• Published 6th Nov 2015
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A Shadow Came Unto Me - Aegis Shield

Jailed for a crime he didn't commit, Oil Base is haunted by a shadowy mare who wants nothing but to torment him for all time.

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Comments ( 6 )

Commence read.

I yelped when the metallic frame slammed into my and pinned me to the wall.

Looks likea quick typo.

Them inception moments.

AAAAAAAAGH! How long will this torture last?! I love this story!

That coma thing was such a huge tease! The flickering white pinprick eyes sent chills down my spin. This chapter is way too good.

Very. Very. Good. This is the kind of thing so beautifully twisted it makes me cackle. I look forward to more, should it come.

this has some nice mental horror going for it!
I sure hope you will continue this one to its conclusion, I'm really hooked!

It’s such a shame that this never updated past the reveal. I really liked where it was heading. The fact that it is not marked canceled gives me hope it may update one day, at your leisure, though if it really is canceled could it please be marked as such?

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