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Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strength.
Through strength I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.
~Code of the Sith~

Magic. It is a concept that is taught to great extension in all schools across Equestria. It is the very lifeblood of what Equestria is. Either in a university or at a local school house. Magic is something that is in great abundence.

Twilight knows this to be an absolute truth. She lives by this and has become her whole upbringing into their society. She has a reputation and titles to go with it. Books beyond comprehension. Everything was given to her through this, and her abundant studies of it.

Soon all that she knows will be tested and will she take all of the lessons she has learned into account? Or will she be consumed by the very thing that makes her who she is?

I have a lot of hopes for this, and since that Star Wars the Force Awakens releases in just about a month, I feel now is as good a time as any to do something like this. Star Wars fresh on the brain, and Season 5 at the cusp of finishing, now is a great time.

Just to note, this is a separate universe for both franchises. For this fic, they are being meshed together. I hope you guys really like this. Enjoy!
Coverart belongs to: NCMares

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You have my attention my good sir.

I hope the ending involves Darth Sidious aka The Emperor coming to Equestria and taking out Sith Twilight.

I'll watch this.... but I don't know if I'll be totally sold unless the others go full on Sith as well along with her.

6628803 Also why would you want that?

6629164 Because A. It's a pony version of the Darth Maul duel in Clone Wars

And B. If the Emperor is around then he needs to insure he has no rival for remeber "There can only be two"

6629180 Yeah but.... Sun Controlling Alicorns.

6629181 Well who knows if Twilight takes then out plus he's the Emperor and in the old cannon he was SUPER powerful

6629203 No I mean. The Emperor vs... Sun Controlling Alicorns. Also the Emperor doesn't really care about the Rule of Two. He's a total ass hat.

6629222 Yeah, but he does care about rivals and threats to the plan; and a Sith Twilight popping up would catch his attention as an enemy or possible replacement for Dooku.
Also, watched and fav'd.


And Wankatine had created planetar Force Storms...... besides i'm preaty damn sure that ha found at some point of time Darh Vitate life rituals. This kind of rituasl when Sith syphon all life force from planet in to himself.

6629222 True but he doesn't like rivals.

Well, you have my curiosity. Let's see what you do with it.

One point for consideration though is your show vs tell ratio as this chapter came off as really telly. It might be OK for a single pony chapter, but it'll quickly fall apart once more characters join the scene.

My question...

Is there going to be a Pony-one Kenobi?... Too soon? Lol:twilightsheepish:

Also, on a hunch, what if with Celestia hiding this secret away because of past pony's discovering it's true nature; maybe Sombra was a sith Lord (Darth Sombra, catchy), along with Tirek and his brother at one point, and then Luna finally becomes one, which is how she is banished to the moon... Head hurts... Lol :applejackconfused:

6630219 Consider the first chapter as a pilot. The pilots are always OK, it was just something quick to write. As it goes on it will have much more of a balanced show vs. tell. Thank you for the consideration and the suggestion.

A Sith holocron hidden in the old castle. Wonder which Sith Lord made it. And I do hope that you don't follow the limited scope pattern that all other Star Wars writers follow: that the Dark Side is only usable for evil, and that any who try to use it for good will be warped by it and become selfish destroyers.

This always bothered me about the portrayal of the Force. The Jedi believe it in balance when there is only light, but that's wrong. That's them being dogmatic and narrowminded. The Light Side's purpose is to create. The Dark Side's purpose is to destroy. Light and Darkness. Order and Chaos. Creation and Destruction. Both forces are necessary to check each other. Without one, the entire universe goes out of balance.

The Golden Age where the Republic and Jedi stagnated and were ill-equipped to face the Sith is what happens with too much Light.

The Dark Times of Palpatine's reign are what you get with too much Darkness.

6630459 Something to consider, those who usually fall to the Dark Side are almost always the ones that are too much in tune with their emotions, or they are power hungry, or both. With the exception of Darth Revan and Darth Bane. I am in complete agreement of you, but the reason why they write it like that is either two things. Lazy writing or they want a more clear cut view of who is good and who is bad.

