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Middle aged trans women who got into the show through her kids.


The alternate timeline continues as Rainbow Dash goes off to soccer camp and meets Soarin. The two immediately fall for each other and start to form a relationship. All seems to be going well, but a threat is looming that could ruin everything.

Like Freedom For Fluttershy this will contain material from Even Mountains Erode Over Time. It'll be slightly reworked at first then diverge into something new. This will be another bridge story from "Mountains" to the next long fiction.

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That was pretty good! Good job! Also.... SOARINDASH!:heart:

6632729 thank you so much. My two guiding principles are to stick as close to the show as possible (the mythology, characterazations, timeline) and making the characters as real as possible. I want each person to seem like a real person.

So in keeping with that, Soarin is the closest thing to a canon ship for Rainbow. But expect more down the road. All my stories tie together so we'll be seeing more of these two later.

6632905 great! And yeah I sure do hope so!

Loved the story. But I don't get that if this is tagged Equestria Girls, than why is Rainbow described as a black woman. Woulden't it be rather tagged just under human?

6781974 in my mythology, Equestria Girls takes place on Earth. The way we see the characters in the cartoon is the way the Equestrians see humans (multi colored and such ), and when a human passes into Equestria, they see the ponies as, well, regular ponies .

All my stories are tied together, so the explanation was in "Even Mountains Erode Over Time " and "Welcome To My World".

6781991 Oh I get you now. Just curious :pinkiehappy:

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