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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.


While dropping Pinkie off for band practice at Applejacks place; Maud see's Big Mac working. Feeling strange desires she never felt before, she decides to meet him. The closed off oldest siblings of their families find they have much in common and decide to date.

Cover art shows them in pony form but this is set in the Equestria Girls universe. This was the only "family friendly" image I could find of them.

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you ever wonder what it would take to break Maud out of her monotone speech habit?

6635188 in my universe it comes from her emotional repression which in my story "Even Mountains Erode Over Time" she over comes in a really dramatic scene. Not sure if I'll do exactly the same thing here, but close. I just think anything majorly emotional would. But that's up to everyone's head canon .

Now that was... minimalist. The thing is that it is also entirely in character that Maud would do most of the talking, be incredibly direct (to the point that most folk would consider it rude) and that Mac would reply in monosyllables.

6636187 BEN! Haven't heard from you in a while. Welcome back.

Load truck.
Get asked out on a date by the one of the most beautiful girls you've ever seen who has an ample chest with almost no hesitation on her part.

How does Mac do it? How does he do it? :eeyup:

I wish there was more to it it feels short, thought it kinda fits the characters. Wonder what their date was like.

6640226 it's not over yet. I post on Friday and Saturday nights.

6640311 Ah, my mistake, didn't see the Incomplete tag. Awesome!

6635693 Can I please get a link to that story?

6643722 you can just go to my page ang click on my stories. It's the first one or last one depending on how you look at it. I will warn you, it's over 90,000 words and the Maudmac story is just one subplot within the larger story. But all my stories are tied together.

Nice, and its cool seeing their interactions with the personalities they have, its very different.

6654762 Thank you. Honestly I didn't think the second part turned out as well as I wanted simply due to the fact I was super tired and kept falling asleep while writing it. But the relationship isn't over, it will be continued in other stories . Same with all the other relationships. These are all bridge stories. But once again, thank you so much.

6654905 I guess I'm gona go check those out sometime! The thing I like most is that its not gimicky the way you wrote their quirks. Their persistent in the story and arn't just there as a icing on the top, when you slice the cake a little and see the workers reactions at the store it makes it a lot more... immersive maybe? I had a fun time just imagining what was going through the workers minds and what they were whispering to each other.

As the second born, Pinkie was the closest to her of her three little sisters. When Maud moved out to go to college, she insisted Pinkie come with her. Her parents were reluctant at first, but they gave in.

In the show they established that Pinkie & Marble are twins & that Marble is the youngest of the sisters. Pinkie can't be the second born; the second born would have to be either Maud or Limestone. I don't see any reason why the order of birth would change in the EqG universe.

It also bothers me that you describe Maud as emotionally dead inside since canonically she's not emotionally dead & rather she simply does not express her emotions well to others.

6675959 A few things : 1 if Pinkie and Marble are twins in the EQG universe as well, then the obvious problem becomes where is she? The only other sister you see in the films is Maud. In fact she is the only other family member you see. This was my way to plausibly explain that.

2 If you look at all the Pie Sisters, they all show signs of emotional trauma. Maud is unemotional, Marble is hyper shy, Limestone is very angry, and Pinkie is hyperactive ands needs to be around other people and make them happy. In the Ponyverse, there's no need to explain that. They are simply quirks to make amuse the children who the show is meant for. But when you're trying to portray these characters as real 3 dimensional characters, you have to explain that.
3 I feel no need to have everything in the EQG universe match up with the Ponyverse. They are parallel not exact copies.

So there it is. Those are my reasons . You are free to like or not like. But the story stands as my interpretation of this universe and I will continue on in this vein.

I hope to see more of this couple from you.

6705615 not as main characters, but they will be back.

I fail to see the problem in having a 'conservative Christian upbringing'. Having grown up in such a household, I had all sorts of fun - conservatism doesn't equal boorishness. Nor does Christianity equate to repression.
But then again, my household setting was comprised of nearly twenty people; the average day was like a bizarre episode of 'Fraggle Rock'.

The only family friendly image?

Then again, Google has shown me that even innocent keyword searches bring...unfathomable evils to light. XD

I like it's version of big mac, may I use him? Or at least the general concept.

6944384 ok. It would be hypocritical of mr to say no since I didn't create Big Mac to begin with. All I ask is that you give me credit in the intro to your story.

I like how Maud praises Mac for being quiet and then he starts unloading Greek mythology on her. Way to read those signals, big guy.

I wasn't trying to harass anyone...
I don't really see how what I did is harassment rather than plain criticism?

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