But what I can promise is that I will not view the Dark Side in the "negative light", more of as something to have balance. I however cannot promise that some characters will follow that ideal. Character interpretation, is something to consider as this story goes on.

6630485 Long as it makes me stop and really consider and figure out for myself who's good and who's evil, I'm happy.

6631374 If there is one thing I love to do, it's blur the lines

So, Rarity is one of those darned filthy jedi? Kinda figures with how freaked she gets around dirt, jedi have a tendency towards the dirtier parts of normal life

That was a bit unexpected.

6631639 I really hope that she sees the error of her ways and is not one of those "Knight Templar" Jedi and along the lines of Grey Jedi. Honestly, I would hate to see a wonderful friendship break apart because of something as petty as religious squabbles.

6631639 Nice to see a fellow Sith sympathizer. As a kid, when I was naive and idealistic, I believed the Jedis' bullshit. Now that I'm older and have abandoned conventional morality in favor of my own code of ethics, I hold the Jedi Order in disdain. They're so arrogant, believing that they alone know the proper way to interact with the Force. They coddled the Republic and made it weak. The Sith forced them to evolve. The Sith saw a better way, and were called heretics and marked for death for daring to seek an alternative path. If I were ascribing colors from Magic: the Gathering, then the Jedi are the worst of what mono-White has to offer. Narrowmindedness. Suppression of knowledge that conflicts with its dogma. Ruthlessly exterminating those that dissent. They claim all life is precious. Yet did they not attempt cultural genocide against the old Sith Empire, and attempt xenocide against the Sith species? The Sith committed similar atrocities, but do the Jedi get a free pass to do the same because they're the "good guys"? So it seems. They were lauded as heroes for doing the same things the Sith did, but under the banner of "righteousness" to hide their zealotry and bigotry.

>> SeventhBrony
>> Lobo Argost

Let us hope in the force, that by its guidance through passion and malice, the Dark Side will reign again within Twilight, just like the days of Revin, and, in this cross-over, Sombra the Dark and the Mare of the Moon.

6631939 the same could be said about the Sith Empire. They can be arrogant. They can hold a gun to the head of the galaxy and say they are doing the right thing. Think of these two sides like the Axis Powers and the Allies from World War II, no one is the good guy.

I am no sympathizer for the Jedi, nor am I a full sympathizer for the Sith. I am a follower of Revan, where balance in the Force must be kept otherwise we risk the corrupted to rule.

6632212 The Sith at least are straight up about being selfish. Black is unabashedly honest about its focus on the self. The Jedi would target Sorin Markov for being a vampire and sangromancer, but he's saved humans on Innistrad by creating Avacyn, and saved countless planes by helping seal the Eldrazi. He's actually Black/White. An unashamed hedonist, but also the closest thing the Multiverse has to a big good.

Nice piece of wisdom.

"There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no chaos, there is harmony.

There is no death, there is the Force."

It's AMAZING how blind these fools are to their own hypocrisy!


"The words of a fool comes from his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man comes from his heart."
Ben Franklin

The Sith as well walk with hypocrisy as well, just remember that. There are no pure ideals, you have to remember that. Not all Jedi are the holier than thou knights templar, nor should they be underestimated. Those most fanatical more often than not prevail in their goals.


Those most fanatical more often than not prevail in their goals.

Since they generally have the highest body count
Still, you are correct though while both sides are hypocritical at least the Sith will generally admit to their hypocrisy.
It's easier to be a "dark" jedi than it is to be an evil Sith

6632731 No one said it would be easy, I just want to say that one rotten apple doesn't spoil the bunch.

I just had an amazing epiphany (doesn't come often to my pheable mind, but I digress):

Is Pinkie going to be an underground Sith, waiting for the Sith Lord/Lady to return? Then, when the times right, reveal herself to her gawking friends? It would be significant...


