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Apple Bloom's super-excited to have a smashing fun day with her sister, but Applejack would rather just stare at a tree, in defiance of all logic or reason. As the day goes on, and more and more ponies get involved, the poor little filly grows increasingly distraught. Can she solve the mystery before it's too late, or is everypony doomed to stare at this tree?

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A fascinating take on the prompt. Really well written and developed story, but surely this would've fitted better with the Alicorn Princess prompt? :twilightsmile: I'm kidding, the story was great. Kudos, and good luck!

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I will confess that since I didn't participate last month, this gave me the opportunity to recycle that story idea and start over from scratch. I'm glad I did, because the new prompt allowed me to explain everything without sounding horribly contrived.

Whoa. This story blew my mind into applesauce. This is really, really good! Aside from a couple minor errors, it was perfect! It would make a great movie concept!

What is it with you and amazing tree-related fics?

“I'm sorry, Apple Bloom, but Applejack is right. I should have told ya ages ago, but now that it's happenin' we just can't spare the time.”

-_- All you're doing is looking at it. Explaining it isn't exactly going to be hard multi-tasking.

I get the tree has some overwhelming emotional meaning, but if this is some bloody big important thing, shouldn't she be able to appreciate it too?

“It's more like a feeling, kinda from the gut,” Scootaloo said.

THen why the hell isn't Bloom getting that gut feeling?

It'd be really awkward if the animals joined in too.

More like insanely uper annoying that they DIDN'T. The Pets have been established as being as smart as most ponies at least, so them not having complex enough brains to be affected by this feels inane.

But if y'all don't already know what's goin' on then ya can't do much good here.

Then why the hell not just tell'er? In particular when Scoots and Sweetie just joined in and are utterly welcomed.

I GET the tree has some deep inner meaning to the apple clan, but it makes no sense they aren't bothering to explain things to Bloom, or why Scoots and Sweet get caught up in. In particular an action oriented foal like Scootaloo.

“My people need me.”

Okay, we all know the 'rainbow dash doesn't know where babies come from' joke, but seriously, if this tradition or this happenstance was THIS MUCH common knowledge, how in the hell did Apple Bloom utterly miss out?

I know the whole point here is that it's going to turn out to be something totally and utterly and completely mundane with the punch line at the end, but this is getting rather jackass towards poor Apple Bloom.

The only sound she heard was the sound of her own hooves on the cobblestones.

-_- The hell? I seriously don't get this part, at all.

“No, but there's an easy way to find out.” Apple Bloom didn't recognize that voice, but it came from a yellow unicorn with three blue hearts for a cutie mark.

Lemon Hearts.

Sure enough, half the town had formed a circle around the tree, and all of them were staring at it.

Okay, why the hell is Bloom the only one questioning this? I know comedy works on the concept of the one straight man, but that doesn't feel right or properly come across here. In particular with Apple Bloom's genuine worry and discomfort.

“Apple Bloom, now's not the time nor place to be askin' questions,” Applejack admonished. The tone of her voice was heavy but firm.

I'm tempted to set that tree on fire.

“I could have done that!” she wailed.

I have to agree it's kinda insane at this point.

This whole thing reeked of a magical mishap,

Which means it won't be.

“Apple Bloom, plants can't grant wishes. That's absurd. The kind of magic needed to power a spell like that would be on the alicorn level, or even the Elements of Harmony. They also don't have any ears, so even if they did have some power there's no way they could do anything. Unless...” Twilight voice trailed off and she rubbed at her chin.

And Timberwolves are made out of wood that shouldn't be able to move on its own.

“Uh, Twilight,” Spike waved an arm in front of her face, bringing her back to reality. “Maretropolis isn't even a real place, remember?”

Could summon her to the fictional world if it is having trouble in the reality where it IS REAL.

Apple Bloom lingered behind. While the Cutie Map was an absolute wonder unto itself, she couldn't help but feel slighted. Literally everypony's cutie marks hung in the air, swirling around, except for one that was only notable by its absence. Her own flank remained dull and un-glowy. Scowling, she glared at the majestic, sparkling table. “Et tu, Cutie Map?”

Now this is just stupid. Ponies who have nothing to do with the apple clan are 'invited' but Bloom isn't?

I know a lot of you all are wondering just what happened and why”

No, just one.

But it was the very wild and chaotic nature of this primordial energy that gave rise to its own downfall, for it created life, and this life absorbed the raging magics, bringing peace, stability, and above all else harmony to the land.

Guess Discord's purpose is to be the yang to the ying.

I didn't like this story, sorry.

Apple Bowtie Blossom? To be fair, Apple Bloom Appledoor Applepsi Applesparkle Applehoof Appletown Applebell Appletower is kinda excessive...

Well, this was complicated but well written. The ending was certainly a surprise. I actually expected worse.

The response by rage reviews made me curious about this story, so I checked it out.

It held my interest. I knew it had something to do with an Element that was a tree, and I wondered how that would be implemented. The anticipation was well done. Why was Apple Bloom seemingly the only one not affected?

I have mixed feelings about the resolution though. It's not so much that the tree was an Element, but more that everyone seemed to know what was going on. Celestia suddenly appears out of nowhere. Twilight knows about the beginning of the very world.

I'm not one of those people that hates alicorn OC's, but just that the tree gets turned into an alicorn princess is like, huh? And Twilight just so happens to know a spell that can turn her back into a tree, this original element tree turned pony. I know Twilight is very studious, but for someone who didn't start the day knowing about any of this she sure suddenly always knew about this.

I liked that Apple Bloom comforted the poor, confused thing.

I'd give it a thumbs up. My anticipation made it enjoyable. When we got to the reveal it didn't ruin the story for me, or make it more exciting. It just leveled off and stayed there.

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