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I feel dumbfounded. Is this basically a story about an institute synth?


A short piece brought on by Fallout 4, yeah. Doubt I'll ever address this concept again though. It was fun, but...eh.

6807113 Eh? Did you not like what you've wrote?


I don't necessarily enjoy that I settled for a short story. I could probably have expanded a lot of ideas in this piece into 500k+ words; but I'd rather finish my other project first before taking on something else that ambitious. The concept was just one that refused to leave me alone until I got it out; now I can refocus on Legacies again. That one needs a lot more work and attention before I'll be satisfied.

6807760 Geez. 500k? How do you stay motivated to keep writing to reach such a goal?


Because, at the end of the day, I'm writing a story that I would enjoy reading. Whether it's the character interactions, the general plot, or even just the concept that it was based on; I like something about it from the start, and I want to see where I can go with it. The more I write, the longer I get to stay with those characters and their adventures. At a point, it doesn't even feel like work anymore.

Settling for a short piece like this hurts because I know I could have done a lot more with it. We never go to Bit Town and see what the Baltimare Institute of Thaumaturgy turned into after the war, or what they're goals were. What defines a 'pony' is barely even touched on. Would Diode have ever come to regard a software program as truly being sentient, and reached a point where he was willing to die to save her own life? Why did Leplace run away in the first place?

Full disclosure? I don't know the answers to any of those questions either. But if I'd been of a mind, I could have popped out 50k words addressing each; and probably come across even more questions that deserved answers while I did so.

In short (too late): what keeps me motivated is that I want to know how the story ends too :)


I would also have been curious to see how many relevant programming related chapter names I could have come up with...

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My thoughts:
1st chapter - somewhat of overskilled character, but she is nice and adorable.
2nd chapter - boring... incident in the hospital... superkiller-Blackjack-ninja hunting a pony... booooooring. “...you did.” What? Wait-wait-wait, it's more and more intriguing... Wow, excellent fighting scene. Revealing of her real nature. Very interesting ending.

I love this story!!!! Going to continue the reading.

Heh, glad you stuck around long enough to get to the hook! I hope the ending lives up to your expectations.

The ending is so sad TT_TT

I glad you enjoyed it!

Just return here to say again that your story is one of my favourite FoE-fics. It greatly impressed me, and I often remember its characters. Really nice story.


Thank you! ^.^

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