, and we played it so much. xD Good times! :rainbowlaugh:

Defenders that teleport an inch or two across the screen, opponents with tractor beams on their feet to suck a loose ball in, and that biased referee.

True, true, and three times true! Hehe, all that 'happy' nostalgia. xD Have you played any of the more recent games? Ten plus years on, and the same problems are still appearing! :rainbowlaugh:

Jose is the special one

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“What?” exclaimed Celestia indignantly. “My goal was way better than the both of yours combined! If anyone deserved to win, it was me!”

Being a huge football fan I'd like to point out that it is much harder and more beautiful to strike a 30 yard free kick than to score a header especially with his height advantage. Overall good story. It's just I don't think Celestia knows as much about football as she thinks she does.

Yes the damn posts and the biased referee. I feel you.

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