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There are a lot of things this show has taught me. When I started watching, I never expected it to affect me as much as it has. But now that I'm here, I don't know what I'd do without you all!

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Shouldn't chalter one be called, "Two is better than one", or is it like that on purpose?

6637915 I had it my way on purpose, but for the life of me can't remember why. Til I do, I shall change it.

Pacing's a bit quick, and the conversations are written a little... awkwardly. But the clop's okay, and I'm up for futa and twincest any day.

Yes. Midnight is earth science glasses Twilight.

And poor Sunset got none while the Twilights have Twisest.

Oh the cuteness! It burns! It burns so good!
I am wondering though, with all this bonding going on between Midnight and Twilight, I'm worried Sunset is going to feel left out. I mean they're sharing so much stuff and Sunset isn't going to know any of it. Also, there is no way that Sunset didn't hear them going at it, she's probably in her room right now feeling insignificant, poor thing.

6637997 how about. 3 body's, 2 minds, 1 love

Tag team on the element of bacon

Oh god, please release more of this adorable-ness soon.

I feel sorry for Sunset, but this is funny!

6638686 First comment I read waking up. Now I have a headache from laughing.

I was hoping to Sunset gets both Twilight .-.

Oh sweet, a yuri fic with my favorite characters! I can't wait to re-

*Contains futa*

Fuck the fucking fuck.


You made me kek several times. Have a cookie.

"You know t- that Princess Twilight is only here for a while... but... why not cherish the time with her? But- B- But you shouldn't... um..." Fluttershy's entire face flushed hotly, "W- Why do you have to choose one?"

It's always the quiet ones... :pinkiecrazy:

Sooo... I see you kinda shipped Fluttershy with Sunset.... Good job m8!

No foot stuff? For shame, it was set up and everything
Uh... I mean... I said nothing

This ship feels forced and accelerated by your AUTHOR GAWD INFLUENCES and made Fluttershy your temporary avatar via DIVINE AUTHOR POSSESSION.

And I give up trying to remember which witch is which. :rainbowlaugh:

your itallics messed up a little otherwise interesting

edit: everythings in italics without the command huh


edit: holy crap everything is in italics
how do you do that

6640666 when comes chapter 3? Soon hopefully?

6641751 Fixed now. I think I brokedead the site :rainbowlaugh:

I think this is a really interesting premise, but i also feel like things are being a bit rushed.

I really, really like how Twilight and Subset being hermaphrodites aren't really overly discussed. It's just a thing that happens, and the three of them are cool with it.

What happened with Twilight? I don't understand her reaction at all, I imagine it will be explained later but that really threw me for a loop. Well, at least now Sunset and Midnight will get some bonding time. Although I do think it was a bit harsh for Sunset to say whe'll always love Twilight more, cause I doubt that's true, she'll just love her differently.

6641820 Rushed? Really? You think this is rushed? This is Vinyl Wubs we're talking about here. The first chapter in on a Vinyl Wubs story, someone's dick is in someone else's hole. Rushed *snerk* this is fucking glacial.

6642291 Hey, that's not true!

*Skims through all his stories.*

There's definitely...

*Feels a stirring in his boxers*

Not now damn it!

6641815 To be fair, I posted it after his comment.

They both are from another dimension? They both are hermaphrodites?

Spitroast, calling it now.

6643366 Well, I mean, FuTwi, SunFuta, and FemLight, really.

I'm beginning to have trouble following this.

6645930 Would it be interesting if it was? :rainbowlaugh:

6646632 ...Nor can I say I follow that.

I've read three of your stories now, and you do seem to have a tendency towards vagueness and some occasionally bloated dialogue. When it's good, it's really good, but at other times details seem to be dropped and it's hard to tell what's even supposed to be going on.

6645930 Yeah... Agreed... I'm completely lost.

hmm... double sandwich twilight situation.

Now you're fucked... literally, and it will be good.

You really need to get an editor. Or at least figure out what you want to do with this story. I am getting whiplash from the constant mood shifting and the garbled writing is frustrating to understand.

This story is awesome!! PLZ complete nthis story i'll not survive if this story is cancelled

Poor girl. She's screwed in many ways. :rainbowderp:
Still, this is gonna be very funny:rainbowlaugh:

Hoping this happens oh my god

6685820 Hey, I'm actually working on it. I'm also like... five sentences away from a chapter on a much older story that people have been asking for.

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