Nice story so far, I will continue to observe.

Though a question for one to ponder:

Where is the 'Line' between 'Good' and 'Evil'? When is the 'Line' crossed and it is then considered either 'Good' or 'Evil'.

Its all just shades of grey, not just white and black. Cause there is as much dark in the light as there is light in the dark, in other words, what's considered evil could be used for good or is good and the same applies for the good.

REal One: If, by any means, Darth Vader doesn't appear to "unblind" and train Twilight, I going to tore you apart with the Force of My own hands!


Luna was drawn; Twilight defeated Sombra the Dark! Tirek and His Bro! This is sweet! KEEP IT COMING, BRO! THIS STORY ROCKS!

A Jedi with common sense? Have I awoken in some strange Bizarro multiverse?


6631939 i have to agree with you on the Jedi's narrow mindedness and there fanaticism that theres is the only true way. If you go in the lore a bit you find out that the Sith also had Sorcerer's/mages and they could due things with the force that absolutely terrified they Jedi order. While the traditional Sith and Jedi looked to become one with the force the sorcerer's used it as a tool and were hunted as a result.

Real One: And our Queen is blind, well, tha't what happen when you stay at the moon, isolated for A THOUSAND YEARS!

6633813 Indeed. Usually Jedi are depicted as zealous knight templars who seek to eradicate any sign of the dark side. But then again, Luna seems quite similar to Revan.

Mortis is a good fit I think

My intuition was right about Pinkie Pie, as stated in earlier chapters!


Are they (all the friends, Luna, Celestia, and the Jedi) going to confront Twilight after they figure out she has the Holocron? Leading to the point where they tell her to stop being mad, and become practical to logic and how evil the knowledge can be? They'd ask for peace, but then twilight, out of the blue, Starts to recite the Sith Creed, causing everyone to become concerned, especially when they start becoming terrified of the fact that she's constructing her own crimson lightsaber? And Pinkie Reveals herself as Dark Mortis? Shit then does down*?

I'm not saying do it or that's how is should be (because it's your story), but I just have a hunch that the last question* I asked is true. Lol :pinkiecrazy:

6658393 They already have a Darth Mortis in SWTOR.

6660229 damn it...oh well...just know that it has no relation to that character:twilightsheepish:

Ha, funnily enough, there's already a Darth Mortis in SWTOR.

Pinkie as a Sith Lord and far older than she appears? Well there are Sith magics that can extend one's life. Emperor Vitiate comes to mind. I imagine that Twilight will be more akin to Darth Plagueis in mentality.

6632212 Indeed. Both Sith and Jedi are wrong. Jedi follow and believes in their code (Mostly. Unless a Sith is in site, then they are rampaging murderers that will do ANYTHING to see them dead zealostly and won't believe anything about them other than that they are the purest evil in the world and must be clensed with Death, no exceptions.), however they do not see that their code is wrong. The Sith's code is more good and just, but no Sith actually follows or believes in their code.

Jedi code is about Peace. and ONLY 'Peace'. It is NOT about being Good, or protecting the innocent, or bringing Justice to criminals. It's why in the Empire, the new one with the Emperor and Darth Vader, there are no Jedi. Because while the Empire is harsh, there WAS peace. It's why no Jedi fights against the Empire, Luke is NOT a Jedi. He's just Force Sensitive. And Ultimate the Rebels, like Luke, broke the Peace in the empire and turned the entire Galaxy on it's head, destroying lives and ends up being the cause of more Innocent Deaths than Vader, the Emperor, or the Sepratists Drone Army from the Clone Wars.

The Jedi WILL kill innocents, if their deaths will mean stopping a war from forming. They WILL kill captured allies so secrets can't get out that will cause a war. They will do ANYTHING to keep the Peace and won't let anything break it. This is why they hate the Sith. For the Sith Code is all about doing what YOU feel is right, even if everyone else tells you it's wrong. So they won't stand for Jedi killing innocents, or trying to kill them for doing whatever they want to do, which usually breaks the peace. This is why Jedi hate the Sith so much.

