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Eeyup. (Genuinely, though: Welcome. I hope my stories – when they get around to existing – meet your expectations.)

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I got that Scootaloo feels like she's crap because she couldn't handle college. I get her mother is making her feel worse. I also get that Rainbow Dash is an emotional drunk. Unfortunately, that's all I get.:facehoof:

Obviously, as an author, I've failed somewhat if I have to resort to explaining something outside of the story. Yet I still have to ask the question: was there any part in particular of the story thus far where you felt sure you'd missed something? If I agree in hindsight that I was being too vague, I may well go back and add to those areas.

Nice, it's about time we got some more ScootaDash.

I'll definitely give this a read later.

6681669 I know they got drunk and woke up in Dash's bed the next day. I know Apple Bloom explained what happened that night at the bar. I'm trying to figure out what is up with these two. At the party, Scootaloo, for some reason, was glad Rainbow was absent and swore under her breath when she did show up. Why? Why did Scootaloo drop out of / no longer care about college? I'm going to guess some of this stuff will be explained in further chapters, but I am just confused about what happened between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo, and not just at the bar or up at Dash's place? Why is Rainbow Dash Scootaloo's former idol?
It might be just me, and I apologize if it is.

Already bored cause you just keep referring to them by the color of their coats. Name them first then do what you were doing.

You're right that the college business and Scootaloo's initial mixed feelings about being around Dash will be explained (and soon – likely early next chapter), though I doubt you'll find the reasoning as complex/all-important as I think you might be expecting. It'll probably serve to clear the rest of your questions up, too, though. And I doubt it's just you – I'm not the most straightforward writer around.

I don't believe I referred to any character by the color of her coat even once in either chapter… The prologue is done in a different style and perspective from the rest of the story, if that's what you're talking about – though I didn't refer to either of the characters there by their coat colors so much as their relative ages. Sorry if that style disagreed with you, but you'll find that everything past the title is from Scootaloo's perspective, and very few epithets get used.

6682224 the point was the way you started the story off want the best way to start it out

She brought a light teal hoof up to brush back her dark sienna mane, and her wings ruffled. Her crow’s feet looked somehow deeper now than they had just minutes before. “I just don’t get it.” I mean this kinda stuff just isn't a good way to start out. Starting it out that way takes a while before people realize who you Are talking about

Where are the characters that this "Metal crunched into newspaper.
Newspaper slid into cardboard.
Cardboard stacked atop more cardboard atop wood." is happening?


I say again that I'm sorry the style of the prologue doesn't work for you. I appreciate that my saying that this is a very subjective concern won't satisfy you, but in this case, that's really the only answer I feel I can give you without this conversation running on for a while and eating up the comment section. I also appreciate that you're only trying to help. Thank you for that.

Two great chapter's so far. I can't wait to read more.

I like your take on Applebloom's character. It's like a mixture of seriousness and child-like behavior which seems perfect for her.

I also got a few chuckles out of imagining "Drunk Rainbow Dash" bothering an already stressed out and hammered Applejack.

Really want to see where this history is going :raritystarry:

Loved the photoshopped art :raritywink:

I can't wait for the next chapter, also where did you get the art?

Happy to hear it – in the midst of finals so it may be some time yet, but still.

The artist's tumblr seems to have been removed, so the first place I saw it is gone, but you can find the original piece and other work by that artist on Derpibooru under the name "quitetricky". I modified the original image, though: the characters' positions were different, and Scootaloo used to be holding a cord for a toy in her mouth rather than that poorly drawn paintbrush.

Yea I know how finals feel (Mine start on the 3rd week of january:raritydespair:) but no rush also the poorly drawn brush fits in:scootangel:, but one thing, as time tabs or what is happening before hand (or should I say hoof:rainbowlaugh:) because I got lost a couple of times and I thought I scrolled ahead :ajsmug: just a pointer

in an freakishly perfect voice, continued, “‘Rainbow, if ya keep – hic – drinkin’ like – hic – like that, then come mornin’, y’all’re gonna be findin’ yerself deader than the – hic – than the stench ya call yer breath.’”

That'd be 'a'. And I love that line, it's probably freakishly good because they have the same VA though.

This is pretty damn cool so far, looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile:

Unfortunately, this (I hope) will be updated soon, to starve off the monster we call 'the dead fic folder'

In all seriousness when will this updated, no rush, just want to know

I'm coming up on the end of what wound up being the most draining four months of my life thus far, so I'd say a conservative estimate might be "not too long from now". The next chapter's only worked itself up to a roughly third- to half-written state in that time, but yeah – for the foreseeable future, I'll be having much more of an opportunity to write. Sorry for the wait.

Awesome read so far, can't wait to see what happens!

Nice story. By the picture, I can tell Dashie is gonna be a submissive. I can't wait to see more!

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