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Twilight has a problem. And that problem is her crush on Flash Sentry. The reason is that Twilight can't help but wonder why? Why does she like this guy she barely knows anything about? It makes no sense to her whatsoever. And, being the kind of mare she is, that simply won't do.

So, what's the best way of figuring this whole mess out? Stalking Science of course!

Chapters (12)
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This sounds like fun. Will stay tuned for more.

I'm going to preemptively say that Twilight is best not-stalker! :rainbowkiss:

I gotta say, I more ship Twilight with Pony!Flash than Human!Flash. Besides, now that Human!Twilight has joined the group, she's more likely to end up with him.

He doesn't deserve anything good.

This is brilliant. This is genius. This is the Twilight Sparkle I fell in love with when I first became a brony.

This is bypassing tracking and going straight to my favorites.

All I can say is that this will not end well. However, it will first require significant hilarity to ensue until we reach that end.

The Wondercolts, Shadowbolts and Dazzlings are going to have an... interesting few days ahead until this particular form of madness passes. With luck, poor, innocent Flash will never realise he has had a god-like alien princess following him around with science on her mind!

I'm pretty sure that this will be Hasbro's chosen solution to the FlashLight 'problem' in canon.

Oh, this is going to be so very crazy.

But in Flash's defense, he was genuinely nice to Twilight. I'd be more inclined to like someone if they were nice to me.

Princess Twilight can't be with Human-Flash because dimensional distance relationships never work out and there's already a Twilight in that world or has she forgot about their strange encounter?

Is it serious?, already overcome it, the flashlight is dead
The flashlight was not made to be canon or be developed, the first film of equestria girl had a plot cliche with the typical cliche romance, the new girl with the popular guy

It won't happen, pony flash does not appear in the show and the human is now a background character, the human twilight has no interest in this guy

I mostly don't care about this shipping since I know the show will never take it anywhere. I learned my lesson after Digimon. But since I won't consider the Twilights interchangeable, I will also not consider the Flashes interchangeable. Even if he still has no personality to speak of.

Anyway, on to a relevant point, this looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. I eagerly await the cringing that will inevitably ensue.

Well, at least as a human Twilight doesn't have magic, so that will limit the damage she can do, right? ...Yeah, this isn't going to end well. Sunset's going to have a hard time running damage control, at least Spike will be there to offer advice... and snark about it when Twilight goes off the deep end. Again. Definitely looking forward to it. Wonder how long Twilight will stalk, er, observer Flash for.

Your defensive anger concerns me, especially as it is based on a shipping between two fictional characters in a fan-fiction for crying out loud!

Is not anger, just that it annoys me all the scandal that made by a character as cliche, flash is a very simple character, I am sure that hasbro didn't take long to create this character, I support that twilight has a couple on the show, but it has to be a developed character, having personality and that will help to further develop the character of twilight, What bothers me is that fans flightlight want to join twilight with flash only because they want to see the same stupidity that happened in equestria girl
He forgives if I have orthographic errors, English is not my first language

6636669 You need to settle down, kid.

6636822I don't understand what you mean


Unless they reveal that pony Twilight and human Flash have secretly been dating since Rainbow Rocks.

Perhaps that encounter hasn't happened yet.

Ha! Yes, do continue this please Jay.

Mythril means that you need to not go on a rant about Flashlight being 'dead'. At least I think that's what it meant...

6637068 OK, I understand, I have to respect the tastes of other
but that doesn't change what I think of flash

Sorry, my English is not good

That's completely your opinion, and I respect it. Just be careful to not be rude about it and it'll be all good.:twilightsmile:

Oh my Luna ! I'm so hype !! Please next one

6636507 im having a brain dead etheir flash should with human twilight or pony twilight to fix the issue for while now

6636684 to tell the truth even before equestria girls and flash sentry were created alot of pony background character didnt have any personality or background character as well. But thanks to fans who do various of fan arts, fan animation and everything they give those background character a life

Spike, buddy, listen. You gotta learn that there are times when you need to just TURN AROUND and GO BACK TO BED.

