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Willight Robinbine

My name is Willight Robinbine. I wished to go to Equestria for real. I've been a brony for 7 years since January 19th, 2013.


This fanfic will tell you on the real truth on how I know my OC Willight Robinbine. This fanfic contains scenes from TheInvertedShadow's The Elements of Insanity and the great backstory for my OC. It has gore scenes because of the elements of insanity and Willight Robinbine for all the bloody battles with them, alternate universe because of it was in the universe where the elements of insanity lives, adventure because you will know why during in this fanfic, and horror because of all the scenes where the elements of insanity been to and did. I don't own anything except for my OC. My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was owned and copyrighted by Hasbro Studios, The Elements of Insanity was owned and created and copyrighted by TheInvertedShadow on YouTube, and My OC Willight Robinbine was owned and created and copyrighted by me. So I hope you will enjoy yourselves reading this fanfic of mine. This story was only based on The Elements of Insanity and my OC. The Cutie Mark Monsters(part of the Elements of Insanity) are not gonna be in this fanfic. So have an chaotic day! Also, the characters I used in this fanfic are: DJP0N3, The Elements of Insanity, The Elements of Harmony, Willight Robinbine, & William Robinson.

For now on my current and upcoming stories will have the ratings disabled.

I'm really sorry that I disabled the ratings. Now I will turn off the disabled ratings for all of my stories.

Edit: Now has a link for the cover art.

This story is gonna be rewritten with the new version of this one.

I decided there will be no rewrite of this story.

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Comments ( 42 )

90 percent sure this is a troll-fic.

Needs more crazy.

0/8 not even trying

Terrible! The grammar was quite bad as well! All in all a bad backstory

6635353 It's not a trollfic. This is the true backstory for my OC. If it was a trollfic, I would of added random shit like Princess Trollestia in it to make it a true fucking trollfic.

6635484 Are you sure about that? I was thinking of doing a clopfic version of this fanfic. My OC fell in love with Brutalight Sparcake and have sex with her and having foals to be insanity like us The Elements Of Insanity. If that's what you want, then I will do it.

6638145 Just do it.

6638298 I just did, but I didn't started on doing the chapters yet for it. It's gonna be a 4 chapter clopfic. Chapter 1 - Willight Robinbine's & Brutalight Sparcake's Wedding Day, Chapter 2 - After The Wedding, Chapter 3 - Brutalight Is Pregnant With 8 Foals, & finally Chapter 4 - The Dirty Foursome. Now I know how to create a fanfic/clopfic without getting failed moderation by moderators on FimFiction. For chapter 1, I'm allowing this for 1 time. I will allow everypony in Equestria including the following: the 3 princesses(Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, & Princess Cadance), Cheese Sandwich, DJ Pon-3(Vinyl Scratch), Tavi(Octavia), Doctor Whooves, Queen Chrysalis and her changeling army, Discord, King Sombra, Lord Tirek, & everypony else from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 1-Season 5 to attend this wedding. After the wedding is over, everypony can go back to their world. Starlight Glimmer will be also attending the wedding as well, because I already seen all of season 5. The season 5 finale was the best season finale I ever saw on My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, EVER.

6642521 Subtlety, your name isn't SSJ2PinkiePie. Good fortune to your future fics.

6643511 Thank you for that. I will look forward to on my future fics.

Next time when I describe myself in a story made by me, I will tell every important detail of myself in pony form like what the color of the body is, and everything else. The color type will be in 'Hex Code' style like this one for example: FFCC99. I used this code for what my original oc self's body color will be like before I became Willight Robinbine. I will even create a new blog with the picture of me as a pony. The name you asked is: William Robinson. I know that Willight Robinbine has a cutie mark of a combination of Brutalight Sparcake, Rainbine, & William Robinson. It will be quite some challenge for me to combine Brutalight Sparcake's, Rainbine's, & William Robinson's cutie marks together. But I know in fact that Starlight Glimmer will be the newest villian to the Elements of Insanity in a future video created by TheInvertedShadow on YouTube and be very much stronger than Painset Shimmercakes is right now and that will become a very huge problem for the mane 6 of the Elements of Insanity. Right now for Willight Robinbine that I created with General Zoi's Pony Creator Full Version, I have no idea the pony code for the Willight Robinbine that I created, so now I have to recreate it and save the pony code. But the only details I can't tell is the Height, Weight, & Buffness because that's way too hard to tell you.