As for Siths like Darth Vader, the Emperor, and those from Kotor 1, 2, and Tor. They don't believe in the Sith Code.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

The code basically says this. Don't give up what you want for Peace. There is only You and what your passionate about. Doesn't matter if it's about protecting Innocents, or destroying the Galaxy. Doing good, or doing evil. BOTH work with the Sith Code. Believing in what you're doing, you gain Strength, for people will try to hurt your goals and passion and you must be able to defeat them. And through that strength, that will to do what you must against any enemy you face, you gain power. And with that power, you gain victory against all your enemies.

Now this is where the Sith in the movies and games get what their doing wrong the most. Through Victory, My chains are broken. To be Victories, you have to have defeated all your enemies, Your goal has to be successful. For Revan, it would have been defeating the Mandalorians normally. He would have returned home, his enemies defeated, and his chains would have been broken, for the Republic and Innocents would be safe against the great threat. However he sensed the Sith Emperor deep in space and went out to fight against him, for the Emperor was a threat and thus his Victory wasn't yet here. But he LOST, and never gains Victory. He was one of the closest to fullfilling the Sith Code.

With other Sith tho, it's worse. Take Tor's Sith Academy for example. There are the Sith Apprentices, who follow the intructor. When they 'graduate', aka survived, they become Apprentices to a Lord. Then kill that lord and take his place as a lord, and now an Apprentice to a Darth. Kills him and take his place, and is not under a Dark Council member. Kill him, take his place, and is now under the Immortal Emperor. The entire Sith Empire, are all chains. You kill your master, 'Through victory, my chains are broken', only to be Bound under someone more stronger, again and again, no matter how much Strength and Victory you achieve. Until you hit the Dark Council. Then you stop dead, bound to the Empire, and the Emperor. Attack the Emperor, and if doesn't blink and wipe you from existence, everyone else in the Empire will. If you leave, you're a traitor and hunted by Sith, Jedi, Empire, and Republic alike with no allies anywhere. All Sith Empires, have the Sith learn the code, but every empire is build and structured in such a way that you can not follow the Code. They will ALWAYS bind you under someone more powerful, and if you try to break away, those most powerful people will kill you.

The Sith Code is NOT evil. All it is, is doing what you want, and not letting anyone stop you. the Sith Empires, and the Jedi, do not let you do that. You're always the Apprentice or underling to someone else, and if you do not do what they want, you will be killed/punished. And if you leave, your a Traitor.

Fallen Jedi, like Revan, are more Sith like than anyone else. It's why I hate Anakin in Episode 3. In episode 2, and the Clone Wars cartoon, it had him doing what he believes is right. Going to save his mother, falling in love (Tho Twilight had a better love story than Anakin and Padme), and will protect innocents even against the Jedi Council and Senate orders. Just like Revan. However, then in Episode 3 he just... gets mind controlled or something, and does a 180 as he goes and slaughters children like a good little dog with no emotion, following every little command that goes against EVERYTHING he's ever believed in, where as before that point he would DISOBEY even the highest command if he had to, to protect innocent people and do what he believed to be good. He went from being a Fallen Jedi, aka a TRUE Sith, to just an evil lapdog without a mind of his own.


TL:DR, Jedi Code is NOT good, but no one notices it because they are stupid. Sith Code is NOT evil, but can be USED for evil, but no one notices the good in it, because they are all stupid and very very rare is a True Sith seen anywhere. Darth Reven, Darth Marr, and even Anakan before Episode 3, are the closest I've seen to being a True 'Sith'.

It held inside of it a weapon the likes of which have never been seen before.

Oh, so then your going to Destroy it right? Send it to the Sun? Or the molten core of the planet?

Something that can bring about the destruction of everything she knows and loves.

Hide it away again? have spike eat it? Bring it to Celestia's attention so she can rehide it?

Such a thing must be investigated and documented.


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