6637541 Oh, I'm well aware of this. And I'm more than willing to read any story with Flash written well. I bare no onus against this character.

The main problem with Flash, besides being paired with a main character, is that the background ponies who grew so beloved had something about them, some silly thing that they did at some point to make fans latch on to them. Funny background events, if you will. Derp eyes, sitting like a human, being too interested in punch, or simply having a unique design like Vinyl. Flash...doesn't really have anything to latch onto. Nothing I've found, anyway. Which I think is sad because I know the writing staff is clever enough to find something to do with him.

Five bucks says Flash still ends up strapped to a chair in a basement with a blinking colander on his head.

Spike, get your bug-out bag ready because this isn't going to end well.

For both universes.

I can already see this turning into something truly hilarious, and given how Twilight reacts to every miniscule detail, I feel sorry for Flash as he's going to have quite the experience whether he likes it or not. :pinkiecrazy: I'm not going to deny that I do think these two make for an interesting couple, yet I do see it as a crush and nothing more... for now at least.


Right after being knocked out with a huge mallet and dragged unconsciously through the portal by his legs :rainbowlaugh:

The Spike shall be doubled!

“Darling. If I may say so, this…this doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that should be the subject of…of research.”

Yeah Twilight. Besides, there's no way to explain 'love'. Sometimes love just strikes you. Like a FLASH of lightning :pinkiehappy:


Good continuation so far. Keep it up :twilightsmile:

The troops are (reluctantly) assembled! Wondering how long it'll be before someone flatly tells Flash what Twilight is there for... and if he'll even care that that's the reason.

Spike's line at the very end sums up this awkward moment quite nicely, and now the girls find themselves involved in a situation which can only continue to get weirder. :rainbowderp:

PRINCESS TWI: "So, are you up for some illicit, non-consensual and potentially unethical human experimentation?"

SCI-TWI: "Are you kidding? That's the only type of interaction with my own species that I like!"


PRINCESS TWI: "So, are you up for some illicit, non-consensual and potentially unethical human experimentation?"

SCI-TWI: "Are you kidding? That's the only type of interaction with my own species that I like!"

:twilightsmile: "How wonderful! With our brilliant minds combined, I just know we'll succeed."

:twilightangry2: "But remember, he's MINE!"

Somehow I imagine that's going to be brought up along the way :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, Twily, there's only one explanation for it, and it's a completely understandable reason that can happen to even the best of ponies:

Bad writing. :twilightsmile:

Nah, you ain't gonna do any weird stuff.



Oh God, this is gonna be a riot.

So what is the ship of this fic? If there even is a ship...

Edit: What's your favorite ship Snake?

Wonder how Sunset will feel after seeing this side of Twilight. Before Twilight always seemed like the successful student of Princess Celestia, but now she'll get to see Twilight's "darkside". Hopefully Twilight won't get access to Sci-Twi's equipment, that's the last thing they need.

And Spike's line was the best part of the chapter. No one understands just how important his job is- keeping Twilight at least partially sane. Wonder if the other Spike will have any stories about this kind of thing. So wonder how long until Twilight moves from mere observation to more experimentation.

Comment posted by Godslittleprincess deleted Nov 17th, 2015


:twilightoops: Okay, I know both Twilights are a little-I quote-"skiddly bopty boo," but neither of them are heartless monsters.

And only now do Sunset and her friends realize the true horror that is a bored and frustrated Twilight Sparkle.

Oh boy, this will be one crazy train wreck.

And it will be glorious! :pinkiecrazy:

6640195 I know... :twilightsheepish:

6640382 Not to worry :twilightsmile: He'll be fine. (I think)

I'm sure they won't be using anything sharp... :twilightblush:

6637724 in time his character will be develop anyway.

6637724 I guess the only thing that makes Flash unique is that he has dated two girls who actually turned out to be ponies from Equestria :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the great job. I hope to see the good results so far.

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