Your story has quite the slew of problems, cliches, and many other issues that should be addressed. The most prominent of them is the bad writing and the non-existing grammar.

When you write any story, the first thing that attracts the viewer is the cover art, I will be honest, the one for this story is terrible. It feels uninspired, weak, unoriginal, and seriously just boring. The title does not compensate for this. " How My OC named Willight Robinbine Became My OC As of Now" is too long, uninteresting, and poorly worded.

6999515 I know this story is 100% trollfic like the others said in the comments for this story.

6999541 Oh, I thought you were seriously designing this story. But your other fic suffers from all manners of afflictions. Try to avoid one-sentence lines, and be sure to add in more description and background. Allow me to demonstrate what I mean. I'll redraw the line where Scout enters Equestria via teleportation.

The goggles-wearing Texan's newly-attuned contraption sent out the familiar blue aura, which promptly coated the fast-running Boston man who stood on the device. The shade moved further and further upwards, until Scout's sight was completely overcame by it and his cap could not longer be seen. Without even the moment to realize it, the light had vanished with Scout in tow. The now alone Engineer bent down, rapping the jaw of his wrench against the damaged paint of the machine. The gadget curled back into the signature toolbox of Machinist.

He hoisted the box onto his shoulder and continued about with the day.

7003747 My other story I made is now cancelled permamently.

Why did you cancel it? I would love to read a clop version of this story.

I didn't cancel it. I just didn't write the clop version for this story and probably never do it. I already got the chapter names, but I just don't got the motivation to write it. I got my other stories to worry about ok.

Okay. It's a pity though.

I will post a image of it ok.

Here is the image: i.imgur.com/7aYMXeM.png This image is 80% zoom because it won't show the whole thing with 100% zoom and even 90% zoom.

Just the description alone from the picture makes me want to read it.

You know that I'm giving up the story. I want someone else to write it. It could be you for your very 1st story. You never know. That story has lost interest for me.

I would have loved to, but I haven't the faintest clue how to write a great story. Maybe you could find someone with experience to write it?

I might delete the story altogether. You know what. I am gonna delete that story.

That story is already deleted.

I'm seeing people call this a troll-fic and I hope it is one. I couldn't get past the first few paragraphs.

I know fully well that this story is indeed a troll-fic.

Congrats, I now have stage five cancer because of this. :twilightsmile:

Ohhh, so you wanna go huh? Well, be advised that I'd send the entire White army?! FOR FREEDOM?!

Your late to that... way late. Like since I published this story. Welp... better luck next time.

~King Willight Alan Robinbine(King of the Omniverse)

Well what about world's that just recently came to power? Like the one I'm in the process of making! Or Mr.Holland throws you out of a helicopter for being a anarchist!🤣🤣🤣 Or the red army, KGB, Soviet dash, Gen.Storm Blaze, Air Marshal Soviet Rainbine, Gen.Lyra, Marshal Night Shade, Gen.Malashenko, Gen.Dimitri and Gen.Bon Bon come!

Umm... your writing your very first story? Cool.

You know what... after you publish your story... I will do a story on the fight between that red army of yours vs my EDFA team(Equestrian Defense Force Association)... which is consisted of myself(Commander Captain), Random Pony(Second In Commander Captain), my wives[Rainbow Dash/Sweetie Belle](Both are Commanders), Troy Alan Trotter/Leo Lisp Robinbine[Which are both of my sons](Both are Lieutenants), & my long-time best friend for over 2 million years... Queen Faust herself(Flight Lieutenant)... but most of all... the one who came up with the EDF in the first place is none other than Commander Twilight Sparkle herself from the Soldier of Magic series.

Well it's more of a series. Do you know the game World in conflict?

And hilariously enough... I already have a origination to fight the commies. The white army! (white meaning the political colour)
Which you'll see when my story comes out. But the Red army I mentioned well not be out for some time. But they should be ready soon.

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