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"I should stuff your face in cookie dough and make cute cookies!"


Yeah, I was bored today after writing the Flutterbat story so I decided to write a fic about Diamond Tiara, it mostly involves Diamond Tiara yelling at the reader and the reader laughing at her... It's pretty Uber exciting... and I didn't really care about the ending... yeah...

Editor: The Lunar Toaster

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Comments ( 39 )

I don't know why but this story just made me laugh so hard. lmao!! Great story i loved it and it was very funny. :rainbowlaugh:

uh...it deserves....1000000000000000000000000000000....out of ......10!

MOOORE I NEED MOOOOORE !!!!!!!! :flutterrage:

you buried your head in your face

:rainbowlaugh: Sounds painful.

:moustache: A couple mistakes here and there but still enjoyable.
Good job.

6645903 haha thanks for the correction

Asking for a separate clop chapter would be bending out...

The ending ruined all the fun. :(

6646655 Yeah, there should have been angry sex, followed by make-up sex.

6646813 lol like I said... I was bored and didn't really have a long-time plan for this XD

I can't take fanfics seriously anymore.

Actually, that's a good thing.

I should read some out on my channel. It'll make good filler between the animations and it'll make for a good laugh.

Thank you author. Thou hath shown me the way.

6647280 Glad to lead you to the promise land :flutterrage:

6647376 Oh I was already there.

After all, I brought it with me upon leaving the womb.

Well, that and a bit of blood and placenta along with it. But mostly the promised land.

Vote Unique to be Best Pony! He stands on TWO legs! (cartoonish awe face)

6647421 And thus UniqueSKD brought a little bit of joy to another good soul of this earth.

May the sun rise to greet you with warmth, and the moon guard over you as you sleep. (politely bows)

And now, random video from my channel for shameless self-promotion.

Vote Unique for Best Pony! DO IT!

And by the way, good story.

also this story is awesome XD

6647432 isn't that the smile.dk nice video btw

Wat. Did I just read?
...I don't even know, but I do know that it was glorious.


Yes it was the song.

It's hard to get original music and voices when you're not a famous brony/animator. Very difficult to find people willing to lend their voices to your content. Still, I offer my followers and subscribers the chance to do voices if I need any. They may not be perfect but at least it's something, and it's incredibly generous of them to offer whatever help they can. I'm lucky to have the followers I have.

And thanks. To be honest I kinda thought you'd be annoyed that I threw a video into this comment section. But I'll not take up any more space here so other people can comment on your story. It wouldn't be fair to cause any distractions from your fanfic, so I withdraw away for now.

Take care, possible new friends. May the winds bring opportunities and prosperity to you all.

6647737 you too friend you too :D

I didn't really care about the ending

Well, if you don't care, neither do I. Guess I'll go read something else.

6647818 Great minds think alike don't they friend


Fun Read, Still Wish I Could Have More Sexy Times With Diamond Though.

If you don't care about the ending, doesn't that mean you do not care for the rest of the story?


I confuse myself sometimes...


Fuck it.
I'm going to bed 'fore I turn into twilight.

Welp that happened.

Would've been funnier if she turned out to be a Deathclaw.

PRAISE JAYZUZ FOR DAT BOOTY. being serious right now, i read these fictions to laugh my ass off playing around with love music and crap, i switched to metal when she got mad lol im still laughing

Lol, what did I just read? Tht was brilliant! XD

I loved the count down part XD

F***ing ....... *breath*.....GENIUS!!!!!

10/10 would read again

Needs more orgasm denial for DT.

*chuckles evilly*

Technically, you wouldnt be a virgin since life screws everyone over ;;

A sequel would be great

Okay, I think this is the first second person story written in third person that I've come across.

She giggled and poked her head out of the bathroom and spotted you sitting on her bed playing on your PS4, playing Fallout 4 endlessly.

How did I wind up in the story?

“Who the heck wouldn’t want to tap this!”

I’m done 😂

Hmmm, yes.

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